❤️❤️My ‘Family’❤️❤️ (not just for 2016!😝)

I really wanted to do a post for NYE on a makeup look or new outfit but alas God has other things in mind like a new baby in the family! (Not mine lol) So I chose another subject very close to my heart and that is my FAMILY! 

Everyone’s heard of that saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ right? Well that’s how my family is😀 It has been one of those years where my family support has been tested to the highest levels of patience, anyone can go! There has been babies, difficult deliveries, new starts, feeling sad, poor health and a car accident😞 You name it and this year, I feel as if it’s come in more than three’s!!! But you know what, I kept faith, faith in God, in reassurance and trust that the family has given😊

A strong family is a vital support system in all walks of life, be it good or bad. And my family has been just that! Being an Indian I obviously come from a large family😂 We have a rather large extended family ( three nephews, 7 nieces and counting!!! And a whole heaps of first cousins etc Lol) I’m not going to lie and say it’s all blissful and rosy because sometimes it’s not. We all have our ups and downs but we all defo do try to forgive and forget! (Not easy sometimes I know) But I’ve learnt that holding grudges leaves you feeling bitter and hurts you psychologically😒 so do try forgive and forget. 

This year I have also learnt that life is too short! There have been many setbacks (my blog taking off has not been one though! Yaay lol. So thank you) but I have learnt to be very patient (still trying) and focus on things I love❤️

Not only have been blessed with one new baby this year but we have two more to come in the new year! In sha Allah😀 and I pray that they all have a steady pregnancy and childbirth!

I also wanted to point out that we have not all been blessed with a family. Either they are not here, no longer with us, far away or other reasons. But that does not mean our friends or other people we love dearly can not be our support system. I know it’s a contradiction when I’ve already said  ‘blood is thicker, than water’ but everyone’s ‘blood’ relationships might just be different people in ‘their’ walks of life and I have happen to be blessed with a few them, whom I call my friends.

And that basically sums up my end of year rant lol. But seriously guys smile and have faith. It may hurt whatever is thrown at you but there is always light at the end of the tunnel! Love and cherish the people around you but most of all the biggest thing I have learnt this year is to be selfish. Sometimes just sometimes (not in a mean way!) treat yourself, say no or if it’s hurting you, tell them!  If your family and these people who love you dearly, they will understand and if they don’t, talk to them and don’t let it make you bitter. Have faith in God (have lots of faith lol) and whatever it is don’t give up!!😘

However there is one person in my life I have to raise my hat to and that is my husband lol! Bless him he has been there in every step of good and bad and I am forever grateful to God to be blessed with such a man❤️ He’s the one that I can truly say that listens to my rants even when I speak absolute rubbish! Haha (well done to him😝) 


And obviously I know life with these two brats will defo never be the same lol. You may be getting older guys (teenage horrors) but know that your Mummy and Daddy will always love you and appreciate you😘❤️😍

Thank you to each and every one of you for being there in my life! There are some who are no longer here but in my heart you will always stay😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE from my Famiileeee😁❤️😘


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