Bloggers Fave – Curly Hair Products, reviews and Routine!🙆

Are you a curly wurly girl like me? If yes read on for my fave products that I use to tame my Indian curly hair!


When I was younger I admit, I use to my loathe my curly hair! It was frizzy, unmanageable and dull 😕 Oh how I envied my sisters hairs! They all had luscious, thick straight hair and there’s me who adopted the curly hair gene from my mum.

I can’t really blame the outcome of my hair solely on my mum’s gene 😝 as I was lazy as a teenager and did not care much for my hair, skin or my diet for that matter. It wasn’t until my late teens that I really got into looking after myself (yes lucky you guys haha)


First things first a good haircut is an important foundation for good hair. Regular trims are needed to tame frizzy and curly locks. I usually have a trim every three months and choose to have a cut with long layers and long feathers at the front. I choose to have this cut as I find that, when I get it cut super choppy it turns flyaway (I have fine hair) and I find it harder to control or style.


Shampoos and Conditioners

I can’t stress enough about using the correct products for your curly hair! I usually go for moisturising ones or protein/keratin shampoos and conditioners. As the wrong ones can make your curls limp and frizzy. I also use a clarifying shampoo, once a month to remove any product build up (my fave is Redken clarifying shampoo).


Redken Cleansing Cream (Clarifying) £16.50

Word of advice though, don’t go too crazy with protein/keratin shampoos and conditioners as I learnt that too much protein will actually make your hair fall out! (that did happen to me :'() Speak to your hairdresser and ask him/her what your hair requires at that present moment, then alternate with your chosen moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I have also found that as soon as finish one particular brand of shampoo and conditioner, I choose another brand as I find that my hair adapts quickly to products and loses the ‘effects’ of the ingredients (anyone else noticed this?)


Chi Keratin Conditioner £12.00

At the moment I am using the new Frizz Ease miraculous recovery range and I love it! I don’t usually go for a drugstore range as I’ve never found a brand that has worked for me! I usually use Kerastase or redken. But this Frizz Ease range leaves my curls soft and very manageable.


I also don’t wash my hair everyday! As it dries out my hair and scalp. I usually go for every three days, as that also gives a chance for the natural oils to work in your hair.

When I am washing my hair, I make sure the water is not scalding (leads to dry scalp! Ouch) and I use a bit of cold in the last wash, as this gives me glossy locks. After that I squeeze out the excess gently and wrap my hair in a towel.

When drying my hair, I do not let it sit in the towel for very long. I gently start detangling from the bottom and work my way up. Then I distribute my chosen curly hair product and comb it through with a dentangling comb (always use a detangling comb on curly hair! Always! = frizz free curls)

If I have time I will use my trusty friend the diffuser. If not I scrunch the product in gently, trying not to upset the wet curls that have formed and air-dry.

Deep Conditioning

I tend to deep condition with a hair mask every two weeks (if I remember 😜 oops haha) As this gives my hair an extra surge of moisture. My faves are Redken and any of the Kerastase deep conditioning formulas.


Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Mask £16.50

The Redken extreme lengths sealer is fab too! It really targets the ends of your hair and since I have some bleach in my hair, this is a godsend 👼 plus the biotin in there, is fab for healthy growth and repair.


Redken extreme length sealer £14.00

One other thing that I love to do is oil my hair! I mix equal parts of pure virgin organic coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil. Almost every other day I apply small amount to the back of hair, on my scalp and massage it in. Then when it is due for a wash, I slightly warm the oil in the microwave (30 secs) massage it in and sleep in it overnight to really let the product work in. I have been oiling my hair for over a year now and I can’t tell you how much it has improved the condition and growth (yes,growth!) of my hair is amazing.


Pure Virgin Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil

Curly Hair Styling Products

To style my curls I usually use a mousse form, as that seems to work best on my curls. I have tried quite a few and here is a mini rundown of them.


Kerastase Styling Mousse Bouffante £14.45

Now this is marketed as a volumising mousse but I use it in conjunction with my other mousses. It has a lovely, non sticky, light formula and does provide the ‘oomph’ that the curls need.


Shockwaves Curls and Waves £2.75

The cheapest one out of the lot! But don’t let that put you off because this stuff is amazing! Yes it is slightly sticky but in a good way. It holds the curls well and a little bit goes a long way! Use too much and you will defo end up with crispy curls. You have been warned!!!


Frizz Ease Air Dry Waves £5.89

I bought this in conjunction with the Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner as they had a 3 for £10 offer. And let me tell I do not regret this purchase! This is far by my fave, as it is super light and gives you very soft, fluffy type curls that you can swish around 🙆


Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum £6.29

This has to be my least fav product 👎 I always try and like the serum range but never seem to! I find them too much hassle as well. You have to make sure, that you put it in very wet hair. Which means straight out of the shower, detangle and apply this product! Naa!!! by the time I’ve done that, I’m a soppy mess and very cold! Haha. Plus even when I use a little amount, my hair feels greasy and the product just feels heavy for my hair. If you have tried this product, let me know if you have any tips on how I can use it better!

Nearly all of these styling products are to be applied in wet hair (minus that soppy wet serum! 😂) I usually use a pump of a golf ball size amount and distribute evenly, using my wide toothed detangling comb.

In the winter or if I’m in a hurry then the diffuser will come out, as the cold weather can snap wet hair! With the diffuser, I apply my product and then using a low heat, I work in sections and scrunch the curls gently (emphasise GENTLY!)


( My friend the trusty diffuser 😉 )

Many of the products I have mentioned in my post are available widely over the net and in your local drugstores or even supermarkets! The prices vary across the board so please check locally (minus me not adding any links on where to purchase the products) If you have trouble sourcing any of them please ask me!

On a final note guys please embrace your curly hair, let them freee 😝! I now love mine! It’s so easy to wash and go. Using the right products and a technique that works for you can do wonders for your curls. So I suppose I should really say, Thank you Mummy 🙊 haha xxxx

If your a curly wurly like me, what are your fave products? Do you have any tips for curly hair? In fact do you even like your curly hair? Pop up in the comments box 👇 and let me know.

Happy Reading X