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Minimalism for a fashionista

Arrghhhh this post is sooo late! Not on my usual Friday! (Bah, Humbug! 😂) Since vacay has finished, it has been so busy at work! (Sowiee fans :?) So I’m going to have to see if I can stick to my two days or will I have to post once a week? Mmmm. Will have to see how my schedule pans out. Anyways let’s leave that there and continue with the fun bits! Are you ready? Steady? Reeeaddd! 👇☺

I am massive fan of accessories. Be it an ‘it’ bag, jewellery, new makeup or a new gadget! . You could have the most simplest or glamorous outfit but with  the right accessory it can make you feel like a million dollars.

Here I show you a few of my fave dainty pieces that will rock any of your outfits!


I adore simple pendants as they are so minimal and delicate. I received this necklace as a Secret Santa gift at the School I work in and I love it! It has a small circular Pendant, with silver glitter inside. It hangs on a very delicate gold chain. I usually pair this with a casual look. So a pair of jeans, over sized shirt or a tee. When I received this, it was sitting on a River Island necklace card, however price is unknown (sowiee).


Layered Necklaces

This trend has been seen quite a lot in SS2014/15 and it looks like it will continue into AW2015/16!

I love the fact that it looks as if I’m wearing three necklaces at once! But it is literally one delicate chain with three beautiful pendants.

I’ve teamed this up with a navy shift dress but you can be super cas and wear it with maxi dress. I would say stick to something plain up top, rather than pattern. As patterns may distract the viewers eye from the simplicity of the pendants.


However if you do feel like ‘upping’ the neck candy game, then why not choose a large statement piece and then off set with a longer delicate one?



For layered necklaces there are no rules to having just three on one chain. If you want to add lots of necklaces individually (make sure they are different lengths so we can see each one) then go for it!


Layered Necklace @Primark  £3.00
Green Floral @Vintage Market Stall  (in Leicester)  £10.00
Diamond Necklace @BHS £10.00

Minimalistic Finger Rings

I literally own sooooo many rings! But my only problem is, I only wear them when my nails have grown nicely and to a decent length! (No falsies here!) I also have to make sure that my nails are painted as well, which means no nice hands, no rings 😕 (booooo, does anyone else do this???)

So when my hands are looking nice to me 😂 I love donning these simple finger rings.


I have so many different ones! Ranging from gold to silver. These rings are so versatile and can be worn across the fingers. I usually go for a grunge or a boho outfit with these.

There are so many variations to these rings you can wear chunky ones, jewelled ones, chained ones or you can even stack them up!

Selection of finger rings @Miss Selfridges, Topshop, Primark, New Look Fashion. Prices range from  £5.00-£10.00

Hand Candy

How about a fresh twist on hand jewellery? I have worn this look quite a lot in the warmer weather, with my plain black jersey dress.


You won’t need any other jewellery as your hands will do all the talking! These would look fab at parties, events or even weddings!

Love Heart Hand Jewellery @ a local boutique shop near me £3.00
Plain Gold Laser Cut Hand Jewellery @ Chinabox Clothing £8.00

Do you have a favourite piece of minimalistic  jewellery? What do you like to accessorise your outfits with? Show or tell me down below, as I’m a stickler for more accessories 😉


Happy Reading X