Merry Christmas to you all that are celebrating! Have an amazing day with your loved ones❤❤❤ I am just going to sit here and veg out in front of the telly😂 Have a blessed one💋💋💋


💟A Fragrance on its own💟


When you first experience a new scent, you subconsciously link it to an event, a person, an image, a feeling … even a moment. Your brain immediately forges an association between the scent and a memory, and then each subsequent time you encounter that scent, your mind slips into a state of déjà vu.

At Ayesha Ziya we are passionate about scents that are ever lasting, exclusive and exotic. With many years of careful research and blending of different ingredients, our collection now consists of 5 unique and indulgent fragrances. A simple spray of our fragrance will have you hooked to the luscious, enticing scents that we have to offer.

A sublime fragrance can elicit more intense feelings than a visual image, a taste and even a touch. Scents relationship with déjà vu is remarkable, and something that Ayesha Ziya captures in her fragrances.

(Excerpt from http://www.ayeshaziya.com)

Every word said about Ayesha Ziya is inexplainably true! These fragrances are so unique, that I promise you that you will find no other on the market! I purchased my sample box earlier this month and boy I am not disappointed!

The main base of all of these scents is OUD! Oud? What is oud? I hear you say?! Well OUD is derived from the tropical agar tree, which is thought to originate in Assam in India. When the tree is infected by a mould known as Phialophora parasitica it reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself. It is the resin-embedded heartwood of the tree that is the source of oud! It is one of the most expensive, natural raw ingredient to bottle.

In my sample box, I recieved 5, 2ml vials. The 5 vials were Irum, Islah, Signature Oud, The Oud and Royal Mirage. My fave out of all the five is defo ‘IRUM’! The vials were beautifully presented in a black embossed box with an internal velvet lining. They all smell great and each one has its own unique distinctive smell. But ‘Irum’s’ mellow, lighter notes gets me everytime! 


The unisex fragrances are so versatile and alluring. Each pure smell lingers for a very long time. My son and hubby love the fragrances equally (but I’ve hidden Irum away because I want it😂) Each fragrance has been appreciated by vogue and GQ magazine alike! (Check it out on insta http://instagram.com/ayeshaziyafragrances )

Delivery times were great too! Almaas Mann @ http://instagram.com/almasmaanblush

Was fab at notifying of each stage of my delivery and she has regular stockist updates on all new fragrances, stock and prices! (If you wana know more, pls click her link!) 


Pssst I’ve also noticed that they are always doing fab gift events! (Ribbon wrapped services, chocolates and flowers!) So do check it out as I am pretty sure that your loved ones would love something as unique and different as the Ayesha Ziya fragrances!

Have you purchased these fragrances? If yes! What was your fave? Do let me know.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend, whilst I go and purchase the full size of ‘Irum’! 😉

*please note that these fragrances have been bought from my own pennies! These products were not sent to me for review*


Oodles of healthy Noodles!🍜

Hey guys👋🏽

Happy Saturday! I love Saturdays! Don’t you? I also love kitchen gadgets!! Anything that will make fancy foods or just make my life easier😉

Well I have come across one of those kinda gadgets and it is (drum roll please!😁) THE SPIRALIZER!!! Spiralizer Sabina? What is a Spiralizer? Well let me tell you! 

It is originally a Japenese invention (of course when it’s comes to healthy foods lol) A gadget that is usually in a hand held form, vertical holding one or a horizontal holding one. All them have a razor sharp blade that allows you to turn vegetables into THIN RIBBONS!😍 Which is fab especially if your like me who tends to prefer a low carb diet, as the thin ribbons end up looking like a nice bowl of 

(Hand held Spiralizer, image not my own)

(Vertical Spiralizer, image not my own)

Now the one I purchased is a horizontal holding Spiralizer. Which means that it has suction at the bottom of the gadget and you press it down into your work surface to hold it steady. You then place your chosen veg (you can use courgettes, butternut squash, potatoes or even sweet potatoes!) into the spiky prongs and line it up near the blade and start turning the handle! And ta-dah your courgetti is now ready👍🏽

As you can see from from this small clip of mine, I actually used the wrong blade 🙈 and changed it so I could get that ‘thin ribbon’effect lol (which you can see in the above vid) It actually comes with three blades! Ribbon effect, slicer and another one to do thickish slices (if that makes any sense😂)

The gadget is soooo easy to use buutt my only downside is that the gadget I bought is quite big and bulky! And not only that it is not dishwasher suitable! 


(Sad face alert!😂)

It wasn’t expensive (£12) which is cheap as this model can retail for about £30! Now back to the courgetti, so after I had done about three courgettes (for one person as they reduce down a bit whilst cooking, due to the water content) I decided to boil the courgetty in a small pan of water with a stock cube and some garlic granules. Guess what? Big mistake of course as although it cooked well and retained it’s shape, it was quite sloppy to eat (and I don’t recall the Pinterest pics looking like that lol) So I sat down and googled courgetti 😝

Well obviously you are suppose to drain the courgetty (duh me) and cook them off in the oven for about 30 mins on a medium heat so all the moisture sort of like evaporates (I’m so silly I know 😂) But I’ve not had another go at doing it again, as I am still recovering from cleaning the damn thing!😅

However jokes aside I did really like the taste of it and will try it again (but I didn’t take a pic as it looked really sloppy lol) Also this particular gadget has had good reviews. I purchased mine from a local book people company that’s comes into my school but it is available on Amazon, so check it out! I will also include this small vid clip that I created on my snapchat, showing you the Spiralizer in all its glory 🙊

For more inspo on recipes to use with the Spiralizer check out Pinterest and Instagram! Here are a few great ones….

  (Images not my own, credit goes to individual Instagram and Pinterest account holders)

So if your still on that New Year, new me vibe this will make a great addition to your kitchen honest! You don’t have to just make noodles, there are other Spiralizer recipes too! Try it! Which is exactly what I’m going to do right now 😜

Have you tried the Spiralizer? If yes what did you think about it? Do you have any recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share? I would love to hear from you!

The Spiralizer was purchased with my own money and this reviews has no affiliated links.


….❤️ Sabina

A Zit Zapping story! (Quite literally)

Arghhh I feel so poorly😩 boohoo hence I am reposting this blog post guys. Fingers crossed will be back with a lifestyle post for this Saturday. Since Dermalogica are celebrating a new product launch, I thought it would be great to share the effects of my fave skincare brand! So if you suffer from oily, acne and sensitive prone skin, here’s a little ‘new year, new skin’ post for you! Enjoy and if you have any ‘skin’ questions, ask away X

Acne prone? Sensitive skin? Fed up of going round in vicious circles? Then read on to find out how I zapped my skin to some realms of normality. 🙂

Hello fellow readers! Welcome to Beauty Tuesdays! (Come on I work in Early Years so of course I love alliteration!;))

So what will you find on Beauty Tuesdays? How about posts on makeup and beauty? Yes? See I knew you would like that, so let’s get started on my first beauty post  which will be on my skincare routine and is very close to my heart.

Even with my age I still have acne prone skin! (Yes I checked it this morning and it’s still there!) Butttt (and there is a big but) it has got so much better ☺ and in this post I will share how. Please bear with me as this post might be long but in a good way 😉

Let’s go back to my terrible teenagers years (cue violins). I was defo not the super confident and loud mouth you see now! I was quite timid and obese (my eating habits were terrible!) My hygiene, sense of style, social habits, they were zilch! Literally nothing and because of that my skin suffered terribly.


My skin was super oily back then (which I now admit I am grateful for! Less wrinkles yaaay). The spots were quite cystic and some were hard and very painful. I had lots of blackheads on my nose and chin area and also a few raised pimples with raised heads (I sound like such a catch!)

I tried over the counter products such as Oxy (highest strength possible!) And things worked for a short while and then boom! Back to square 1, within two days! Not to mention, the Oxy burnt my skin like crazy and I use to try so hard falling asleep at night, it was awful. 😥

So I plodded along into my 20’s. Fourtunately, my eating habits had changed and I started to exercise, which in turn lost me some weight. ( I will do another blog post about my weight loss promsie) Had my skin improved? Not drastically but it was somewhat better. However, my skin had become super sensitive from all the drying cleansers and zit zapping products I had tried.


By the time I was 22/23 I had given up on a cleansing routine and literally just used to wash my face with tepid water and dry it, that’s it. But because my eating was better and I was exercising the breakouts were defo less severe. By this age I was also starting to develop a dress sense (lucky you guys hehe) and had started to grow into a bubbly character.

Now this is where the magic happened. In this nice ladies gym I had joined, a lovely lady called Susan Bright (you can find her on Facebook!) had rented the room out upstairs as her beauty salon.

In my first  appointment she face-mapped my skin and said that majority of my breakouts were hormonal and some from a lack good exfoliation. (Check out Dermalogica’s website for face-mapping or ask Sue she will be happy to help too)

Initially she started me off on a oily/acne prone skin care routine and gave me free samples and encouraged me to try the travel sizes in the range. This was then coupled with two weekly facials done by Sue herself which were an hour long with a deep exfoliation treatment.

After a couple more facials and a tweak of a few products, my skin started to get much clearer. It was glowy and the texture was even (no dry patches! Yaay). The spots were less aggressive and the oiliness had balanced out too.

I initially started out with four products in the Dermalogica range and oh boy! They have changed my life! They have been my saving grace! With the addition of one new one that I have been using for the past six months.

Want to know what those products are? And how I use them to glorify my skin?
Then stay tuned for the next post as it will be straight up!
Happy reading x


🔎Sneak Peek into 2016🔍

Hellllloooo 2016! 

Hey guys just a quick post to let you know what blog finds I am going to be kick starting with in the next few months! (Excitingggg!)

First up a Water Permeable ‘halal’ nail polish! This product states that it is vegan friendly, water permeable and halal certified! I know too good to be true right? Well watch out for a home experiment and review on this (I have to admit a very pigmented product!)💅🏽

Next this fab shampoo and conditioner range from my fave brand Kerastase! (Love their stuff!) This shampoo and conditioner smells sooo heavenly that I wish I could bottle it up as a perfume! If you are regular on my blog, you will know that I have dry, curly hair. Well this stuff is amazing on my hair, frizz free, soft and smells delectable! Defo stay tuned for a small vid I made on this gift package from Kerastase👍🏽

Remember my clothes show haul post? Well I still have heaps of makeup products I need to review on my blog! Products range from Nanshy brushes, Rimmel, and Nyx cosmetics!

A full in depth review of this gorgeous everyday wearable Smashbox cosmetics full exposure palette will be up too! I use this palette almost everyday. It’s soft, buttery and very pigmented.

I have absolutely been loving Pixi skin treats. Their packaging is modern and basic. Fomulas are lovely and affordable too! Look out for this in 2016 on GlitterGlosGlo❤️

  I have actually completed the Boo Tea detox programme. But I have been so caught up that I have not yet posted a review🙈 So defo look out for this, if you want a new year, new you kickstart😀

I thought for 2016 I would bring something different to the blog such as book reviews! What do you think guys? I love reading and lately been really trying to get back into it and I am starting to enjoy it again😄 My first one will be based on this Vlog it book! This book features top vloggers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman! Keep your 👀 out for this!

I have been on a hunt for a new hairdryer for ages as I seem to blow dry my hair more now, rather than straighten (more volume=big hair😍) So I finally bit the bullet and bought a GHD airdryer hairdryer! Ohh and I received it today! It’s sooo beautiful! My hair feels super soft and frizz free with this👍🏽 Full review coming soon!

(Image not my own)

It’s collddd and yes that is an understatement in England lol, but it also means my hands and body always get so dry and sore! In this review I will show you my Bloggers fave from hand creams to body creams😊

I also cannot wait to use my Luxemme fashion vouchers! Check out their website for affordable Parisian chic/Manchester Fashion. With exclusive celebrity collections by the likes of Anita Kaushik!


I have been going facial oils crazzzyy!! I am loving this step before slapping on my moisturiser. I have tried three and will be trying one more lol🙈 One is from Pixi, next one is the Body shop and the third is from Dermalogica and the last one is a pure, organic Argan oil. Detailed post coming soon! 

A while ago I put up a Snap chat story ( you should be following on Sabina_7 tut tut😝) asking you guys what other posts you would like to see on my blog! So far I’ve had weightloss and diet, most requested has been highlighting and contouring and someone said they would love one on how to deal with emotions on social media! Which I thought was quite intriguing🤓

If anyone else has anymore suggestions please drop them down below!!

Obviously I will continue with recipes and my fashion posts (courtesy of polyvore😂) 

So much for a quick post hey? (Sowieee🙈) Looks like there’s a lot to look forward to (and cover! Best get cracking😜) on GlitterGlosGlo Says! So make sure you are subscribed and don’t miss out on, nano zilch!


👗 Birmingham Clothes Show 2015! 👠

Hey guys! This Saturday (5/12/15! To be precise😂)  For the first time ever! I will be attending the Birmingham Clothes Show! Yaay! Ok I am only a teensy Weensy bit excited eek lol. Why? What’s the Clothes Show? I hear you say, well let me give you a brief intro.


In 1989 founders Gavin Brown and June Barker created the first live clothes show, which was then aired on the popular BBC television. Due to a massive turnout in 1990 for the London Clothes Show (so massive they struggled to fit all the visitors in!😳) they moved it to a bigger venue the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Sadly the live airing did not last long but the Clothes Show has been going annually at the NEC with great enthusiasm and interest. 

The event showcases the latest fashion, beauty and music trends 😍 often on a large and interactive features and stands. Many famous acts and celebrities can be spotted there by the likes of Holly Willoughby, Spice Girls and the X Factor! The Show is considered to be the most second visited spot in the UK! It is THE FASHION event and is praised for attracting the young followers🙃

Sounds amazing right? This year’s line up of the beauty stands are defo catching my eye (obviously 🙈) Looking forward to checking out 👇🏽

 www.fuseyofficial.com by Joey Essex (all my British followers will know Joey lol)

And many more!!!!!

Seee why I’m excited 🙃😂😝😁 Guys if there is anything in particular I need to check from the above brands pls let me know! As I only own products from the BarryM collection. I also Can not  wait to catch the catwalk and see what fashion trends we have instore!

Defo look out for a blog post on the antics of The Clothes Show guys! Will try and do a first time haul post too! Let me know if that interests you peeps 🤓 I am also going to try and snapchat (username sabina_7) guys so catch me if you can 😀 

Are any of my blogger friends from the Untied Kingdom? and are going to The Clothes Show? Hit me up guys and let me know! Might catch you there 😀

For more info on The Clothes Show click on 👉🏼 www.clothesshow.com

Right best get to bed as I have to go teach tomorrow lol. Nite my beautiful peeps ❤️

Happy Reading 💤 X

I’ve healthy-fied a PIZZA! 😬

I am still on a health roll as I’m determined to get into my Xmas party outfit! (Comeee on!!! 💪🏽lol) but so desperately craving pizza! Nom nom.

In this Saturday lifestyle post I show you how I made the nation’s fave treat with less calories! So get ready and put your pinnies on but I promise you, this won’t even take long! 👍🏽

You will need

1. A gluten free base such as pitta bread, tortilla wrap or even a gluten free pizza base (can be bought from any supermarket) or a wholemeal pitta or wrap (no white pls)

2. Tomato purée (any brand)

3. Low fat cheese slice (1)


4. Toppings of your choice! Chicken, turkey, any veg! I used mushrooms and olives and my own blend of cooked tandoori chicken.

5. A sprinkle of this amazing Garlic Italian dried herb blend 😋


6. 2/3 bursts of this fry light 


1. Pre-heat grill (mine is electric so I usually whack it up to 300c)

2. Spread the tomato purée on your chosen base (half teaspoon roughly or one teaspoon depending on size of your base really)

3. Prep your toppings you can put as much or less as you want! But don’t super pile high, as you want it evenly cooked through

4. Tear up your one slice of cheese and place it evenly around your base

5. Sprinkle your dried herb (about two pinches is sufficient) 

6. Finally 2/3 bursts of the fry light, spritzed over the top of your pizza and voila your done! (Spraying the fry light makes it moist and golden) 

7. Stick it under the grill until the cheese has melted. Don’t let it turn brown or golden if your base is gluten free pitta or wrap because as it cools it hardens and loses flavour. Otherwise on other bases lightly golden cheese is fine 😄And enjoy! 

I love eating mine with a fresh salad and trust me it’s super yummy and light! 

I sometimes choose the gluten free options as it makes me feel less bloated and heavy. Coeliac sufferes you will love this recipe. By using low fat cheese and a lighter base, you can eat this pizza guilt free! 

Do you guys have any healthy snack recipes that you think I would like? Please let me know down below! (Starting to get bored with my usual ones 😴 lol) 

If you do try this recipe please tag me on Insta Glitterglosglo or on my blog! 

Happy Reading X