Size 3 (feet) and under

The musings of a shoe-a-holic with small feet!

Hello peeps, and welcome back to Fash Fridays!

How many of you have heard the saying ‘the best things come in small packages’? Well, how can I deny that the saying is true?! (Vain? Me? Neevverrr!) 😆

I have always been a petite girl and if you have been following my blog, you will know exactly how tall I am! Being petite comes with lots of pros and cons as I am sure all you petite girls out there will agree.

But there is one con that totally bugs me about being small. My small, size 3 feet! (Sometimes a size 2 as well😣) I have struggled to find shoes that fit me perfectly. By perfectly I mean not falling off my feet whilst I’m walking or finding that perfect size 3 and thinking that obviously the elves and the shoe maker vary from shop to shop as the size 3 in this shop doesn’t fit me! Ugghh.


However, when you’re a shortie you learn a few tips and tricks (this applies to clothes and shoes) cos we shorties are nifty like that (high five!).

Here are a few of my fave tips to make sure your shoesies don’t fall off your feet and land in a puddle! (Personally tried and tested by me😆 -LOL if that’s even any consolation). (No trust me they’re good).

Fash Tip 1: Laces/Straps/Zips

Whenever I buy shoes I will always try and buy ones that have laces or straps. Laces and straps are the easiest way to make sure your feet stay inside your shoes and you don’t become Cinderella!


I always find that even when the shoes are a tiny bit too big the straps or the laces will always hold my feet in. You can have any straps you fancy, velcro or buckled.


Zips are good too especially on boots. You can pop your socks on, zip up and you’re good to go.

Fash Tip 2: Heel Grips

Try putting in some heel grips at the back of your shoes. There are many different ones available on the market such as stick-on ones or gel padded ones. These can help in making the shoe fit better and avoid the heel slipping off. Heel grips are inexpensive and are available in any shoe shops, department stores or even clothes stores (check out Primark, New Look or even H&M)


Fash Tip 3: Insoles

Now these are my lifesavers! They are my true babies in making sure my shoes fit perfectly! They are cheap and just like the heel grips, are available in most stores/shops.


I bought these from my local Primark and they were about £1.50. You can pick up some really cool designs and colours!

As you can see, at the back of the insoles there are various sizes. (Male and female ones, see pic below!) I usually cut along the female size 4 to ensure that if I do make a mistake I can then always cut back down to a size 3.


Depending on the fit of the shoe, I either lay the insole flat or fold in half to make the fit of the shoe better and voila that’s how I rock my size 3 feet and under, without becoming Cinderella!


Do you have any quirky tips to make your shoes fit better? If yes, share them down below so we can all have a ‘good shoe day!’

Fash deets!

Heel grips
Insoles @Primark
Various shoes

Happy Reading! X