🍲Spicy and All things nice! (Easiest curry base like ever!)🍲

Who loves a curry? Meee 😆 In this post I show you how to make a super easy curry base for nearly all Indian curries! With less than probably 5/6 ingredients 😉 Pinnies and spices at the ready then!

The History of Curry!


The origins of the word curry stems from the Tamil word ‘kari’ which means a thin, spiced, soup like sauce. The word curry was probably adopted by the British which is simply now understood as a spicy gravy! Curries probably first originated in India and was brought into the UK by the British Raj.

With around 9,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants it is no surprise that Curry is one of the top foods on the British menu! :mrgreen:

Obviously with all these different regions, cultures and family backgrounds the cooking of a curry can vary! So here is my version that was taught to me by my cute, helpful daddy 🙂

You will need

Step 1- 5 large onions or 8 small ones (red or white)


Step 2- Cut in half and thinly slice them like below. I know this is a mammoth task! And you’ll probably have gone through a box of tissues by then haha but the more onions you put into a curry, the more it thickens the ‘gravy like sauce’ (sowiee)


Step 3- Dried spices such as 2 bay leaves, 4 peppercorns, 4 cloves, 3 cardamom pods, 1 star anise and 1 large cinnamon stick broken in half (these all should be available at your local supermarkets or local indian grocery stores)


Step 4- Heat around 5/10 tablespoons of your chosen oil that you usually cook with in a pan (sunflower, vegetable or olive oil)


Obviously I’m Indian so my cooking pots are quite large 😂 When you have heated the oil for a few secs add the dried spices and cook them in the oil for about 30 secs. Now I usually leave the spices in my dish as they flavour the oil and curry but if you want to remove them before we add the onions,then please do.


Step 5- Add the sliced onions to the oil and spices and cook them on a medium heat, till a light golden brown.


Pls don’t burn them! As they will make your curry taste bitter 👎 so do keep on checking them and stirring.


Step 6- Then add your chosen chicken, meat or veg. I have added here roughly around 1kg (feeds a family of four) Sorry the chicken pieces are rather large in my curries as that’s how I usually have them 🙈 (on the bone and boneless pieces) You can have them however you want. Cook through your chosen chicken, meat or veg on a medium to a low heat.


Step 7- Into that then add half a can of tinned tomatoes  and a teaspoon of tomato puree and cook for about 5 mins, on the same heat as above.


Step 8- Then add your chosen spices! Now everybody varies, I do not like it too spicy 😝 In mine I have added a combo of green chillies, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, some tumeric, garam masala and coriander and cumin powder (available at your local supermarkets)

Cook the spices on a low heat for about 3/5 mins checking and stirring. Then add some water (roughly two large mugfuls) into this mixture cover and cook on a medium heat, until you see that the sauce thickens and reduces.


Add chopped coriander as a garnish and ta-da your curry is now ready to be eaten! (Yum yum) You can serve with rice, chappatis, naan bread or pitta breads!

In this post I have shown you all the steps of my curry but it is literally steps 1-6 that is the core curry base for nearly all my curries that I cook! Now I know I haven’t gone into much deets of how much of the spices (step 8) I’ve put in (like measurements) because I wanted to focus more on the base of the curry. But if you would like to know more, email me on skhalifas@hotmail.co.uk or comment down below and I will be more specific. If you can get the onions just right then I promise you, you will be onto a winner 😉

Enjoy your Saturday my loves! Catch you tomorrow for the OOTD post (I’m off to a wedding and all this food talk is making me hungry lol Ciao!)

Happy Reading X


🌸Flush with a Blush!🌸

Hello beautifuls! Today I’m going to share with you my fave blushers that are perfect for olive to medium skintones. Cheeks at the ready then 🎨

Mac – Peachtwist £ 18.50

Now everyone knows Mac! I mean come on, who does not recognise this brand? (Unless you’ve been living on Mars!😂) With a massive cult following this is the makeup artists go to brand! But I won’t say more about Mac as I’m going to do a blog post dedicated to my fave Mac products! So for now shhhh 😉

This colour  was recommended by my dear friend Sima. It is from the sheertone- shimmer blush  range from Mac. A beautiful peachy, iridescent, corally colour. It has the slightest gold shimmer and is perfect for warming your cheeks up, giving it a full on glow (not over the top) Teamed with the Mary – Lou manizer this blusher brings your face to life in the most sheer, glowy way.


Urban Decay Flushed Palette – Native £22.50

An American cosmetics brand, launched in 1996. It was later acquired by Loreal in 2012. Their products transcend beauty, mixes feminine, audacity and fun. With their brazen names and a good fan following their products are always worth splashing out on!

The Urban Decay flushed palettes are my fave! An Incredibly versatile trio of colours (bronzer, highlight and blusher) In fact I would even say that, there is a flushed palette suitable for all skintones!

The blusher in the Native palette looks like a very bright pink! But on the skin it places so differently! Not bright at all but a beautiful soft rosy pink. Very Spring-like flushed, healthy pink cheeks.


Khroma Palettes – Kim Kardashian £6.99 (each)

These Dash dolls are everywhere! Seriously from my TV screen to clothes and now my makeup! 😂

Now don’t get me wrong but I am not a massive Kardashian fan (please don’t hate me 🙈) but I admit they are very beautiful women and Kim’s makeup ooo – la – la! I 😍 it! So I’m not surprised that I picked these palettes up, plus they did not break the bank!

I picked up ‘Kims’ palette and  ‘Kourtneys’ palette (could not find Khloe’s 👎)I seriously was not sure how pigmented they would look on my skintone. But boy was I wrong!

The packaging is beautiful and the colours look gorgeous in both palettes! Buuuttt the eyeshadows are not super pigmented on my skintone (bummer :?) However the the trio in the bottom casing of the palettes are super gorgeous! 😍

The product is super soft and applies like a dream! The bronzer I will admit does not show up much on my skintone but mixed with the blusher, it looks super flawless and really defines your cream contour! And I must admit I prefer Kourtney’s palette more than Kim’s! (The pinky cased one down below 👇) The colours were just more wearable for me.


Mac – Desert Rose £18.50

This blush is from the Matte range and it defo has no shimmer (absolute zilch) When I was first shown this blush by the Mac lady, I wasn’t too keen as it looked dark pink and muddy. But applied on the cheeks with a defined contour, this colour looks amazing!

This is the blush I probably use everyday with minimal makeup looks and a smokey eye looks fab with this blush.


Mac – Petal Power £22.00

I haven’t had this blush for very long but as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it! (I think I have a thing for shiny stuff!🙈) It is from Mac’s Mineralize range, a baked formula that provides a light, sheer flush of colour.

This blush colour reminds me so much of Nars Orgasm! (Love that blush too!) But the difference is, in the Nars one the pink shows through the gold glimmer, whereas with this Mac one the glimmer comes through more than the pink blush itself. I find that I reach for this blush more in the Spring/Summer, as I find it too glimmery for the Autumn/Winter. This blush will also work as a good highlighter!


Now I know blushers are not everyones cup of tea but pls don’t be scared of them! Swatch them! as many makeup counters will let you try them out on your cheeks! Trust me blushers are a fab way to complete a makeup look and will make you look ‘perky’ 🙂

Please note that these blushers are my personal preferences with my skintone (NC42 for reference) So do swatch onto your skin before you buy and apologies for the camera quality as I wanted to show you how I’ve worn them in different makeup looks!

Do you have any fave blushers? If yes please share them! As I would love to know ☺ And does anyone have any more recommendations for a fab blusher? Let me know please!

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Happy Reading X