Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017😎

Wishing you all the very best for 2017🥂 Thank you for your continuous love and support! 

Lots of kisses and love…Sabina! (Aka GLITTERGLOSGLO)😉


1K followers on my Insta!😀

Yay I am so happy to reach this milestone! Thank you so much for all your love…kindness and support! I know it’s not a massive number but to me it was a goal I wanted to achieve so thank you….thank you…thank you❤️

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Are you a blogger? THE BODY SHOP needs you!

Hey guys👋🏽

A quick post to let you all know that, if you are based in Leicester in the United Kingdom, the body shop are holding a bloggers event! I will leave all contact deets in the pic below. If you have any further questions comment down below or email me If you are able to make it, let me know so I can catch you there! 


☃ALERT, ALERT! – Special Xmas guest posting on my blog!☃

That’s right guys my blog has been hijacked by none other than……. BHAVIKA from Manukui, WordPress. 😁

When Bhavika asked me if I wanted to do a special Xmas collab, I said yes! Right away (who doesn’t like getting festive?😄) So when I suggested an acrostic  poem this is what the beautiful Bhavika came up with! Enjoy👇🏽

Hello! It’s Bhavika from ! Sabina and I are collaborating today for a very creative and festive post. I loved working with her since she suggests such great ideas and has amazing work. Check out her post on my blog later. I’m sure you guys will love it!
Her post is going to also be an acrostic poem like mine is going to be. We both did it on the word ‘CHRISTMAS’ and I hope you like it! Here’s mine:

🎄Candles burning on the fireplace
🎄Help me get all the décor from the case!
🎄Rolos, smarties and cadburys for taste
🎄Is there red lipstick all over my face?
🎄So many people there isn’t much space
🎄There’s plenty of flowers to put in the    vase 
🎄Mistletoes are for kisses and not chase
🎄And have you remembered to get that card from paper chase?
🎄So, in Christmas time we should all embrace!

Hope you guys liked it! I really struggled to rhyme everything with ‘fireplace’ after I had began haha but I honestly had so much fun doing that. Have a merry Christmas and stay safe! 

Hope you enjoyed Bhavika’s poem as much as I did! And thank you for such kind words😍

Be sure to check her out her Pinterest and her fab blog as she will be uploading more blogmas postings! Ho! Ho! Ho! 😂

Happy Reading ❤️🎄❤️

Hello my fellow Blogarians! 👋🏽

I thought I would share a post to let you all know that, I am changing my blog posting schedule! Obviously if you have been following me, you will notice that a fashion post did not go up yesterday sowiee ☹️ This is because I am struggling to post 3 days a week due to family commitments and ill health within my family (🙌🏽 prayers needed pls! 😢) However I love blogging and it keeps me occupied so I would like to continue my musings. My schedule will be as follows 

BEAUTY TUESDAYS @4.00pm (UK time)


I have chosen to post twice a week as that gives me enough time to  research and really give you a varied, honest opinion.

Check out my updated contact/follow page (located in my blog ‘menu’ section) on other ways to keep up with me 😂

P.S. A special post regarding a certain FASHION EVENT! Will go up on Wednesday! (What happened to posting less and calming down?! Sorry guys lol) 

Have a lovely Monday bloggers❤️

Happy Reading X

MIA! Roger that, I am MIA at the mo lol 🙈🙊

Hey guys I am so so sorry that my Beauty Tuesday post did not go up! (Tut, tut) it’s all because of my new phone!

I have been trying to transfer all deets over whilst being back at work, so it’s taking longer than usual. Buuutt do not worry I shall resurface on Saturday with a Lifestyle post (pancakes actually! Nom nom) 😀 Fingers crossed post should be up by 10am (British time) 👍🏽

Also have you had a chance to check out my new Fb page? (GlitterGlosGlo says) You can catch more carnage from me finding fab itty bitty finds, quick MOTD, quotes and anything really that interests me on Fashion, beauty and Lifestyle (I know you can’t get away from me can you? 😂 )

Andddd don’t forget the fab Vegas Nay lash giveaway! Which is still open till the 22nd of Nov! It’s Christmas soon who would not want a pair of free lashes made in collab with Eyelure and Vegas Nay!!! 👀

Just click back to my ‘thank you giveaway’ post and all deets on how to enter are in there! GOOD LUCK ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Reading X

THANK YOU!!!! (and that VegasNay giveaway!)👏

Thank you….thank you….thank you! Sooo much that for all the love shown on my birthday post and I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. So many of me wished me Happy Birthday, thank you from the bottom of my heart 💞

Now as promised I have my very first  giveaway for you and this will be launched in conjunction with my NEW Facebook page exclusively created for sharing my blog! (The page is obv called Glitterglosglo says, pls go and like it 👌 ) I have also created this giveaway to say thank you for all your love and support. As without any of you guys this would not have been possible 😘

Now as it is my first giveaway I thought I’d go with something I really like and that is LASHES! It’s snap, bang on coming right up to party season and my fave pair at the mo are VEGASNAY lashes in ‘Grand glamour’. VegasNay? Who’s VegasNay, you say. If you are a massive makeup addict and haven’t heard of this popular, viral makeup guru, then you’ve defo been living under a rock! Lol. But no worries GlitterGlosGlo to the rescue 😉

VegasNay a Latino makeup artist with over 2 million followers on various social media sites! This makeup guru is known for her dramatic and colourful eye looks! So it is only natural that she decided to team up with Eyelure to bring us her fave lash designs.

So I have decided to offer you the chance to win these exclusive  ‘Grand glamour’ lashes (believe me they are ALWAYS out of stock on her lashes!) This is because I feel these lashes are perfectly tapered and have a full on fluttery look, perfect for the party season!

And here’s how you can win your very own pair of VEGASNAY ‘Grand glamour’ lashes! There are 4 ways you can enter, you can choose one or all 4 for a multiple sharing entry!


1. Facebook – Like the new page – Glitterglosglo says and then share the above image on your fb (that will be uploaded onto the page) and comment ‘liked and done’

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3. Twitter – Follow @sabs0711 and retweet the above image!

4. Follow my blog and comment done under this blog post!

That’s it! You can choose to share on whichever social media platform you prefer. If you share on these 4 social sites, I will allow you 4 entries for the giveaway! Also pls note that (so sorry my international friends) this giveaway is only open to the UNITED KINGDOM! (Promise will have another one soon)

The lucky winner will be announced on 22/11/2015 @ 11am! 💖💖💖


Happy Reading X