Bloggers Fave – Winter Essentials β˜ƒ

It’s cold and raining In England! Yes that defo is an understatement, as I frequently see more rain than sun in England πŸ˜… But that does not mean you have to wrap up like a Yeti! And fashion defo does not die in the colder months lol. 

So I thought why not do another one 
of my ‘Bloggers Fave post’ So here it is, my Winter essentials. In this post, I will share my fave things that will make you stand out like a Winter fashionista πŸ™ƒ (and not that yeti! Haha)

Winter Hats

Hats! I love hats! Be it a beanie, bobble hat or a beret. But this year I’ve gone for an all time classic, a Fedora hat! What’s a Fedora hat? Well it is a felt hat with a wide brim and an indented crown. It is typically creased lengthways and ‘pinched’ near the front on both sides. 


Like voila! There is a style out there for everyone. Wider brims, different colours and value for money. Wearing a hat even ensures frizz free hair and you can rock it with sooo many outfits! 

Such as, how about a roll neck and a maxi skirt? Or jeans with a tee and a tartan scarf? Or even a cute dress with ankle boots and your chosen fedora! 

My fedora Β£11.97 (sale price! )

‘The Coat’! 

A coat is a must have in the winter months. A stylish and warm one will keep you going for a few years. 

This year I am going to stick to my Gharani Strok, long length, navy tweed coat. I love this coat! I’ve had it for about 2 years now πŸ‘πŸ½ I mainly wear it with jeans, mid lengths skirts and dresses (the coat drowns me in my maxi clothes) 


When I wear this though, I always wear some form of heel as being short this coat looks frumpy with flats πŸ˜…

This coat has a fit and flare design and a belt which gives it an elegant look. The collar can also be buttoned all the way to the top or can be left half undone.

Obv coats go in and out of trend so be sure to buy one that gives you longevity and style.

My coat Β£60 


Boots! Aaahh boots! I have a love and hate relationship with boots because I’m short, I have to shop around a lot to find the right pair! A pair that does not make my feet look small and a comfortable mid-heel and this year I think I’ve found my perfect pair 😍


I love the colour chocolate brown so much! It’s defo more versatile than boring black! These boots have a slight point at the front which make my small feet look bigger (better than a compact round toe = stumpy feet look πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ ) I also love boots with a little detail and these have a small faux buckle at the side.

Boots are fab in the winter (long, short whatever you desire) as they keep your feet warm and look fab with many outfits.

My boots Β£24.99


If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have a massive obsession with scarves πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š I have many colours and style, they pep up any outfit and will defo keep your neck nice and warm.

Whether you are tall, short, curvy or slim anyone can rock a scarf! Wear your hair up or down and your good to go!

Various scarves from various stores Β£7-10

Lip Prep

The cold weather can leave your lips chapped and sore! My fave lip balm is Maybelline Baby lips! I am obsessed with these lip balms (I use to love Carmex but that now seems to make my lips split πŸ˜” )

I have bought the baby lips twice now and I always apply it before putting my lippie on and before I go to bed. My lips are always super soft and the lipsticks go on beautifully! The baby lips leaves no waxy feel and gives the right amount of moisture for my lips!


(The yellow one with orange writing is my fave!) (prices vary instore. Image not my own.)

Winter Lippie

Majority of the time in the winter we tend to gravitate towards darker coloured clothes. Also daylight is significantly reduced as well πŸ˜’ So I always try and wear a bright lippie to bring some colour and lighten my mood.


I tend to wear lots of burgundy shades (and at the mo you will see them all over my blog lol) Red looks fab too in the cold weather (especially Mac Ruby woo!) Brown lip colours are also on trend this season. Try Mac Cork lip liner with Bourjois Beautiful Brun or your fave nude lip paired with Mac Cork (trust me you won’t be disappointed) 

Lips (prices vary instore)

Gorgeous Hands

My hands are awful in the winter! They chap, split and generally get really dry πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ (the central heating plays havoc on my skin too!) I have tried many hand creams, budget ones and branded ones but I have yet to find my holy grail hand cream. If anyone has a fave pls let me know down below!

At the moment I am using the E45 hand cream which is actually not bad and has left my hands feeling moisturised. It does not have a greasy after feel (hate that) and sinks into the skin. I just wished the moisturised feeling lasted a little longer! (prices vary instore. Image not my own)

Body Moisturiser 

Bye bye summer, bye bye tan! When the sunshine tends to fade, we tend to forget about our bodies. We should moisturise our bodies in the cold weather too! Putting on the layers does not mean we neglect our bodies and shy it away.

I tend to moisturise throughout the year and I have noticed a change in my skin texture and skintone. My skin is more supple, glowy and the dark pigmentation has lightened! My all time fave body moisturiser is Nivea Q10! Doesn’t matter which new one I try, I always go back to this! Try it! It honestly is the best! (prices vary instore. Image not my own)

Hot Drinks!

The cold weather always makes me think about snuggly log fires and a yummy hot drink! 

A hot drink is a fab way to keep your body warm. I am a massive fan of Costa Coffee latte but it’s hard to knock a barista style one up at home. But I think I’ve found a fab alternative 😬

This minty mocha from NescafΓ© is gorgeous! It has a nice rich chocolatey taste with just the right amount of mint. Make sure you don’t overboil the water in the kettle and really stir the mixture in a medium sized mug. (prices vary instore. Image not my own)

And that wraps up my Winter Essentials post. Hope you enjoyed it, just as much as I enjoyed sharing my faves with you. 

What are your Winter essentials? Do you have any faves? Let me know down below!

Happy Reading X