🍎Dr Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar🍏

Yes I know I’ve been away for agessssss but I’ve not been well with my stomach and have developed a few sensitivities. However I’m not going to sit here, make up excuses and pull out the emotion card🙄😂 However I wanted to share something that has been helping my tummy journey for roughly a week and a half now😊

This little bottle of cloudy, yellow liquid (yes it’s got a kick of sourness too) (I’m not doing well at selling it either😂) has been a god send for me! 

A few months back all I would be doing is running to the toilet, feeling bloated and being scared about eating foods that made me run to the loo😭 It even got to the point where I would not want to go to the gym in case exercise set me off! 

I’m not much of a person who loves taking medication. I’m more of a natural, healing, organic approach of a person (when it comes to my insides) So I took matters into my own hands. I first started seeing a homeopathic (which worked fab for the anxiety and low spells) however I didn’t feel as if it alleviated my problem completely. 

I also changed my diet that meant cutting out lots of sugar!😭 (which in a way was good as I was eating no end of sugary stuff!) I eliminated bread and went onto gluten free or sourdough (this helped lots!) I took in more veg (more cooked veg than raw as raw was hard work on my digestive system) I took lots of probiotic yoghurts (fab stuff!) More rice than chappatis (I know I’m Indian and I stopped chappatis 😂but I preferred the rice anyways😉) And I took not a massive amount of fruit (as again too much fibre made me funny) Defo took more water, lighter exercise and early bedtimes! All in all this helped but there were still some days that I would feel a little off😞

Now in my own time I had been researching lots about food and drinks that may help my stomach and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) came up. In the beginning I was hesitant in drinking Vinegar as my morning tipple😷 but I had read such good benefits and reviews that I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go!🙌🏽

The one ACV that everyone raved about (youtubers,friends,family) was Dr Bragg ACV! I saw peeps use this product for acne toners, weight loss, sore joints, detoxing, raised energy levels, tummy issues and so much more. This ACV was so appreciated as it was organic, cheap, gluten free, kosher friendly, non gmo, unfiltered and made by two doctors who are health and lifestyle educators themselves! (Sold? I was!)

So about a week and a half ago I managed to find some in my local health store. I started off with 1 teaspoon of ACV in a 250ml (roughly 250ml) glass of water, first thing in the morning before breakfast. Day 1-2 nothing much. So by day 3 I upped the ACV to 1 tablespoon mixed into a 250ml glass of water and I promise you that was the ticket for me!😃 My stool formation is now normal (sorry gross I know🙈) my energy levels are up. My skin looks sooo much better and my tummy feels so much lighter! 

I still have to watch what I eat (no crazy junk, no too much sugar, no crazy caffeine, avoiding some gluten but not all especially bread but salads are good now yay! I love salads❤️) I managed to go back to the gym after the homeopathy anyways but the Dr Bragg’s ACV has just helped give a much needed boost. 

Now I’m no doctor or health practitioner so I suggest that if you have any other under lying medical issues, you sought medical advice. Also start off with a a small amount of ACV and see how you go. I know a week and a bit is not long, so I will try and update you 4 weeks in (roughly a month) But so far 🤞🏽I am pleased with the results! 

If you would like further info on Dr Bragg’s ACV here is a link 


There is mahoosive amounts of info on ACV recipes, concoctions and benefits, on the net! 

I also wanted to point out that this review is based solely on my own opinions and usuage! I have not been paid or had the product sent to me. I just wanted to reach out to anyone who was struggling with stomach sensitivities because I feel your pain☹️

Where I purchased the product from https://www.naturesaid.co.uk/#sectionmain

If you would like anymore info please get in touch! All of my contact deets are on my page or drop me a comment😄

Has anyone else had any luck with ACV? What was your experience? Please do share as I would love to know!

Good luck


*New brand alert!* Ninni Skincare

Who is Ninni?

We are a skin care company with a modern take on skin care. We believe that, if given the right tools and knowledge, each and every one of us is capable of customising our own skin care according to our needs and preferences. As a new company, we’re evolving every day and strive to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations – always. (Excerpt from the Ninni website)

When I was contacted by Katarina from Ninni I was super excited! As I am a great believer in products that offer natural skin care, with a choice of ingredients and scents!😍 

She was kind enough to send me two moisturisers (one day time product and the other being a night time  one) I was quite overwhelmed at the sizes of the bottles because for sample testing, they were a decent size!👍🏽

So the packaging of the product is very basic (but not at all cheap looking) Two sturdy, white plastic bottles (50ml of product in each!) with a PUMP! Yes a pump! which makes the bottles super hygienic and easy to use😀 The bottles are easily labelled too (so no morning or evening muddle ups!) Due to the pump, you can never squeeze out too much or too less, which is great for non wasting of the product. 

The day cream consists of Lemon and Rosemary (smells amazing😄) It is lighter in consistency to the night cream. The night cream is made up of Lavender and Chamomile (another beautifully scented product) The smells, I should add are not overpowering and they did not linger, once absorbed into the skin.

My morning and evening routine usually consists of cleanse, tone and moisturise. However in the evening I do like to add a facial oil before my moisturiser. I have been using the Ninni moisturisers for roughly two weeks now and I love them! 

I have quite sensitive skin which is acne prone annnddd combination! (Oh the joys!😒 I know 😂) So I am very reluctant to change up my skincare (as you know I am a Dermalogica devotee🙌🏽)  But the Ninni moisturisers did not break me out or irritate or my skin. 

Would I repurchase the Ninni products? Yes I would! I am a huge fan of natural products and someone who is quite passionate about skincare, these products work very well!

So if your looking to change up and hydrate your winter care routine, naturally. Give Ninni a go! 

Have you tried the Ninni brand? If yes what are your thoughts? 

To purchase Ninni products please head over to http://instagram.com/ninnicby

*Please note, these products were sent to me by Ninni Skincare but the opinions are solely my own*

Thank you Katarina @Ninni for your patience and sending me such amazing creams x


Falling into Fall 2016! (The stylish way😉) 

I love Autumn! (Or fall for you Americans and Canadians!) The change of colour on the leaves, the almost not so cold days and nights. Hot drinks, toasted marshmallows and of course Fall Fashion and makeup.

Now I love my summer clothes! I hate putting my jackets and cropped trousers away so I try and utilise them for Fall season 🙈.

I am one of those that will pair her light sweat tops with a blanket scarf or throw on a chunky cardi/jumper on her Tees 😂. I will even go as far as wearing my cropped leggings/trousers with my ankle boots!😁 But hey as long as it works and you can pull it altogether why not? Also fall season is not truly like winter is it? You still get a little sun, so temperatures are not drastic and that’s why I think with a bit of tweaking your summer wardrobe can still rock!

Here’s one outfit I wore this week, where I paired my white denim, pinafore dress with a cotton mix, bumble bee shirt underneath. As it was a windy day, I paired it with my fave chocolate brown booties and some thick white socks. Also not forgetting my fave (Primark!) cropped leggings👍🏽

With a quick flick through with my straighteners and Fall makeup ready (I tend to use lots of berries and browns in this season for my makeup!) I was good to go to meet my friend for lunch😀

How do you become Fall ready? Do you love Autumn/Fall just as much as I do? I am hoping to do more Fall looks so stay tuned! 

Shop the look

White pinafore dress  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Buzzy bee shirt  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Cropped black leggings  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Chocolate brown ankle boots m.deichmann.com › shop

Hair and makeup by me😊

Happy Falling🍁🍂

Sabina x