👗OOTD – Vintage glam! 💄


I am a massive fan of vintage style clothing and looks! It’s an era that’s timeless and classic. Be it clothes, hair or accessories and there is always something that will suit everyone!

Originally sourced vintage clothing can be hard to come by and is expensive! And I am yet to find a piece that I am completely in love with 😕 (my search will continue) in the meantime let’s play around with pieces and looks that are easily accessible for all!

If you know me well, you will know that it is very rare that I will don a dress (always have done indian dresses such as shalwar kameez etc, as that’s a norm for me) So to find dresses that I actually like and make use of, is a great investment for me lol.

When I first saw this spotty dress hanging on a rail in my local boutique, I was skeptical about how spotty it was! 😂 but the colour and the vintage style image I had in my head made me go for it!

When I first put this dress I instantly fell in love with it! The fabric is a silky polyester. It had a long zip and a tie-belt at the back. The dress also has small box pleats at the front and back. The pleats were another thing I was nervous about as I am pear shaped but the dress hangs really well and actually flatters my figure.


Whenever I wear this dress it is always with a bright lippie either Mac’s Candy yum yum or Mac’s Ruby woo! It just brings the simple dress to life!

I have worn this dress on numerous occasions such as the beach, a day trip to the circus and even a baby shower! It’s just so comfy and easily put together! Be it flats or with heels!


And that’s my take on my vintage glam! I have loved this dress so much, that I will defo be trying on more vintage inspired dresses. Well I’m off for a spot of brunch now, have a fab Sunday guys! 😍😘😍😘

By the way do you like vintage fashion? If yes what are your fave looks or key pieces! And if anyone can direct me to some fab vintage lines, I would love to know! Thanks :mrgreen:

Shop the Fash

Blue Spotty Dress £16 (sorry they don’t have an online store 😕 ) but are available through Facebook @ Young Ideas Leicester (United Kingdom)

Leggings £12 marksandspencers.com


Oh and I nearly forgot! there might be a slight change in posting this week as I am on half term holiday (yaay) you may see more or less posts but not consecutively Tues – beauty, Sat – lifestyle and Sun – fashion. I am also very blessed as I have many blog award posts to go through! So many of my fellow bloggers have been so kind to me so it is only fair I return the good deed and get those awards posts out! So guys on that note   
Happy Reading X