🍎Dr Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar🍏

Yes I know I’ve been away for agessssss but I’ve not been well with my stomach and have developed a few sensitivities. However I’m not going to sit here, make up excuses and pull out the emotion card🙄😂 However I wanted to share something that has been helping my tummy journey for roughly a week and a half now😊

This little bottle of cloudy, yellow liquid (yes it’s got a kick of sourness too) (I’m not doing well at selling it either😂) has been a god send for me! 

A few months back all I would be doing is running to the toilet, feeling bloated and being scared about eating foods that made me run to the loo😭 It even got to the point where I would not want to go to the gym in case exercise set me off! 

I’m not much of a person who loves taking medication. I’m more of a natural, healing, organic approach of a person (when it comes to my insides) So I took matters into my own hands. I first started seeing a homeopathic (which worked fab for the anxiety and low spells) however I didn’t feel as if it alleviated my problem completely. 

I also changed my diet that meant cutting out lots of sugar!😭 (which in a way was good as I was eating no end of sugary stuff!) I eliminated bread and went onto gluten free or sourdough (this helped lots!) I took in more veg (more cooked veg than raw as raw was hard work on my digestive system) I took lots of probiotic yoghurts (fab stuff!) More rice than chappatis (I know I’m Indian and I stopped chappatis 😂but I preferred the rice anyways😉) And I took not a massive amount of fruit (as again too much fibre made me funny) Defo took more water, lighter exercise and early bedtimes! All in all this helped but there were still some days that I would feel a little off😞

Now in my own time I had been researching lots about food and drinks that may help my stomach and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) came up. In the beginning I was hesitant in drinking Vinegar as my morning tipple😷 but I had read such good benefits and reviews that I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go!🙌🏽

The one ACV that everyone raved about (youtubers,friends,family) was Dr Bragg ACV! I saw peeps use this product for acne toners, weight loss, sore joints, detoxing, raised energy levels, tummy issues and so much more. This ACV was so appreciated as it was organic, cheap, gluten free, kosher friendly, non gmo, unfiltered and made by two doctors who are health and lifestyle educators themselves! (Sold? I was!)

So about a week and a half ago I managed to find some in my local health store. I started off with 1 teaspoon of ACV in a 250ml (roughly 250ml) glass of water, first thing in the morning before breakfast. Day 1-2 nothing much. So by day 3 I upped the ACV to 1 tablespoon mixed into a 250ml glass of water and I promise you that was the ticket for me!😃 My stool formation is now normal (sorry gross I know🙈) my energy levels are up. My skin looks sooo much better and my tummy feels so much lighter! 

I still have to watch what I eat (no crazy junk, no too much sugar, no crazy caffeine, avoiding some gluten but not all especially bread but salads are good now yay! I love salads❤️) I managed to go back to the gym after the homeopathy anyways but the Dr Bragg’s ACV has just helped give a much needed boost. 

Now I’m no doctor or health practitioner so I suggest that if you have any other under lying medical issues, you sought medical advice. Also start off with a a small amount of ACV and see how you go. I know a week and a bit is not long, so I will try and update you 4 weeks in (roughly a month) But so far 🤞🏽I am pleased with the results! 

If you would like further info on Dr Bragg’s ACV here is a link 


There is mahoosive amounts of info on ACV recipes, concoctions and benefits, on the net! 

I also wanted to point out that this review is based solely on my own opinions and usuage! I have not been paid or had the product sent to me. I just wanted to reach out to anyone who was struggling with stomach sensitivities because I feel your pain☹️

Where I purchased the product from https://www.naturesaid.co.uk/#sectionmain

If you would like anymore info please get in touch! All of my contact deets are on my page or drop me a comment😄

Has anyone else had any luck with ACV? What was your experience? Please do share as I would love to know!

Good luck



1K followers on my Insta!😀

Yay I am so happy to reach this milestone! Thank you so much for all your love…kindness and support! I know it’s not a massive number but to me it was a goal I wanted to achieve so thank you….thank you…thank you❤️

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A blog post ABOUT a blog😝

Hey guys!

This post has been a long time coming! I should have had it up at the beginning of my blog but I just assumed everyone knew what a blog was! lol but never mind here goes…..

On sooo many occasions I have been asked, what is a blog? And why do you call yourself a blogger? And do you make any money? If not why do you do it? 

Now living in the 21st century I thought blogging was a very common and done thing! But how wrong was I? So in this post I am going to share with you, what I think a blog and a blogger is anndddd if I earn truck loads of money lol.

Let’s start with the most popular one that my family and friends constantly ask me about! 

What Is a Blog?

A web and a log, two words that consists of people publicising their passions and interests on a platform that allows them to log and post on the World Wide Web! As more and more web logs developed the  word synchronisedthe word web log, into blog!

If you google search ‘what is a blog’ there are various definitions.


And this definition sums it up quite well. A blog is just like a regularly updated version of your fave magazine or newspaper! Usually a ‘blogger’ (will get into that definition bit next don’t worry😉) may post an ‘article’ like post on something they have a passion about. This could be anything the blogger has an interest in such as, I have an affinity for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So most of my posts are based on make up reviews, fashion trends, recipes, book reviews or make up tutorials. 

Some may even post ‘diary style’ entries or a journal. This could range from everyday life, work, education or whatever they desire!

There are many different blogs out there, blogs about music, art, philosophy, travel and many more! To access a blog you can click on the bloggers link or google search a particular product or post you are after and any similar searches will link you to different blog sites!

You don’t have to blog on a blogging platform (such as WordPress or Blogger) there are so many different ones out there! For example Instagram blogs, tumblr, Facebook, and many other smaller ones like Niume, Twitter or video blogs (vlogging).

However the beauty of blogging on a blogging platform is that you can read your statistics on how well your blog is doing, you are able to add content at your own will and the best thing is, you are able to connect with other readers and fellow bloggers that have similar passions. Also the statistics on a blogging platform can allow brands to see what consumers your blog is reaching out to.

Why am I called a Blogger?

Simple really, a person who manages their site and creates their own posts on a blog is called a blogger. Comprende? Good👍🏽

A blogger can consist of one writer or a group of writers. A blogger usually writes about their own experiences, thoughts or opnions. A blogger will also have images maybe videos and links to other sites. This helps create a visual image of what something may look like. Site links allow you to purchase the item directly from those ‘hyperlinked’ sites. For example if you check out my POLYVORE posts it will show you hyperlinks (highlighted links in blue) if you click on there it will take you directly to the sellers site!😀

So do I make Truckloads of Money?!

There are roughly around 1.13 million blogs around the world. That’s huge right? But you will also be shocked to hear that not all of them make money. 

There was a time when blogs were a rarity and bloggers actually got paid a good amount of money but now it’s so competitive that brands have many to choose from. But to be honest when I first went into blogging it wasn’t for the money. I have a huge passion for writing and actually love it! 

But since my blogs have become popular I have had the odd chance of being invited to blogger events, brand discounts and endorsing brands. However they have been unpaid and I am not complaining😄

It’s nice to know that whatever I’m writing is being recognised and enjoyed by all! The blogging community is a great place to be in. The people are great, good advice and everyone always welcomes you with open arms. It has been the same for me on Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, Facebook or even Pinterest! (thank you so much😘)

You must remember Blogging is also quite a full time job! It’s not easy maintaining quality content whilst teaching and looking after a family (but I’m not complaining, honest) Some bloggers have done it for years and not seen large amounts of money and some have not been blogging for long and are earning large sums of money. Sometimes I think it just depends on how your content is recognised and being at the right place and time. But I would like to say please don’t be disheartened if your blog does not kick off! If you value it and maintain it passionately (regardless of how many times you post as some peeps think posting more than once gives you better coverage! However I prefer quality over quantity!) you will reap the fruit of success (I can guarantee that) whether it’s paid or not!

So that question – do I earn truckloads of money? No! But in the future I may be able to earn some, however it is not a priority for me as I teach part time and have a full time family to look after😀 So for me I will continue with my passion and see where this road goes.

And that wraps up my post! If you have anymore questions about blogging, please do not hesitate to ask me! 

I would love to know what you guys think about blogging? What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy it? What are your thoughts on brand endorsements? Are you blogging to earn money, as your full time occupation? Why do you blog? Speak to me and let me know! Until next time……


🔎Sneak Peek into 2016🔍

Hellllloooo 2016! 

Hey guys just a quick post to let you know what blog finds I am going to be kick starting with in the next few months! (Excitingggg!)

First up a Water Permeable ‘halal’ nail polish! This product states that it is vegan friendly, water permeable and halal certified! I know too good to be true right? Well watch out for a home experiment and review on this (I have to admit a very pigmented product!)💅🏽

Next this fab shampoo and conditioner range from my fave brand Kerastase! (Love their stuff!) This shampoo and conditioner smells sooo heavenly that I wish I could bottle it up as a perfume! If you are regular on my blog, you will know that I have dry, curly hair. Well this stuff is amazing on my hair, frizz free, soft and smells delectable! Defo stay tuned for a small vid I made on this gift package from Kerastase👍🏽

Remember my clothes show haul post? Well I still have heaps of makeup products I need to review on my blog! Products range from Nanshy brushes, Rimmel, and Nyx cosmetics!

A full in depth review of this gorgeous everyday wearable Smashbox cosmetics full exposure palette will be up too! I use this palette almost everyday. It’s soft, buttery and very pigmented.

I have absolutely been loving Pixi skin treats. Their packaging is modern and basic. Fomulas are lovely and affordable too! Look out for this in 2016 on GlitterGlosGlo❤️

  I have actually completed the Boo Tea detox programme. But I have been so caught up that I have not yet posted a review🙈 So defo look out for this, if you want a new year, new you kickstart😀

I thought for 2016 I would bring something different to the blog such as book reviews! What do you think guys? I love reading and lately been really trying to get back into it and I am starting to enjoy it again😄 My first one will be based on this Vlog it book! This book features top vloggers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman! Keep your 👀 out for this!

I have been on a hunt for a new hairdryer for ages as I seem to blow dry my hair more now, rather than straighten (more volume=big hair😍) So I finally bit the bullet and bought a GHD airdryer hairdryer! Ohh and I received it today! It’s sooo beautiful! My hair feels super soft and frizz free with this👍🏽 Full review coming soon!

(Image not my own)

It’s collddd and yes that is an understatement in England lol, but it also means my hands and body always get so dry and sore! In this review I will show you my Bloggers fave from hand creams to body creams😊

I also cannot wait to use my Luxemme fashion vouchers! Check out their website for affordable Parisian chic/Manchester Fashion. With exclusive celebrity collections by the likes of Anita Kaushik!


I have been going facial oils crazzzyy!! I am loving this step before slapping on my moisturiser. I have tried three and will be trying one more lol🙈 One is from Pixi, next one is the Body shop and the third is from Dermalogica and the last one is a pure, organic Argan oil. Detailed post coming soon! 

A while ago I put up a Snap chat story ( you should be following on Sabina_7 tut tut😝) asking you guys what other posts you would like to see on my blog! So far I’ve had weightloss and diet, most requested has been highlighting and contouring and someone said they would love one on how to deal with emotions on social media! Which I thought was quite intriguing🤓

If anyone else has anymore suggestions please drop them down below!!

Obviously I will continue with recipes and my fashion posts (courtesy of polyvore😂) 

So much for a quick post hey? (Sowieee🙈) Looks like there’s a lot to look forward to (and cover! Best get cracking😜) on GlitterGlosGlo Says! So make sure you are subscribed and don’t miss out on, nano zilch!