Hello world!

Okay, so I am terribly excited. Ever since my posts became more popular on Instagram I’ve had this idea at the back of my head that I needed to BLOG. But where to start? Mmmhm cue the grumpy daughter and ta-da! And here we are, my first blog page. Thanks grumpy daughter 🙂 x

Right so, where do I start? Ah yes, my name ‘glitterglosglo’ (which even my family and followers are completely bemused by).(Now cue the Once Upon Time bit hehe)- ahem. Way before Instagram became super popular (remember when the explore page only showed peeps with the most followers?) is when I created my Instagram account. Now everyone wants a cool, trendy name (yes! you know you do 😉 ) and ‘glitterglosglo’ was born! Now you’re probably thinking my insta is all pinky, girly and all things sweet but it’s far from it! Yes, I do like sparkly things but in different formats- I am definitely obsessed with lipsticks and you will most certainly see a glo-wing personality on my page (see what I did there ha.). I never once thought posting my inspo looks on insta would give me so much self confidence and motivation to play around with clothes and makeup.

Ok so what else will you see on my blog? Ooo yes makeup! Lots of makeup! But in no way am I a makeup pro. I am self taught and buy my own products which is why you will always see honest reviews of products on my blog. Being a skin tone of NC 42 (above in the summer months) it can be hard to find products that work for me (believe me I am still on the hunt for THE bronzer, if you have any suggestions please drop them below 😦 ) I dont have the best of skin either, it is sensitive and acne prone (yes I have it all!)

In my spare time I love shopping and surfing the net for new fashion inspiration and creating my own twist on things, which is why I am a massive fan of Pinterest too! To me clothes are not just about ‘wearing’ they reflect who you are and how you feel. That does not mean they have to be expensive designerwear, I love to mix and match mine a lot as you will see on my insta, pinterest and in this blog too!

And the last thing you will see in my blog are posts on lifestyle. Believe it or not in my early days I was obese with serious health complications. But by changing what I ate (detest calling it DIET) and exercising more (now my family say I’m a gym freak! you can’t win hey? :P) I was able to lose 2 stones which is roughly 10kg?  (sorry you will soon realise my maths is soo rubbish!) and having two children I know how hard that is to maintain. In my blog I will share my recipes, workout ideas that worked for me and what daily lifestyle mantras keep me going 🙂

Sooo yep I think that just about sums up my first post 🙂 and I hope my blog inspires and motivates you to feel beautiful in your own skin! PS as I am new to this if anyone has any tips for me re: any ways I can make this blog better for you to be able to use please do not hesitate to give a comment and tag me in it @glitterglosgo 🙂

Happy reading X