👜Unbagging my BIRCHBAG! (Yes! It’s a bag this month❤️)

Hey guys👋🏽

I’ve just received my BIRCHBAG through the post! If you want to see what goodies I received check out my instastory on https://instagram.com/glitterglosglo 

Have you recieved yours yet? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Let me know down below! 

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📦February Birchbox 2016!📦

Ok I know I know it’s the 1st of March! And I’m super late with my review! (Sowiee) but I had to show you the goodies I recieved in Feb, as it was awesome! So if this post doesn’t want to make you subscribe to this goody box, then I don’t know what will😉😍

Oh my this month Birchbox has defo outdone itself for me! All the products were gorge and fitted my profile perfectly!

This months theme was based on ‘shine bright like a diamond’ which celebrates all ways that we can add that extra bit of sparkle in our everyday lives!

Cochine Hand and Body Lotion –  £19

Mum and businesswoman, Kate Crofton-Atkins brings the magic of Saigon through fragrance into our home through the power of Cochine. With a background in skincare from L’Oreal Kate knows a thing or too about the beauty industry and has created a brand which is now stocked all over the world.

A truly luxurious sample of a body cream! It glides and melds into your skin beautifully. The smell is that of fresh blossoms and this was a generous sample that lasted well into a week! The cream is not too heavy or light, perfect for those with dry skin.


Would I repurchase this product? Yes! as I have sensitive, dry skin and this did not irritate me at all! 


Ole Henriksen – Truth Serum Collagen Booster £47

Ole Henrikson is a Danish skin cosmetician and owner of skincare products, living in the United States.

This little baby is packed full of vitamins to give your skin a much needed dose of the good stuff! I have to be honest and say I haven’t really used it long enough to say that I’ve noticed a difference 🙈 (as I’ve got a cupboard full of facial oils at the mo!) But the times I have used it, I have to say it’s nice, light and non greasy (which is a bonus if your oily skinned like me) On the directions it does say that you can use it twice a day but I like to layer my products at night, as that’s when I really amp up my skincare benefits!


Would I repurchase! No ☹ at £47, that is a hefty price tag! Yes I’ve not used it long enough but I like my Dr Organics Morrocan oil which is less than that price! Maybe it’s a matter of opinion but I’m sticking to what I know👍🏽


The Balm Cosmetics – Fratboy blush £15.50

A sassy, classy fun make up brand that is based in San Francisco. (Sounds similar to benefit!) A high quality make up brand that lets you be fun, flirty and amazing! 

I love The Balm Cosmetics! I currently own 4 products from this brand! (A winged liner, two lippies and of course Mary Lou Manizer) Unlike Benefit, I like this brand better as their quality is second to none. Every single product I own from this brand, I absolutely love😍 and this sample of ‘Fratboy’ was no exception!

Yes the sample is small but true to birchbox’s word, the blush/eyeshadow is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. The product is not shimmery and applies matte. Once applied it does not budge or slip or slide anywhere!

Would I purchase the full size? Oh yes! This colour looks fab on my NC42 skin (made it all radiant and alive😀)


Derm Eyes – Makeup Remover Wipes £9.50

One in every three women suffer allergic reactions or incompatibilities between their make-up and contact lens. And they don´t know what to do. For these women Derm Eyes has created optocosmetics, a solution using high quality, 100% natural active ingredients.

This allows them happily to use make-up which cares for their eyes. It is a product inspired by nature thus ensuring both beauty and health. Whether you have problems with your make-up or not, open your eyes and enjoy a new cosmetics created to care for you both inside and out. (Excerpt from Derm Eyes website)

Now I for one do not like using makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup. I like using my garnier eye makeup remover with a cotton pad and I’m done! 🙈

So to see the Derm Eyes makeup remover wipe in my Birchbox, made me a little sad😒 HOWEVER….. I tried the wipe and I absolutely loved it!! It took off all my waterproof eye makeup as well as my base (actually literally everything) The fabric was super soft on my skin and it did not irritate me! (Super sensitive skin here!) It did not really have a smell and face felt squeaky clean👍🏽

Now this product is specifically geared to remove eye makeup however, I used it all over my face lol (the wipe was massive😉) and when I repurchase I would still use it all over my face (why not hey? If it’s good for my eyes, I’m sure it’s ok for my face😁)

PS no pic of the product as I used it up lol but please do check out their website you will find it on there 😄


Loc One and Done Shadow Stick in Perfect Cents – £8

An exciting launch by birchbox! Their very own in house makeup brand! So what can we expect from this shadow stick? Up to 11 hours of creaseless, waterproof colour in one handy stick! This formula has been designed to eliminate the use of extra faff such as brushes, blenders and primers! 


One sweep of this stick all over my eyelids and blended with a finger and I was good to go! The formula is highly pigmented and lasted for ages! I also used it as a inner corner highlight and it was gorgeously bronzey but not overly ‘discoey’. 

This was a rather generous full size product, that I throughly enjoyed using! Can’t wait to see what other makeup Birchbox has in store for their line! Well done Birchbox 👏🏽

Check out my insta  https://www.instagram.com › glitterglosglo

To see how I used the LOC shadow stick!


Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Brush – £7.99

Spectrum Collections is a cosmetics brush brand who specialise in boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert design. Spectrum Collections aims to be a trusted and recognised brand amongst professional artists and makeup lovers alike.
All of Spectrum Collection’s brushes are hand finished, vegan and animal friendly – composed of the highest quality synthetic hair, ensuring the brushes are not only beautifully soft, but also a compassionate choice. 

Our unique product range targets a niche within the industry, and presents the opportunity to provide a vibrant range of alternative brushes, that translate as an extension of the vibrant colours used and loved by makeup fanatics. (An excerpt from the Spectrum website) 
My my my when I opened my Birchbox this was the first thing I saw, a full sized spectrum collection brush! and I was sooooo happy!! (I defo galloped around like a unicorn lol) 

I have used this brush a numerous times to set my under eye highlight and let me just say it is ah-ma-zing! The handle is nice and solid. The bristles are super soft and for 7.99 your are so not getting a bum deal, believe me! I love the quirky colours the brushes come in and they feel like and look like quality! 


Will I be repurchasing some more?! Hell yes! I am going to look at some of their complete brush collections and see what they have to offer!


And that wraps up my Birchbox post! Did you recieve your February box? If yes, did you like it as much as I did? I can’t wait to see what March has in store and I promise I will try not to leave the review so late! 🙈



**FEBRUARY Birchbox alert!**

So sorry guys but I had to share my late night delivery of my FEBRUARY BIRCHBOX! It’s ah ma zing!! If you’ve not got your February one, I strongly suggest you do! As the goodies are sooo fab this month! Guaranteed you will not be disappointed! (Ok I am now calm phew lol) PS look out for a full product review real soon😀

Over & Out! Enjoy your evening 


🎅🏽December Special -Birchbox is a BIRCHBAG!👜

First of all apologies that my Xmas collab treat did not go up on Sunday as scheduled as me and my collaborator had issues posting it, grrr! But I promise it will be up soon😁 

Right let’s get straight into unboxing or unbagging🙂 my December Birchbox goodies! This months surprises did not come in its usual pretty box but a gorgeous,emerald clutch bag!

I have been using the bag all weekend! Love it! It has a mixture of textures such as leather, velvet and gold glitter😍 It is big enough to fit in a small-medium sized coin purse, your phone and a (not so large) bunch of keys😅 This bag is sooo versatile you can dress it up or down! Here I have added my own chain to use a shoulder bag (it does not come with a chain but does have little loops to attach one) you could even use it as a clutch😄 Now on to the internal goodies! 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👇🏽

Benefit- They’re real push up liner £20.50

Benefit Cosmetics founded in San Francisco in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford. The company started as a small beauty boutique for ‘quick fix beauty dilemmas’. Benefit Cosmetics is now a global beauty brand now selling at over 2,000 counters, in more than 30 countries!

Now I am a fan of this brand! It’s quirky packaging and some products I love. Products like ‘They’re real’ mascara, eye potent cream and rebel tint. However I own the full size ‘They’re real’ push up liner and I don’t like it😩
When I saw this in my Birch bag I was a little disappointed. I am a massive wing liner gal (one of those that cries when they are not simultaneous lol) I find that the packaging and design of this product difficult to master. The pigment and longevity of the product is fab! But I just can not draw my lines with this😒 (if anyone has any tips pls let me know) 

Also this sample is extremely small to work with and difficult to push the product up! You have to remove orange plastic tip from the tip, then really squeeze the base hard to push up the product! If you have weak hands, you may struggle guys sowiee😟 Would I repurchase? Due to my first experience, no👎🏽

Benefit- Puff Off £20.50

I have been naughty and have to admit that, I have not tried out this product 🙈 But it is because I do not get puffy eyes (few lines and that’s it! Phew lucky lol) The texture is that of a peachy cream and smells pleasant too but it looks like one of my sisters will receive this as a gift👍🏽
Due to no puffing off😅 

ModelCo shade- Stilleto lipstick £15.50

Based in Sydney Australia, an award winning brand who’s motto is to make women look and feel fabulous! The creator, a former model agent, Shelley Barrett, who after working with models, make up artists and stylists saw a niche in the market for innovative, quick fix, multipurpose, beauty solutions which gave us their holy grail tanning product.However due to their success they are now expanding into areas of makeup, hence this gorge FULL sized lipstick I received in my Birch bag!

A look I created using the ModelCo lippie!

I love reds and burgundies! They off set my medium-golden tones beautifully😄 so I was pleased to recieve this red lipstick! The red has the slightest hint of an ‘orangey red’ which warms my complexion nicely. The formula is lovely! Very creamy and pigmented. It does NOT go on matte but a lovely,deep set, glossy finish. This lipstick is also quite hydrating (unlike my Mac RubyWoo!) and it has a lovely smell of Shea butter😋 However I would not say it has awesome lasting power (through cups of green tea!) So beware.

Would I repurchase? Yes, I would but in different colours as I have so many reds!👄

Ciate nail polish shade- Talent Scout £9

Founder Charlotte Knight has used her passion, soul, colour innovation to develop the Ciate products. Her passion started backstage at Fashion week where she would mix up her own, unique nail colours. Colours that would transform any outfit or simply spark a conversation, hence ciate was born! 

The formula of this polish is lovely! I agree with the Birchbox team, it is a dream to apply. The brush application covers the whole nail in three easy strokes and the polish is nicely pigmented. It does not take long to dry and applied with a base and top coat the mani lasts pretty well😄💅🏽

However I am not sure if I liked the colour I received😒 Don’t get me wrong, I love experimenting different colours but I find that purple is hard to pull off with all outfits! Nonetheless I would like to check other nail polishes in this range👍🏽


Catherine Malandrino- style de Paris Eau de Parfum £50

A well known French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino born in 1963, in France and now splits her time between New York and Paris. Much of Catherine’s brand embodies feminity and strength, just like her perfume!

This was a Birchbag beauty bonus! (Not sure what that means? Check out my previous postings on the Birchbox or head over to their site birchbox.co.uk😘) Shame only a teeny sample arrived! As I love the smell of this! 

Oh my goodness it is heaven guys! It has the right fruity notes for me but not overpowering and has the aura of evening glam and sophistication😍 The fragrance lasts for ages and I can not stop sniffing myself😂 When I recieve my paycheck I will defo be rushing to purchase this baby! It’s worth it👍🏽

Guys I could not find a specific link for Catherine’s perfume but you can purchase it from birchbox.co.uk

Skin & Co- Sicilian body gel £15

A family owned business by hubby and wife duo Sabatino and Giuseppina Balestra in 1911. A luxury brand player on the international beauty scene, which keeps its family roots very close to heart.


It smells lovely and lathers up well but I am so not a fan of different shower gels!🙍🏽

It is quite hard to squeeze the product out of the packaging but I have uber sensitive skin so I stick to Sanex shower gel and that’s enough for me. My lucky sisters will be getting another freebie lol. Again this can be purchased directly from birchbox.co.uk 

If you love changing up your shower routine, go for it! You will like the smell and bubbles of this one. It has Italian orange and olive extracts, so will be nice and moisturising.

Embryolisse- Lait-creme concentre £12.99

A story of a brand that started in 1950 by a Paris hospital dermatologist, specialising in skin diseases. The legendary milk cream concentrate was created and sold millions worldwide. A physician who desired to create his own pharmaceutical skincare range, that met expectations and acceptance of the profession.

Now I feel silly to say that I’ve never heard of this brand or the worldwide selling milk cream! Anyone else tried it? I wonder if it’s because I have such sensitive, acne prone skin that I have stuck very true to my Dermalogica products. As a devotee to Dermalogica I am afraid to try new stuff on my skin but as my skin gets drier (thank you old age! Boooo lol) I need richer creams, so I may give this a go and keep you updated. The consistency feels nice and I don’t detect strong smells, let me know if anyone has tried it!

I was surprised to know that this range is available at my local drugstore boots.com So I may see what else they have to offer as I could with a very nourishing hand cream!

More info on Embryolisse www.embryolisse.co.uk 

And that wraps up my BIRCHBAG post! I did enjoy some products but I wish I could receive more make up treats rather than skin treats mmmm, may have to see if there is a sub box exclusive for make up! If anyone knows of one pls let me know😬 However I loved the bag that was a nice December treat! And will defo be using it again and again😄

Any fellow Birchers out there? What did you think of your Birchbag goodies this month? If you are thinking of becoming a Bircher, try it as everyone has different opinions but I would say there are usually more skin/hair treats than make up!(you have been warned!) 

 Merry Christmas BIRCHBOX🎄

Please note that I have purchased the Birchbox myself! I have no affiliated links with the brand and the opinions are solely my own😊

Happy Reading to you all X

📦 November Birchbox! 🎁

Come with me guys and let’s unbox my November goodies and see what Birchbox has to offer this month! Ready, steady, birrcchh! 🤓

What is a Birchbox? Well it’s a monthly sub box where you receive 5/6 samples of either skincare, makeup or beauty accessories with one surprise beauty bonus thrown in by the Birchbox team. (For more deets check my sept posting!) or http://instagram.com/birchboxuk

This month Birchbox has teamed up with Skinnydip London! Launched in 2011 by Lewis Blitz and brothers James and Richard Gold. A concession brand that has gained momentum by placing themselves in leading stores such as Selfridges, Nordstorm, Asos and Topshop. Skinnydip is loved by many celebrities by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Millie Mackintosh and Zoella! Take your pick from a fun range of iPhone cases, bags, headphones and travel accessories with over 350 different styles!


1. Lord & Berry – Silhouette Lip Liner £9

In 1992 an Italian fashion house, Lord & Berry (L&B) decided to revolutionise makeup. They wanted to signify makeup through fashion e.g. Swipe of a lipstick or a flick of an eyeliner coining terms very similar to an ‘it’ bag or those ‘Louboutin’ shoes!

Their innovative and modern textures were recognised and appreciated by makeup artists worldwide. The brand has gone from strength to strength in developing their eye, lip and face products plus bi-annual collections.

This innovative lip liner has defo lived up to their ‘modern’ ethos. I have only come across two brands with neutral lip liners and that is Urban Decay (UD) and now L&B. This lip liner is in a pencil form, clear with no hint of colour at all.

This lip liner has been designed to stop your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ and to make it last longer. Now if you have been following my blog you will know that I am a massive lipstick fan! So to receive a product like this in my Birchbox is like Christmas to me 😍 I already have the UD one so I thought I would compare both.

To wear dark lips you have to have a nice, smooth, lined mouth. When I wear a dark lip I always find that it bleeds more easily than my neutral ones so I’ve been using these neutral lip liners to tackle this problem. 


The UD one defo has more ‘slip’ than the L&B one. UD one is also more pricier than the L&B one (a difference of roughly £7/8!) Performance wise I actually preferred the L&B as its a little stiffer and doesn’t ‘melt’ as you apply it on your lips. The L&B one was also easier to sharpen and both gave my lipsticks longevity. Both were pretty good at stopping the lippie from bleeding, however I did prefer the L&B one due to it not falling apart everywhere! A defo repurchase 👍🏽



2. Living Proof. No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream £21

Born in the heart of Cambridge, England this brand was founded by world class biotech scientists and beauty experts. The brand has one simple ambition: to challenge conventional wisdom to solve your toughest beauty problems. With over 45 awards to date and patent formulas, this brand literally wants you to turn heads!
I used a pea sized amount of this product before my blow dry. It has a nice texture, no stickiness and a pleasant smell. The product claims to make your hair frizz free, humidity proof and sleek. I admit the product did just that! My hair looked sleek until my next wash, which was a bonus. However I like a really volumised blow dry (fine hair problems 👎🏽 ) and this product gave no volume to my hair at all but the product does not claim to give my hair volume! So that is a plus point! However due to my preferences, I will not be repurchasing (will stick to my big blowout spray by sexy hair) This product a defo worth a try though!


3. Cowshed. Cow Pat Hand Cream £8

Discover a range of award winning bath, body and skincare products. Since launching in 1998, they have expanded locations worldwide! Whilst their names are playful, they take their formulations very seriously. With scents to enhance your mood and textures that really make a difference. 

My hands are awful in the winter and if you read my winter essentials post it will say just that! I love moisturising hand creams, with a hint of scent but this hand cream smells strongly of lavender and geranium. Scents that I don’t mind in small amounts but it’s very heady for me in this handcream 😷 It’s beautifully moisturising but I can’t stand the smell! Will be sticking to my E45 hand cream. If you don’t mind strong scents go for it! Sorry Cowshed 😔


4. Delarom. Creme Acquaconfort £34

With over 40 years of experience in aromatherapy, aromachology and phytotherapy this  is the science behind Delarom. A skincare brand created by the Benet family, previous owners of decleor and darphin. All of delarom products are 0% paraben. 0% phenoxyethanol. 0% mineral oils. 0% silicone. 0% animal origin ingredients.

This cream is beautiful! And sure does feel very luxurious however when I used it, it made my skin more greasy?? Strange as it says that it is ‘suitable for all skins’ Even when my makeup was applied on top, it made the shine come through very easily (usually with my dermalogica skin smoothing cream this does not happen!) The texture was nice and light, even the smell was pleasant. Aloe is big in this cream which would be fab for your sensitive types but I will not be purchasing the full size 🙁


5. Pure and light organic. Revitalising Facial Exfoliation £25

Pure and light organic is a philosophy on how one should approach life. Agnes Donazey (founder) ethos and beliefs is to make you feel peaceful, lighter and radiating from within.

I have to be honest here guys, this is the only product from the Birchbox that I have not tried 🙈 This is because at the mo I have so many exfoliaters (courtesy of Birchbox) that I do not want to consistently change, as too many changes irritate my sensitive skin. However I love the packaging and smell so will give it a try some time later.


6. L.Erickson. Grab and Go Ponytail Holder £11.50 for a set of 15

Founded in 1997, this Washington based hair accessories company is determined to make your hair look super polished. The brand has a wide range of headbands and ponytail holders. These accessories have been loved by Alexa Chung and Ashley Greene!

Mmm it’s a hair bobble guys that’s all I can say 🤐 don’t really have much to say on this product as it doesn’t really interest me (sorry) I would have preferred to have received the headbands! I did try these out at the gym but my hair is too fine, so I have to wrap the band round a few times! It did not hold my hair well in the band 👎🏽 I understand this was a Birchbox treat but this treat was not for me 🙁 and it’s a little pricey for me as well.


And that concludes Novembers Birchbox!

I’m not really sure how I feel about the last two Birchboxes, as I seem to receive lots of skincare and would really love more makeup! I am defo considering the glossybox (missed the Nars edition! Damn) but will hold out for the Christmas Birchbox and see how it fares as the packaging looks awesome!
Did you like this months Birchbox? If yes what was your fave product? 

Till next time my loves 💋

Happy Reading X