*New brand alert!* Ninni Skincare

Who is Ninni?

We are a skin care company with a modern take on skin care. We believe that, if given the right tools and knowledge, each and every one of us is capable of customising our own skin care according to our needs and preferences. As a new company, we’re evolving every day and strive to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations – always. (Excerpt from the Ninni website)

When I was contacted by Katarina from Ninni I was super excited! As I am a great believer in products that offer natural skin care, with a choice of ingredients and scents!😍 

She was kind enough to send me two moisturisers (one day time product and the other being a night time  one) I was quite overwhelmed at the sizes of the bottles because for sample testing, they were a decent size!👍🏽

So the packaging of the product is very basic (but not at all cheap looking) Two sturdy, white plastic bottles (50ml of product in each!) with a PUMP! Yes a pump! which makes the bottles super hygienic and easy to use😀 The bottles are easily labelled too (so no morning or evening muddle ups!) Due to the pump, you can never squeeze out too much or too less, which is great for non wasting of the product. 

The day cream consists of Lemon and Rosemary (smells amazing😄) It is lighter in consistency to the night cream. The night cream is made up of Lavender and Chamomile (another beautifully scented product) The smells, I should add are not overpowering and they did not linger, once absorbed into the skin.

My morning and evening routine usually consists of cleanse, tone and moisturise. However in the evening I do like to add a facial oil before my moisturiser. I have been using the Ninni moisturisers for roughly two weeks now and I love them! 

I have quite sensitive skin which is acne prone annnddd combination! (Oh the joys!😒 I know 😂) So I am very reluctant to change up my skincare (as you know I am a Dermalogica devotee🙌🏽)  But the Ninni moisturisers did not break me out or irritate or my skin. 

Would I repurchase the Ninni products? Yes I would! I am a huge fan of natural products and someone who is quite passionate about skincare, these products work very well!

So if your looking to change up and hydrate your winter care routine, naturally. Give Ninni a go! 

Have you tried the Ninni brand? If yes what are your thoughts? 

To purchase Ninni products please head over to http://instagram.com/ninnicby

*Please note, these products were sent to me by Ninni Skincare but the opinions are solely my own*

Thank you Katarina @Ninni for your patience and sending me such amazing creams x


Falling into Fall 2016! (The stylish way😉) 

I love Autumn! (Or fall for you Americans and Canadians!) The change of colour on the leaves, the almost not so cold days and nights. Hot drinks, toasted marshmallows and of course Fall Fashion and makeup.

Now I love my summer clothes! I hate putting my jackets and cropped trousers away so I try and utilise them for Fall season 🙈.

I am one of those that will pair her light sweat tops with a blanket scarf or throw on a chunky cardi/jumper on her Tees 😂. I will even go as far as wearing my cropped leggings/trousers with my ankle boots!😁 But hey as long as it works and you can pull it altogether why not? Also fall season is not truly like winter is it? You still get a little sun, so temperatures are not drastic and that’s why I think with a bit of tweaking your summer wardrobe can still rock!

Here’s one outfit I wore this week, where I paired my white denim, pinafore dress with a cotton mix, bumble bee shirt underneath. As it was a windy day, I paired it with my fave chocolate brown booties and some thick white socks. Also not forgetting my fave (Primark!) cropped leggings👍🏽

With a quick flick through with my straighteners and Fall makeup ready (I tend to use lots of berries and browns in this season for my makeup!) I was good to go to meet my friend for lunch😀

How do you become Fall ready? Do you love Autumn/Fall just as much as I do? I am hoping to do more Fall looks so stay tuned! 

Shop the look

White pinafore dress  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Buzzy bee shirt  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Cropped black leggings  https://m.primark.com › en-us

Chocolate brown ankle boots m.deichmann.com › shop

Hair and makeup by me😊

Happy Falling🍁🍂

Sabina x

💋Rosie for Autograph at M&S💄

Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley (born 18 April 1987) is an English model and actress. She is best known for her work for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret and for being one of their brand “Angels” and has also worked for Burberry being the face for their 2011 brand fragrance “Burberry Body”, and for M&S. 

Just as beautiful as she is, so is her new makeup line! It is simply a rose gold delight😍 (and if you have been following me long enough, you will know about my rose gold obsession lol) 

I picked up three products in the Rosie for Autograph range. An eyeshadow quad, lipstick and perfume. All three are amazing and work great on my NC42 skin tone.


Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Copper gold rush’ £18

There are four colours in this quad. Two shimmers (not overly glittery) and one matte shade and one in a kinda pearlescent finish.


Two shimmer shades are a deep chocolate and a pinky, burgundy. The matte one is a beige and the pearlescent one is like a bronzey gold.

These shadows are defo soft, buttery and have good pigment. They are easy to blend and I have used all four colours on my skintone (they look great👍🏽) 


Here’s a pic of a ‘rose gold’ look I created using the eyeshadow quad.


The packaging of this quad is gorge!😍 It’s sleek, compact and has a decent sized mirror. The only drawback is that, the outside of it can get quite dirty as it is of a ‘mirrored’ finish. No brush is included in the palette but I have many brushes of my own, which I was happy to use.


Eyeshadow swatches

Lipstick ‘Silk Cami’ £14

As an NC42 it can be risky to buy a brown shade. I always find that it’s either too washed out or makes your lips look as if you’ve burnt them!😂 However this one  is a beautiful creamy, velvety taupe colour and looks great on its own or mixed with other lip colours!

The packaging is adorable with a magnetic click, as you close the tube. The finish of the lipstick is not matte but a Demi matte finish.

Perfume- Rosie by Autograph £14

Now you know I love my scents (especially Armani Si! My fave😍) and everyone has been raving about how good this perfume smells! So yes as you guessed, I had to try it! And boy I have not been disappointed👍🏽


For £14 you get a 30ml bottle of Eau De Parfum, which is not a bad price. The scent is deep and musky and perfect for spring/summer. The scent is not overly strong and even my 14 year old daughter enjoyed this scent! 

The glass bottle is beautifully shaped with a rose gold plastic lid. It is one of those bottles that you will want to display on your dressing table with pleasure❤️

The Rosie for Autograph range is exclusive to Marks and Spencers (M&S) For international shipping please check their website www.marksandspencer.com 

All of these products have been purchased from my own money and have no affiliated links, unless otherwise stated! 

💟A Fragrance on its own💟


When you first experience a new scent, you subconsciously link it to an event, a person, an image, a feeling … even a moment. Your brain immediately forges an association between the scent and a memory, and then each subsequent time you encounter that scent, your mind slips into a state of déjà vu.

At Ayesha Ziya we are passionate about scents that are ever lasting, exclusive and exotic. With many years of careful research and blending of different ingredients, our collection now consists of 5 unique and indulgent fragrances. A simple spray of our fragrance will have you hooked to the luscious, enticing scents that we have to offer.

A sublime fragrance can elicit more intense feelings than a visual image, a taste and even a touch. Scents relationship with déjà vu is remarkable, and something that Ayesha Ziya captures in her fragrances.

(Excerpt from http://www.ayeshaziya.com)

Every word said about Ayesha Ziya is inexplainably true! These fragrances are so unique, that I promise you that you will find no other on the market! I purchased my sample box earlier this month and boy I am not disappointed!

The main base of all of these scents is OUD! Oud? What is oud? I hear you say?! Well OUD is derived from the tropical agar tree, which is thought to originate in Assam in India. When the tree is infected by a mould known as Phialophora parasitica it reacts by producing a dense, dark and fragrant resin to protect itself. It is the resin-embedded heartwood of the tree that is the source of oud! It is one of the most expensive, natural raw ingredient to bottle.

In my sample box, I recieved 5, 2ml vials. The 5 vials were Irum, Islah, Signature Oud, The Oud and Royal Mirage. My fave out of all the five is defo ‘IRUM’! The vials were beautifully presented in a black embossed box with an internal velvet lining. They all smell great and each one has its own unique distinctive smell. But ‘Irum’s’ mellow, lighter notes gets me everytime! 


The unisex fragrances are so versatile and alluring. Each pure smell lingers for a very long time. My son and hubby love the fragrances equally (but I’ve hidden Irum away because I want it😂) Each fragrance has been appreciated by vogue and GQ magazine alike! (Check it out on insta http://instagram.com/ayeshaziyafragrances )

Delivery times were great too! Almaas Mann @ http://instagram.com/almasmaanblush

Was fab at notifying of each stage of my delivery and she has regular stockist updates on all new fragrances, stock and prices! (If you wana know more, pls click her link!) 


Pssst I’ve also noticed that they are always doing fab gift events! (Ribbon wrapped services, chocolates and flowers!) So do check it out as I am pretty sure that your loved ones would love something as unique and different as the Ayesha Ziya fragrances!

Have you purchased these fragrances? If yes! What was your fave? Do let me know.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend, whilst I go and purchase the full size of ‘Irum’! 😉

*please note that these fragrances have been bought from my own pennies! These products were not sent to me for review*


MAC Lipstick Collab!💋💄

Hey guys👋🏽

You may remember Madi The Mermaid talking about doing Mac lipstick swatches on her blog! (You didn’t? That’s why you so need to follow her tut tut 😝) So nosey old me messaged her and asked if she would like to do one with me! This would then give our fellow readers a chance to see how Mac lippies look on different skin tones and of course the lovely Madi The Mermaid agreed!😁

Now prior to our post we did email each other asking what lippies we had but realised we did not have a single one that was the same☹ but we thought never mind, it would still be fun to collab and show off our own collection! And lipsticks vary so much on different skin tones, plus everyone owns a Mac lippie right? So here goes…..

Mac- Ruby Woo


My love of red started with this lipstick! It still is my absolute fave! It is a cool toned red with blues undertones (you can’t see the blue! Promise🙈) which means your teeth will look whiter and brighter with this lippie! I believe Ruby Woo would work on any skin tones!👍🏽 I wear this lippie when I’m going out, special event or even everyday! That’s how versatile it is😄

Mac- Brave


A pinky based nude colour that I am not a major fan of. It looks great in the bullet but once applied can look a little washed out on my NC42 skin tone. Usually when I rock this colour I use a brown lip liner to bring some depth into the colour! (Excuse the lighting👎🏽) 

Mac- Russian Red


I saw this red on my fave person Sima (the owner of my fave local boutique CHINABOX!) and it looked awesome on her that I had to go get one of my own😂 This red is a lot deeper than the Ruby woo and has warmer undertones. It’s a great colour again for any skin tone, as my sister is around NC35 and it looks great on her too! In fact she prefers Russian Red over Ruby woo!

Mac- Viva glam II


The Viva Glam II range was launched by Rhianna in 2014! This is a mauvey colour which I thought would look great on me as Rhianna is a woman of colour too but how wrong was I? Don’t get me wrong it’s gorge but again like Brave so washed out on me☹. You can see here that I’ve had to pair with Mac Cork lip liner as it would not show up in the pic at all! 

Mac- Matte So Chaud


My first Mac orange lippie and I was not disappointed with this one! It’s such a gorge orange! Not too neon bright and it gives such a nice glowy effect on my skin. As this is quite a matte lippie like the Ruby Woo make sure your lips are flake free and ‘balmed’ as every flaw will show! (You have been warned!)

Mac- Hug Me


Another Mac nude! The question is do I like it?😂 Mmmm kinda lol but again a very light pinky nude. It’s ok but again if you are an NC42 you may want to try it with a darker lip liner. 

Mac- Dark Side


A superb burgundy from Mac! I love this one! Looks fab on its own and mixed with other berries! It’s not a  matte finish but an amplified one, which means the colour will be super intense and slightly in a satin finish. I’ve rocked this lippie a lot this winter!

Mac- Candy Yum Yum


My first ever pink lippie from Mac! I bought this after I’d seen it on my fave makeup YouTuber Arshia’s makeup (she’s amazing!) As she is an NC42 like me, I reckoned that this would suit me too and holy moly I was right! I love this colour and yes it’s pretty bright in the tube but it looks beautiful on! If you are shy of bold, bright colours I would steer clear from Candy Yum Yum as it may be too much for you🙈

And that is the end of my Mac Lipstick Collection! Does anyone have any other suggestions for colours for an NC42 skin tone? . Also if anyone knows of a nudey colour in the Mac collection that would suit my skin tone please do let me know about that as well! Thanks❤️

Now head over to https://madithemermaid.wordpress.com to check out her fab Mac lipstick collection and let us know if you spot any of your faves in either our posts!  Enjoy😀

For more info on Mac lipsticks go to m.maccosmetics.co.uk/




My Version of the Black Lipstick Trend! 💋

Hey guys👋🏽

Last week I put up a post showing you a trend that’s quite hot at the mo! THE BLACK LIPSTICK trend! 

Now so many of you have requested that I show you my take on the black lipstick. So I thought I’d brave it out and have a go🙈 I do like strong lipstick colours but a black lipstick is just on another level lol. Also being an skintone of NC42 I’m not sure which way this was going to go! But I did do a little run so let me show you how it went.

Step 1

I have quite a few deep burgundy bases but the darkest one I’ve got is my Sleek one in the ‘Vamp’ Before I applied the lipstick I made sure my lips had no flaky bits and were prepped with my fave Maybelline baby lips, as this lippie is quite matte so it will show every little bitty, lip through the lipstick! I then filled my pout in with (without lining my lips first! And trust me that is a first for me😂) Apply a good, even layer and slightly press your lips together.

Step 2

Grabbing my Makeup Revolution lip lacquer in the shade ‘Velvet Vamp’ (do you see a vamp theme progressing? Lol) I proceeded into applying to just the corners of my mouth. Now this lip lacquer goes on super glossy but it then dries super matte! (Amazing stuff with great pigment) After the lip lacquer had dried, I used a third lipstick🙈


Step 3

My third lippie had to be Mac ‘Darkside’! It is in a amplified finish which means the colour is a true deep pigment! and it’s gorge. I applied ‘Darkside’ all over my lips, with another final press.

Step 4 

Lastly I grabbed my Barry M lip liner in the shade ‘7’ and lined my lips, not really going over as I have Fullish lips anyways and voila my version of the Black Lipstick trend is complete😍

Now I know this seems like a lot of steps but to be honest I was a little apprehensive to do a true black and it’s not a lipstick I own🙈 So going by the trend I could see that a deep burgundy would work quite well, hence all the steps used to create this look. What do you think guys? I hope you like it! I personally believe that the shades I used would look great on lighter skin tones too! Have a go and let me know how you get on😀

(I tried to show the finish in many different lights as possible👍🏽)

Have you tried the Black lipstick trend? If yes! Show me how you rocked it! You can tag me @glitterglosglo on Instagram or pop a mention in the comments down below.

….❤️ Sabina

The Black Lipstick Trend! 

Hey guys👋🏽

Recently I have been seeing lots of darker lip colours on various skin tones! I wonder if it’s to do with the Winter season? Regardless I am in 😍 with this trend! As you can see from my pic collage below, it doesn’t matter what skin colour you are, there is defo a dark lippie for everyone! And you also do not need to be an Emo to carry this look! I believe it can work on all! 

(Image not my own)

If you don’t fancy a pure black lippie, try the deepest burgundy you can find! I currently own ‘Dark side’ from Mac, which is a super deep burgundy on an amplified finish. Also not so long ago I showed you Mac’s ‘Bathed in Black’ collection! They seem to have nailed it on the head with their new darker colours! Check out m.maccosmetics.co.uk/‎

(Image not my own)

I have also found that m.topshop.com have reasonably priced darker lip hues too. I currently own ‘wicked’ which is a very dark brown, maroony shade. I also have the lip lacquers from www.makeuprevolutionstore.com currently in the shades ‘velvet vamp’ and ‘black heart’  and believe me,  they may be cheap but their quality is second to none and so super pigmented, try them!

(Image my own)

Would you like to see my version of the Black Lip trend? Let me know down below! I would also love to know if you have tried a darker lip hue, if yes which colour and brand was your fave? 

*Also guys I am going to give you an extra BLOG POSTING TOMORROW (Yaay) It will be for my FIRST BIRCHBOX review of 2016! The post will go live on Wednesday 27th January @10am British time. This will give you plenty of time to order the January Birchbox, if you would like one*