Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017😎

Wishing you all the very best for 2017🥂 Thank you for your continuous love and support! 

Lots of kisses and love…Sabina! (Aka GLITTERGLOSGLO)😉

*New brand alert!* Ninni Skincare

Who is Ninni?

We are a skin care company with a modern take on skin care. We believe that, if given the right tools and knowledge, each and every one of us is capable of customising our own skin care according to our needs and preferences. As a new company, we’re evolving every day and strive to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations – always. (Excerpt from the Ninni website)

When I was contacted by Katarina from Ninni I was super excited! As I am a great believer in products that offer natural skin care, with a choice of ingredients and scents!😍 

She was kind enough to send me two moisturisers (one day time product and the other being a night time  one) I was quite overwhelmed at the sizes of the bottles because for sample testing, they were a decent size!👍🏽

So the packaging of the product is very basic (but not at all cheap looking) Two sturdy, white plastic bottles (50ml of product in each!) with a PUMP! Yes a pump! which makes the bottles super hygienic and easy to use😀 The bottles are easily labelled too (so no morning or evening muddle ups!) Due to the pump, you can never squeeze out too much or too less, which is great for non wasting of the product. 

The day cream consists of Lemon and Rosemary (smells amazing😄) It is lighter in consistency to the night cream. The night cream is made up of Lavender and Chamomile (another beautifully scented product) The smells, I should add are not overpowering and they did not linger, once absorbed into the skin.

My morning and evening routine usually consists of cleanse, tone and moisturise. However in the evening I do like to add a facial oil before my moisturiser. I have been using the Ninni moisturisers for roughly two weeks now and I love them! 

I have quite sensitive skin which is acne prone annnddd combination! (Oh the joys!😒 I know 😂) So I am very reluctant to change up my skincare (as you know I am a Dermalogica devotee🙌🏽)  But the Ninni moisturisers did not break me out or irritate or my skin. 

Would I repurchase the Ninni products? Yes I would! I am a huge fan of natural products and someone who is quite passionate about skincare, these products work very well!

So if your looking to change up and hydrate your winter care routine, naturally. Give Ninni a go! 

Have you tried the Ninni brand? If yes what are your thoughts? 

To purchase Ninni products please head over to

*Please note, these products were sent to me by Ninni Skincare but the opinions are solely my own*

Thank you Katarina @Ninni for your patience and sending me such amazing creams x