📦February Birchbox 2016!📦

Ok I know I know it’s the 1st of March! And I’m super late with my review! (Sowiee) but I had to show you the goodies I recieved in Feb, as it was awesome! So if this post doesn’t want to make you subscribe to this goody box, then I don’t know what will😉😍

Oh my this month Birchbox has defo outdone itself for me! All the products were gorge and fitted my profile perfectly!

This months theme was based on ‘shine bright like a diamond’ which celebrates all ways that we can add that extra bit of sparkle in our everyday lives!

Cochine Hand and Body Lotion –  £19

Mum and businesswoman, Kate Crofton-Atkins brings the magic of Saigon through fragrance into our home through the power of Cochine. With a background in skincare from L’Oreal Kate knows a thing or too about the beauty industry and has created a brand which is now stocked all over the world.

A truly luxurious sample of a body cream! It glides and melds into your skin beautifully. The smell is that of fresh blossoms and this was a generous sample that lasted well into a week! The cream is not too heavy or light, perfect for those with dry skin.


Would I repurchase this product? Yes! as I have sensitive, dry skin and this did not irritate me at all! 


Ole Henriksen – Truth Serum Collagen Booster £47

Ole Henrikson is a Danish skin cosmetician and owner of skincare products, living in the United States.

This little baby is packed full of vitamins to give your skin a much needed dose of the good stuff! I have to be honest and say I haven’t really used it long enough to say that I’ve noticed a difference 🙈 (as I’ve got a cupboard full of facial oils at the mo!) But the times I have used it, I have to say it’s nice, light and non greasy (which is a bonus if your oily skinned like me) On the directions it does say that you can use it twice a day but I like to layer my products at night, as that’s when I really amp up my skincare benefits!


Would I repurchase! No ☹ at £47, that is a hefty price tag! Yes I’ve not used it long enough but I like my Dr Organics Morrocan oil which is less than that price! Maybe it’s a matter of opinion but I’m sticking to what I know👍🏽


The Balm Cosmetics – Fratboy blush £15.50

A sassy, classy fun make up brand that is based in San Francisco. (Sounds similar to benefit!) A high quality make up brand that lets you be fun, flirty and amazing! 

I love The Balm Cosmetics! I currently own 4 products from this brand! (A winged liner, two lippies and of course Mary Lou Manizer) Unlike Benefit, I like this brand better as their quality is second to none. Every single product I own from this brand, I absolutely love😍 and this sample of ‘Fratboy’ was no exception!

Yes the sample is small but true to birchbox’s word, the blush/eyeshadow is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. The product is not shimmery and applies matte. Once applied it does not budge or slip or slide anywhere!

Would I purchase the full size? Oh yes! This colour looks fab on my NC42 skin (made it all radiant and alive😀)


Derm Eyes – Makeup Remover Wipes £9.50

One in every three women suffer allergic reactions or incompatibilities between their make-up and contact lens. And they don´t know what to do. For these women Derm Eyes has created optocosmetics, a solution using high quality, 100% natural active ingredients.

This allows them happily to use make-up which cares for their eyes. It is a product inspired by nature thus ensuring both beauty and health. Whether you have problems with your make-up or not, open your eyes and enjoy a new cosmetics created to care for you both inside and out. (Excerpt from Derm Eyes website)

Now I for one do not like using makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup. I like using my garnier eye makeup remover with a cotton pad and I’m done! 🙈

So to see the Derm Eyes makeup remover wipe in my Birchbox, made me a little sad😒 HOWEVER….. I tried the wipe and I absolutely loved it!! It took off all my waterproof eye makeup as well as my base (actually literally everything) The fabric was super soft on my skin and it did not irritate me! (Super sensitive skin here!) It did not really have a smell and face felt squeaky clean👍🏽

Now this product is specifically geared to remove eye makeup however, I used it all over my face lol (the wipe was massive😉) and when I repurchase I would still use it all over my face (why not hey? If it’s good for my eyes, I’m sure it’s ok for my face😁)

PS no pic of the product as I used it up lol but please do check out their website you will find it on there 😄


Loc One and Done Shadow Stick in Perfect Cents – £8

An exciting launch by birchbox! Their very own in house makeup brand! So what can we expect from this shadow stick? Up to 11 hours of creaseless, waterproof colour in one handy stick! This formula has been designed to eliminate the use of extra faff such as brushes, blenders and primers! 


One sweep of this stick all over my eyelids and blended with a finger and I was good to go! The formula is highly pigmented and lasted for ages! I also used it as a inner corner highlight and it was gorgeously bronzey but not overly ‘discoey’. 

This was a rather generous full size product, that I throughly enjoyed using! Can’t wait to see what other makeup Birchbox has in store for their line! Well done Birchbox 👏🏽

Check out my insta  https://www.instagram.com › glitterglosglo

To see how I used the LOC shadow stick!


Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Brush – £7.99

Spectrum Collections is a cosmetics brush brand who specialise in boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert design. Spectrum Collections aims to be a trusted and recognised brand amongst professional artists and makeup lovers alike.
All of Spectrum Collection’s brushes are hand finished, vegan and animal friendly – composed of the highest quality synthetic hair, ensuring the brushes are not only beautifully soft, but also a compassionate choice. 

Our unique product range targets a niche within the industry, and presents the opportunity to provide a vibrant range of alternative brushes, that translate as an extension of the vibrant colours used and loved by makeup fanatics. (An excerpt from the Spectrum website) 
My my my when I opened my Birchbox this was the first thing I saw, a full sized spectrum collection brush! and I was sooooo happy!! (I defo galloped around like a unicorn lol) 

I have used this brush a numerous times to set my under eye highlight and let me just say it is ah-ma-zing! The handle is nice and solid. The bristles are super soft and for 7.99 your are so not getting a bum deal, believe me! I love the quirky colours the brushes come in and they feel like and look like quality! 


Will I be repurchasing some more?! Hell yes! I am going to look at some of their complete brush collections and see what they have to offer!


And that wraps up my Birchbox post! Did you recieve your February box? If yes, did you like it as much as I did? I can’t wait to see what March has in store and I promise I will try not to leave the review so late! 🙈




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