Bloggers Fave – A Truly Vintage Affair⌚️📻🎀

Hey guys👋🏽

Who loves all things vintage?! Meeeee!! So when Lous Lous Vintage Fair said they were looking for bloggers to blog the Fair, I jumped right into it! So before I ramble into an excitement, let’s get right into it!😀


Set in the beautiful, high ornate ceilings of the Grand Hotel in Leicester, this highly sought after fair makes it way all round the United Kingdom. With it, it brings collectable dishware, reclaimed furniture, hair, makeup, vintage clothing and accessories! 

Before entering the fair me and my daughter had our hand stamped and entered into what felt like a bygone era❤️ There were two rooms full of everything a vintage lover could possibly want!


The two rooms full of vintage ware! Defo something to tickle everyones vintage taste buds from…..






Tailored outfits…..


Trinkets and much more!

I created a little snapchat to try and bring the event live to you, enjoy👍🏽

The vendors were extremely helpful and friendly. You were able to try on stuff as they had mirrors or some were even happy to let you use the ladies so you got a better picture. 

From my snapchat you can see that I picked up a few treasures from the fair. Let’s go through them so you can get a gist of where they are from and my love for them❤️

Marneys Vintage

The best thing about the Vintage Fair was the sale rails that nearly all the vintage clothes holders had! They were some super awesome bargains like my sweater/cardigan/jacket that you can see here. It’s perfect for this season, with large buttons and a psychedelic print in the same colour palette. It has a large, open style cowl neck and big poufy sleeves anndddd pockets! (I love pockets😍) I have been wearing this £5! (Yes I said £5!) item with my skinny jeans, loose fit jeans, blouses and over little winter dresses. It’s so versatile that I can almost pair it with anything! (And can I just say keeps me warm👍🏽)

Minimum Mouse

Although I love jewellery, I don’t really wear it! (Argh I don’t know why lol) but I saw some amazing pieces at the fair so I had to nab them🙊 (and I have worn them!) 

I picked up three gorge vintage inspired necklaces from Minimum Mouse (cute name right?!) All ranging from £8-£5! My fave has to be the time inspired one as whenever I wear that one, it always sparks a conversation with other people!


Blousey Clothing

They specialise in unique blouses ranging from the 70’s! With an array of vintage prints and details.

Me and my daughter could not get enough of this stall haha. We wanted them all! But we were good girls, as we still had loads to see (and were being mindful with our pennies!) We obviously went for the offer that said 2 for £25 and bought two gorge shimmery finish blouses that we could wear as staples  with any of our outfits.


I went for a nice cream finish with pointy collars and thread detail on the front. My daughter chose this beautiful beige one with lovely coffee coloured buttons. Trust me there was a blouse for every shape and size!

Raevins House

These gorge candles are homemade by Raevins house. The wax is made out of soy and essentials oils are used to scent the candles. This means no nasty toxic smells and you can wash out the jar once the candle has finished. In fact Raevins house even said that if you take the empty jar or the teacups back, you can have them refilled with your choice of wax! The teacup ones are soooo pretty! They come with their matching saucers and look so vintage! However I have one gripe with the candles, I wish the scent was a little stronger but that may be due to my sinusy nose lol. The jars are at £5 a pop which is quite reasonable and trust me they are gorge looking.


The candles also have super cute names such as the two we’ve bought were called ‘Delias Linen Shirt’ and the other one was aptly named ‘Lous Lous Coffee Pacifier’ 😀

To have a look at the teacup ones check out her website!

Last but not least was this beautiful, unique swirly ring that only cost me…..£1!!!! Yes £1!! Buttt I am so silly I can not recall the lady’s name 😩 she had a vast collection of amazing jewellery such as brooches, vintage scarf ties, earrings, pearl necklaces and more. There were boxes full of bargain items too👍🏽


So if anyone gets a gist of who I am on about please let me know so I could put up her link! 

And lastly a fair is not complete without a vintage style tearoom with yummy cakes and hot drinks! So if you’ve never been to a vintage fair make sure Lous Lous is your first experience because believe me, me and my (hard to please daughter) 🙈LOVED it!!!!

For more info on the next vintage fair please visit


13 thoughts on “Bloggers Fave – A Truly Vintage Affair⌚️📻🎀

  1. Ohhhh this looks like so much fun! Vintage anything is my favorite. It has a life of its own doesn’t it? Like you see a dress that someone used to love, and you almost feel like old friends. Excited to explore your page, xo

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