😇The Holy Grail skincare😇

Dermalogica Skincare Products and how I use them to glorify my skin.

Hey guys!

Welcome to my zit zapping story part 2! (Check out part 1 down below!!) Now that we have got the violin bit out of the way, let’s get straight into the routine and my superhero products. Oh and I should point out that, I think I fibbed in my last post! I said five products but in total there are seven! Oops sorry 😆!



I always double cleanse when I have a face full of makeup! This plant-based oil cleanser melts away all my makeup and impurities, leaving it nice and prepped for my second cleanser. Considering it is oil-based it leaves no greasy film and does not add extra oil onto my skin. I first remove all my eye makeup using Garnier 2in1 express eye makeup remover (love this stuff!). This is just what I prefer as I don’t feel that the Precleanse is enough for my mascara. I pump out two squirts of the product and massage over my makeup face in circular motions before wetting my hands. This cleanser turns into a light milky concoction when water is added and I massage the last bits off and then rinse with tepid water. Please note I only use the precleanse at night as I don’t feel the need to double cleanse in the morning.

Ultra calming cleanser

My second cleanser is a gel based cleanser, which I use in the morning and at night. I squeeze out a 10p sized amount onto my fingertips and apply over my already wet precleansed face. This is massaged in to calm and cleanse the last remaining grime. I rinse again with tepid water and PAT dry, not rub!

Skin smoothing cream

I love this medium weight moisturiser! As I now have combo skin, I noticed that some areas on my T-zone can feel a little dry. This cream does not block my pores and offers the right balance of moisture. I apply a pea sized amount (looks like I eat big peas! Haha) and lightly with my fingertips go over my face in upward strokes. I use this twice a day.

Active moist toner

I also use my toner twice a day. It’s light and hydrating and it preps my skin, ready for my moisturiser. I just wish Dermalogica would make this bottle in a bigger size! (Are you listening please Dermalogica?!) This is the product that I always run out of first 😣 (And no I am not drinking it I promise!)

Daily microfoliant

Now you will notice on the product it says ‘daily’. In the beginning, I did use this product daily but then it become too much for my skin, as my skin felt tighter and drier. So I cut the usage down to every two days and this works so much better for me and provides me with the right amount of exfoliation. For this product you will see that you need very wet hands with a 10p sized amount. Mix the product in your hands and apply to your already cleansed, damp face, in light circular motions. Rinse off with tepid water again and pat dry. Honestly my skin feels sooo squeaky clean after using this product! Spray toner, moisturise and your done!

Gentle soothing booster image

This is the product I have only been using for six months. As I get older, I feel as if my skin has become more sensitive (Sue said all my past products may have desensitised my skin) so I need something extra to stop making it feel irritated in some areas. I squeeze out two drops into my moisturiser and apply it in light upwards strokes. This booster is only applied at night time as I feel that’s when I need it the most and I must say, so far so good. It has calmed my skin and given it an extra glow.

Vitamin C Recovery Mask image

I am sooo lazy as I don’t really do masks! Sue always says along with my monthly facials, I should do weekly mini masks. This usually never happens. Ooops. Masks help to keep on top of hers and my good work and offers a mini detox. Sooo when I am a good girl, I usually try this mask. It’s nourishing, calming and offers a much needed dose of vitamins into your skin.

Just double cleanse, exfoliate, steam your face over a bowl of hot water (covering your head with a towel, to stop the steam escaping) and apply your mask, on your damp face. Leave the mask for 10-15 mins and rinse with tepid water, follow with the toner and moisturiser and your done! PS I prefer to do this just before bedtime as it is nice and relaxing and voila that is my routine!

Now in no way am I saying ‘it’s one size fits all’ it is all trial and error, that’s what I learnt. If Sue hadn’t helped me I don’t know what I would have done. Good support and knowledge is necessary when using any products on your skin. After all we only have one skin! I strongly suggest using the Dermalogica face mapping service as it will specify what products to use for your skin type. In the long run this will also save you money!

I admit the products are not cheap. But they are worth an investment or I would not be raving about them. Dermalogica products are NOT available in stores. They are either exclusive to salons that stock them or on their website. That speaks volumes about their products! I try and go natural in all my skincare products as possible. Dermalogica products are plant based and 100% cruelty free! Yaay, bonus!

I also want to say that I found eating healthy, exercising, changing my pillow case every other day and keeping a separate face towel, which I change every week has helped lots too. I also take a dose of cod liver oil and vit D on a daily basis after my breakfast, which has shown great benefits in my skin. There are now days when I actually walk out of my house makeup free!

I still see Sue once a month and will definitely continue to do so. Every time we see each other we always say what a shame it is we have no before pics of my skin! I must stress the fact that I have purchased these products with my hard earned money and the opinions are solely my own! I know this was a long post and your probably now half asleep (you best not be!☺) But I just wanted to get down as much as possible because I know what it is like living with a problematic skin.

As a last note please don’t lose self esteem and confidence. Try and stay happy and positive! Stressing over your skin will just aggravate your situation. So smile, because you are BEAUTIFUL!

(Moi! With just a little eyeliner:))

I hope this was helpful, if anyone would like to get in touch personally, please do not hesitate to email me on skhalifas@hotmail.co.uk
Has anyone else tried the Dermalogica products? If yes, comment down below as I would love to know!

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Facebook- Susan Bright (please note she is based in Leicester, United Kingdom)

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