A Zit Zapping story! (Quite literally)

Arghhh I feel so poorly😩 boohoo hence I am reposting this blog post guys. Fingers crossed will be back with a lifestyle post for this Saturday. Since Dermalogica are celebrating a new product launch, I thought it would be great to share the effects of my fave skincare brand! So if you suffer from oily, acne and sensitive prone skin, here’s a little ‘new year, new skin’ post for you! Enjoy and if you have any ‘skin’ questions, ask away X

Acne prone? Sensitive skin? Fed up of going round in vicious circles? Then read on to find out how I zapped my skin to some realms of normality. 🙂

Hello fellow readers! Welcome to Beauty Tuesdays! (Come on I work in Early Years so of course I love alliteration!;))

So what will you find on Beauty Tuesdays? How about posts on makeup and beauty? Yes? See I knew you would like that, so let’s get started on my first beauty post  which will be on my skincare routine and is very close to my heart.

Even with my age I still have acne prone skin! (Yes I checked it this morning and it’s still there!) Butttt (and there is a big but) it has got so much better ☺ and in this post I will share how. Please bear with me as this post might be long but in a good way 😉

Let’s go back to my terrible teenagers years (cue violins). I was defo not the super confident and loud mouth you see now! I was quite timid and obese (my eating habits were terrible!) My hygiene, sense of style, social habits, they were zilch! Literally nothing and because of that my skin suffered terribly.


My skin was super oily back then (which I now admit I am grateful for! Less wrinkles yaaay). The spots were quite cystic and some were hard and very painful. I had lots of blackheads on my nose and chin area and also a few raised pimples with raised heads (I sound like such a catch!)

I tried over the counter products such as Oxy (highest strength possible!) And things worked for a short while and then boom! Back to square 1, within two days! Not to mention, the Oxy burnt my skin like crazy and I use to try so hard falling asleep at night, it was awful. 😥

So I plodded along into my 20’s. Fourtunately, my eating habits had changed and I started to exercise, which in turn lost me some weight. ( I will do another blog post about my weight loss promsie) Had my skin improved? Not drastically but it was somewhat better. However, my skin had become super sensitive from all the drying cleansers and zit zapping products I had tried.


By the time I was 22/23 I had given up on a cleansing routine and literally just used to wash my face with tepid water and dry it, that’s it. But because my eating was better and I was exercising the breakouts were defo less severe. By this age I was also starting to develop a dress sense (lucky you guys hehe) and had started to grow into a bubbly character.

Now this is where the magic happened. In this nice ladies gym I had joined, a lovely lady called Susan Bright (you can find her on Facebook!) had rented the room out upstairs as her beauty salon.

In my first  appointment she face-mapped my skin and said that majority of my breakouts were hormonal and some from a lack good exfoliation. (Check out Dermalogica’s website for face-mapping or ask Sue she will be happy to help too)

Initially she started me off on a oily/acne prone skin care routine and gave me free samples and encouraged me to try the travel sizes in the range. This was then coupled with two weekly facials done by Sue herself which were an hour long with a deep exfoliation treatment.

After a couple more facials and a tweak of a few products, my skin started to get much clearer. It was glowy and the texture was even (no dry patches! Yaay). The spots were less aggressive and the oiliness had balanced out too.

I initially started out with four products in the Dermalogica range and oh boy! They have changed my life! They have been my saving grace! With the addition of one new one that I have been using for the past six months.

Want to know what those products are? And how I use them to glorify my skin?
Then stay tuned for the next post as it will be straight up!
Happy reading x


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