💁🏼Kerastase Hair care Heaven💁🏼 

I have to admit, I have an affinity for luxury hair shampoos and conditioners🙈 I love the feel and smell of a luxury hair product (feels like a home, hair spa treatment😉) So it will be not much of a surprise that my all time fave brand has to be the Kerastase one!


Why you ask? It’s because each Kerastase care package is prescribed by one of their trained consultants on what is suitable for your hair and what isn’t. This allows the correct products to work in harmony with your hair. Before I tell you more about what hair package I was prescribed let me tell you a little bit about the brand🤓

Kerastase Paris was established in 1964 in France by Francois Dalle. The brand was first introduced in Europe, followed by Japan and then North America.

Kerastase Paris is part of an advanced L’oreal research brand, where they endeavour to give you the most advanced technology in haircare. Kerastase understands that each man/woman is unique and has different hair needs. All of their products are only available through selected salons and each prescribed regime is carefully selected by a trained consultant.

Lately I have been trying out lots of different hair colours on my hair. I had an ombré (where they lighten the ends) a chocolate brown and a deep mahogany red😀. Although I do love colouring my hair, I have noticed it can make my hair feel dry, brittle and frizzy.So off I went to my high St salon and told the lady about my hair concerns, and voila she suggested I try the new BAIN FLUIDEALISTE range. This range is aimed for frizzy, coloured and dry hair (hallelujah🎊). She also said it would bring back more manageability to my hair! (Bonus!) 

Here’s a little vid showing you the complimentary products I received with my package.

Ooo I can not tell you how divine this shampoo and conditioner smells! If I could bottle it into a perfume I so would😍 You are probably wondering why I bought a humougous gift box, when I could have just had the shampoo and conditioner on its own! Well, when I worked it out, this deal allowed me to have a free gorgeous smelling candle and to try out the Kerastase thermo seal blow dry lotion for almost free! (Love a bargain!😍)

Now let me talk through how I used the products. First I like to wet my hair in the shower (not too hot, not too cold) I squeeze out a quarter sized amount of the shampoo into the palm of my wet hands. I then like to just run the product through my palms (once), then I distribute it evenly all over my scalp, massaging the product into my wet hair, using small circular motions all over my scalp (no fingernails, only the pads of my fingers) I do that for about a minute, then run the product through to the ends of my hair and rinse. Now the first shampoo may not lather, as its cutting into the build up of your hair. The second time I do the same (you will defo have lather now!) but I put a little more focus towards the ends. Once I have rinsed all the product out, I squeeze out all the excess water, as much as I can. Then I grab half a size of my conditioner, massaging right at the ends, taking it lightly through my scalp (as I find this fights frizz for me) I then clip my hair onto my head and proceed with the rest of my shower. This allows the conditioner to sit as a ‘mini mask’. When I have finished the rest of my shower, I rinse out the conditioner and right at the end I blast my head with cold water (for shiny, frizz free hair👍🏽it works!) Finally I squeeze the excess water and wrap my hair in a towel.

In the next step, I allow my hair to air dry to about 80% (as this holds the style and volume better) whilst I slap on the body cream😁 (my hair is medium-fine so doesn’t take long) I then applied the Keratase thermo seal (no need to rinse this product) through the ends and teeny weeny at the top of my head. I always blow dry my hair with a large round brush, until all of my hair is fully dry and set. 

So how do I rate the overall product? Let me just say my hair felt super soft! And was frizz free annnnndd  smelt gorgeous! A little of this shampoo and conditioner will defo go a long way! The texture and consistency is creamy and light. The candle is beautiful too! The smell of the range is almost like a deep musk with little hints of vanilla. However I am not so keen on the thermo seal as I felt it left my hair a little tacky. It’s main function is to give you heat protection, tamed and silky hair. Yes it does do that but I am not sure on the ‘silky’ aspect.

I would love to say, I would repurchase (and after a long time I might do lol) but because I love changing up my shampoos and conditioners every time they finish, I would not repurchase as of yet. 
I must stress that if you are going to be using the Kerastase brand for the first time or looking to get different products from the range. Please do see the salon stockists, as once I bought the Kerastase Bain force architect range and my hair fell out! This was due to the fact that, I thought I needed more deeper nourishing benefits! (And this fit the bill!) but in actual fact it was only super dry and a nourishing mask would have sorted it. I remember as I continued to use it, the quality of my hair was awful! I also remember asking the hair consultant why that had happened and she said this was due to the fact that I was only meant to use this specific range once a week, then you alternate with another shampoo!🙄 So please, please do ask the salon stockist before you part with your money!

But I have to say I love the Kerastase brand! It’s a brand I repurchase and trust,  so will probably look at other hair packages in this range ( when this one finishes lol) 

Have you tried the Kerastase brand? If yes what are your thoughts on it? Would you repurchase again? Or do you like another luxury hair range, that you prefer. Let me know guys!

Please note I have purchased all products with my own money! Images and vid are also my own. 

*Also I should add I have been using this product for three months now and the condition of my hair is great!*

For more info on Kerastase’s products please visit www.kerastase.co.uk/



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