Oodles of healthy Noodles!🍜

Hey guys👋🏽

Happy Saturday! I love Saturdays! Don’t you? I also love kitchen gadgets!! Anything that will make fancy foods or just make my life easier😉

Well I have come across one of those kinda gadgets and it is (drum roll please!😁) THE SPIRALIZER!!! Spiralizer Sabina? What is a Spiralizer? Well let me tell you! 

It is originally a Japenese invention (of course when it’s comes to healthy foods lol) A gadget that is usually in a hand held form, vertical holding one or a horizontal holding one. All them have a razor sharp blade that allows you to turn vegetables into THIN RIBBONS!😍 Which is fab especially if your like me who tends to prefer a low carb diet, as the thin ribbons end up looking like a nice bowl of 

(Hand held Spiralizer, image not my own)

(Vertical Spiralizer, image not my own)

Now the one I purchased is a horizontal holding Spiralizer. Which means that it has suction at the bottom of the gadget and you press it down into your work surface to hold it steady. You then place your chosen veg (you can use courgettes, butternut squash, potatoes or even sweet potatoes!) into the spiky prongs and line it up near the blade and start turning the handle! And ta-dah your courgetti is now ready👍🏽

As you can see from from this small clip of mine, I actually used the wrong blade 🙈 and changed it so I could get that ‘thin ribbon’effect lol (which you can see in the above vid) It actually comes with three blades! Ribbon effect, slicer and another one to do thickish slices (if that makes any sense😂)

The gadget is soooo easy to use buutt my only downside is that the gadget I bought is quite big and bulky! And not only that it is not dishwasher suitable! 


(Sad face alert!😂)

It wasn’t expensive (£12) which is cheap as this model can retail for about £30! Now back to the courgetti, so after I had done about three courgettes (for one person as they reduce down a bit whilst cooking, due to the water content) I decided to boil the courgetty in a small pan of water with a stock cube and some garlic granules. Guess what? Big mistake of course as although it cooked well and retained it’s shape, it was quite sloppy to eat (and I don’t recall the Pinterest pics looking like that lol) So I sat down and googled courgetti 😝

Well obviously you are suppose to drain the courgetty (duh me) and cook them off in the oven for about 30 mins on a medium heat so all the moisture sort of like evaporates (I’m so silly I know 😂) But I’ve not had another go at doing it again, as I am still recovering from cleaning the damn thing!😅

However jokes aside I did really like the taste of it and will try it again (but I didn’t take a pic as it looked really sloppy lol) Also this particular gadget has had good reviews. I purchased mine from a local book people company that’s comes into my school but it is available on Amazon, so check it out! I will also include this small vid clip that I created on my snapchat, showing you the Spiralizer in all its glory 🙊

For more inspo on recipes to use with the Spiralizer check out Pinterest and Instagram! Here are a few great ones….

  (Images not my own, credit goes to individual Instagram and Pinterest account holders)

So if your still on that New Year, new me vibe this will make a great addition to your kitchen honest! You don’t have to just make noodles, there are other Spiralizer recipes too! Try it! Which is exactly what I’m going to do right now 😜

Have you tried the Spiralizer? If yes what did you think about it? Do you have any recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share? I would love to hear from you!

The Spiralizer was purchased with my own money and this reviews has no affiliated links.


….❤️ Sabina


First BIRCHBOX of the year! (2016)

Hey guys👋🏽

Oopsie not 10am as scheduled but here it is! Sowieee🙈

If you remember I posted a little vid not so long ago, giving you a sneak peek into the 2016 BIRCHBOX! This time, I bring you the full product lowdown. So sit back, relax and birchhh!😁

Now this year’s motto is ‘Best Year Ever!’ I like it! Goes will all the New Year, new me vibe! And with feeling like pantsy poo for about three weeks now (Cold virus booo!) I defo need to feel the ‘Best Year Ever!’ Vibe🙁

The Birchbox team have used inspo from Pinterest to create this months box. They’ve sourced out beauty products that  will kick start your 2016 beauty routine! So here are this months beauties👄

Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Tinted Primer £18.50

Benefit Cosmetics founded in San Francisco in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford. The company started as a small beauty boutique for ‘quick fix beauty dilemmas’. Benefit Cosmetics is now a global beauty brand now selling at over 2,000 counters, in more than 30 countries!

Now I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics as I find the packaging and products quite quirky. Their products always have the elements of GIRL POWER! 👊🏽 

I love their ‘They’re Real mascara’ in fact over time, I have purchased it at least three times! The flexible wand, pigment and the big roller ball at the end of the wand really make my lashes stand out (like va va voom! Not va va bleurgh😂) So it would be no surprise to say that I really did like this primer! 

This products wand is the same as the ‘They’re Real Mascara’ (hence the same name and packaging) The pigment is dark brown but it’s priced only a pound less than the mascara. The sample is a decent size product and I have been using it more at the weekends when I want a bit more oomph! It has been marketed as a tinted eyelash primer (so something you use before your fave mascara)

Now I like the product but I don’t love it, as I’m not sure it does anything special? When I do my lashes, I have always used a  mascara that will separate and ‘push’ the lashes up first (curler included) then my normal mascara. To do this step I have  always used my trusty Bourjois Black kohl mascara, which is heaps cheaper than the tinted lash primer! 

(Image not my own)

Would I repurchase? mmmm no because they’re are similar mascaras out there that will do the same for you and I have heard of better priming mascaras (such as Estée Lauder) who can really amp your lashes. Have you tried the tinted lash primer? If yes, what did you think?


Rituals – Rice Scrub £10

‘In the year 2000 founder Raymond Cloosterman started his adventure from a deeply rooted passion: “I passionately believe that we can transform our daily routines into more meaningful moments if we pay just a little bit more attention to the details. This philosophy led to a unique concept of combining home and body cosmetics, and this is how RITUALSWas born with a luxurious collection of high quality products to enrich body and soul we offer anything from body and facial care to scented candles, clothing, perfumes, gemstone make-up, and tea’ -Raymond Cloosterman founder of Rituals Cosmetics (excerpt from website)

Now I am not going to into a lot of deets about the company Rituals as there seems to be a sample from this company every month!😴

So far I have to admit I have not liked any of the Rituals samples so far but this one is lovely. I have uber sensitive skin, so this gentle, creamy, foamy exfoliater hits the right spot! I’ve used it twice already and my skin feels super silky and soft.

Will I repurchase a full size? Yes! Because I do like how it makes my skin feel and I do need a good body exfoliater for once/twice a week👍🏽


Eyeko – Fat Liner £12 (full size!)

‘Established in 1999 Eyeko is the bespoke cosmetics label, devised by makeup veterans and partners Max and Nina Leykind, created for your eyes only. Favoured by stars and celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek, Clara Paget and Gemma Arterton all adore the range’s internationally stocked, innovative products and critically acclaimed makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, Polly Osmond and Kay Montano all use Eyeko in their kit’ (Taken from Eyeko’s website)

Now if you have been following me long enough, you will know that I’m a massive winged liner gal! I’ve been wearing winged liner since I was 19, so you could say I’m a winged liner pro🙈

I prefer to use products that have a flexible nib (such as a brush variety) and a really matte, dark black finish. So you can already sense what I am going to say, I DON’T LIKE PEN STYLE LINERS! There I said it 😞 but no disrespect to this eyeko product it is beautiful, honestly. It’s pigmented, goes on well and lasts well. However I have hooded eyelids and when I apply my top liner, I tend to have my eyes open, I don’t stretch the skin (I never have done and it’s not my technique) hence pens are so much harder for me to control! (No flexibility in the nib either grrr) 

I was happy that, I received a full size sample but the thickness of the pen made it difficult for me to do a thinner line. Now I have also tried the thin eyeko pen from a magazine sample and I wasn’t too keen on that pen variety either. So it’s easy to say pens are not for me and I will be giving this away to one of my siblings😞



Beauty Protector – Detangle and Protect £14

There isn’t really much info about this brand on the net and I’m sure I have mentioned that in my previous Birchbox reviews. They do seem to have an online shop with Birchbox themselves so you can purchase all their items via Birchbox.

We do seem to get a lot of generous sized, Beauty Protector samples in our UK birchboxes which means lots of exclusives with this brand! This time it is a hair product (better than the usual shower gels!) This product is lovely and does as it says, it de tangles and makes your hair feel lovely and soft. You just spritz all over damp hair and style as usual. The product protects your hair from heat styling and uv rays, no wonder it is a best seller on the Birchbox website! 

Would I repurchase? For the sake of just purchasing online? no there are similar products that can do the same from the drugstore and also I am quite happy with my Argan oil before I style my hair.

Absolution – L’eau Soir et Matin £27

‘Because we are looking for the right balance between eco-conscious and urban lifestyle because we are concerned with our image, our well-being and the protection of the planet, attracted by organic certified products but not willing to give up pleasure, because we always want more results and more efficiency…A shorter range of products, more simplicity, highly organic certified skincare that are customizable to the different skin’s moods, each day as it comes… for men and for women’ (excerpt from their website)

Now I am not someone who changes up their skincare products on a regular basis. Having uber sensitive skin, I tend to stick to my holy grail products DERMALOGICA! But this product swayed me as it said ‘certified organic’ and I love natural products, so I tried it! I used the product as suggested, dampened some cotton wool and swiped it like a cleanser over my face. However since I wear a lot of makeup I always use do a double cleanse so I literally just ended up using this like a toner and to take off any last traces of makeup off!

The product smells nice and fresh, it’s cooling and does a lovely job as a cleanser. But it did struggle to remove my mascara and just made my eyes sting just a little bit. Overall the product didn’t irritate me or break me out (bonus). 

Would I repurchase? Not at £27! And I am quite happy with my skincare so I don’t feel that I need a change. However if you are looking for a natural cleanser this is a lovely one.


And finally some Birchbox treats! 

A cute little mirror that slips easily into your handbag and I love the #nofilter at the back of it! There was also some postcards thrown with mottos like ‘put on your lipstick and hustle!’ Love it lol, to really get your New Year rocking!

Overall I would not say it was not a bad box to start the new year off with and Birchbox always sources out new and cool brands but I am still going to say, more makeup please Birchbox👍🏽

For more BIRCHBOX deets go to birchbox.co.uk 

….❤️ Sabina

The Black Lipstick Trend! 

Hey guys👋🏽

Recently I have been seeing lots of darker lip colours on various skin tones! I wonder if it’s to do with the Winter season? Regardless I am in 😍 with this trend! As you can see from my pic collage below, it doesn’t matter what skin colour you are, there is defo a dark lippie for everyone! And you also do not need to be an Emo to carry this look! I believe it can work on all! 

(Image not my own)

If you don’t fancy a pure black lippie, try the deepest burgundy you can find! I currently own ‘Dark side’ from Mac, which is a super deep burgundy on an amplified finish. Also not so long ago I showed you Mac’s ‘Bathed in Black’ collection! They seem to have nailed it on the head with their new darker colours! Check out m.maccosmetics.co.uk/‎

(Image not my own)

I have also found that m.topshop.com have reasonably priced darker lip hues too. I currently own ‘wicked’ which is a very dark brown, maroony shade. I also have the lip lacquers from www.makeuprevolutionstore.com currently in the shades ‘velvet vamp’ and ‘black heart’  and believe me,  they may be cheap but their quality is second to none and so super pigmented, try them!

(Image my own)

Would you like to see my version of the Black Lip trend? Let me know down below! I would also love to know if you have tried a darker lip hue, if yes which colour and brand was your fave? 

*Also guys I am going to give you an extra BLOG POSTING TOMORROW (Yaay) It will be for my FIRST BIRCHBOX review of 2016! The post will go live on Wednesday 27th January @10am British time. This will give you plenty of time to order the January Birchbox, if you would like one*


Are you a blogger? THE BODY SHOP needs you!

Hey guys👋🏽

A quick post to let you all know that, if you are based in Leicester in the United Kingdom, the body shop are holding a bloggers event! I will leave all contact deets in the pic below. If you have any further questions comment down below or email me GlitterGlosGlo@gmail.com. If you are able to make it, let me know so I can catch you there! 


A blog post ABOUT a blog😝

Hey guys!

This post has been a long time coming! I should have had it up at the beginning of my blog but I just assumed everyone knew what a blog was! lol but never mind here goes…..

On sooo many occasions I have been asked, what is a blog? And why do you call yourself a blogger? And do you make any money? If not why do you do it? 

Now living in the 21st century I thought blogging was a very common and done thing! But how wrong was I? So in this post I am going to share with you, what I think a blog and a blogger is anndddd if I earn truck loads of money lol.

Let’s start with the most popular one that my family and friends constantly ask me about! 

What Is a Blog?

A web and a log, two words that consists of people publicising their passions and interests on a platform that allows them to log and post on the World Wide Web! As more and more web logs developed the  word synchronisedthe word web log, into blog!

If you google search ‘what is a blog’ there are various definitions.


And this definition sums it up quite well. A blog is just like a regularly updated version of your fave magazine or newspaper! Usually a ‘blogger’ (will get into that definition bit next don’t worry😉) may post an ‘article’ like post on something they have a passion about. This could be anything the blogger has an interest in such as, I have an affinity for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So most of my posts are based on make up reviews, fashion trends, recipes, book reviews or make up tutorials. 

Some may even post ‘diary style’ entries or a journal. This could range from everyday life, work, education or whatever they desire!

There are many different blogs out there, blogs about music, art, philosophy, travel and many more! To access a blog you can click on the bloggers link or google search a particular product or post you are after and any similar searches will link you to different blog sites!

You don’t have to blog on a blogging platform (such as WordPress or Blogger) there are so many different ones out there! For example Instagram blogs, tumblr, Facebook, and many other smaller ones like Niume, Twitter or video blogs (vlogging).

However the beauty of blogging on a blogging platform is that you can read your statistics on how well your blog is doing, you are able to add content at your own will and the best thing is, you are able to connect with other readers and fellow bloggers that have similar passions. Also the statistics on a blogging platform can allow brands to see what consumers your blog is reaching out to.

Why am I called a Blogger?

Simple really, a person who manages their site and creates their own posts on a blog is called a blogger. Comprende? Good👍🏽

A blogger can consist of one writer or a group of writers. A blogger usually writes about their own experiences, thoughts or opnions. A blogger will also have images maybe videos and links to other sites. This helps create a visual image of what something may look like. Site links allow you to purchase the item directly from those ‘hyperlinked’ sites. For example if you check out my POLYVORE posts it will show you hyperlinks (highlighted links in blue) if you click on there it will take you directly to the sellers site!😀

So do I make Truckloads of Money?!

There are roughly around 1.13 million blogs around the world. That’s huge right? But you will also be shocked to hear that not all of them make money. 

There was a time when blogs were a rarity and bloggers actually got paid a good amount of money but now it’s so competitive that brands have many to choose from. But to be honest when I first went into blogging it wasn’t for the money. I have a huge passion for writing and actually love it! 

But since my blogs have become popular I have had the odd chance of being invited to blogger events, brand discounts and endorsing brands. However they have been unpaid and I am not complaining😄

It’s nice to know that whatever I’m writing is being recognised and enjoyed by all! The blogging community is a great place to be in. The people are great, good advice and everyone always welcomes you with open arms. It has been the same for me on Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, Facebook or even Pinterest! (thank you so much😘)

You must remember Blogging is also quite a full time job! It’s not easy maintaining quality content whilst teaching and looking after a family (but I’m not complaining, honest) Some bloggers have done it for years and not seen large amounts of money and some have not been blogging for long and are earning large sums of money. Sometimes I think it just depends on how your content is recognised and being at the right place and time. But I would like to say please don’t be disheartened if your blog does not kick off! If you value it and maintain it passionately (regardless of how many times you post as some peeps think posting more than once gives you better coverage! However I prefer quality over quantity!) you will reap the fruit of success (I can guarantee that) whether it’s paid or not!

So that question – do I earn truckloads of money? No! But in the future I may be able to earn some, however it is not a priority for me as I teach part time and have a full time family to look after😀 So for me I will continue with my passion and see where this road goes.

And that wraps up my post! If you have anymore questions about blogging, please do not hesitate to ask me! 

I would love to know what you guys think about blogging? What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy it? What are your thoughts on brand endorsements? Are you blogging to earn money, as your full time occupation? Why do you blog? Speak to me and let me know! Until next time……


Who’s ready to play?

Who's ready to play?

Adidas long sweatshirt
£89 – farfetch.com

Adidas boyfriend t shirt
£28 – adidas.com

Adidas grey pants
£29 – mytheresa.com

Adidas originals shoes

Adidas blue bag
£28 – asos.com

Adidas Originals watch
£59 – nordstrom.com

Frends headphone
£120 – modesportif.com

Athleta Women Parkour Headband Size One Size
£9.76 – athleta.gap.com

It’s results day!🙌🏽

Hey guys!

I know I was meant to post the results of the Vivien Kondor Water permeable nail polish! However I have come across some anomalies in the test. Due to these anomalies I am going to postpone the results of the test (sorry☹)

I have emailed Lisa, the brand PR to help me out and I am just awaiting a response. As soon as I have one, I will post the results up as soon as! I hope you understand as I like to be pretty honest in my blog posts, as I feel as a blogger I have a duty to make it ‘crystal clear’ of what a product actually claims/performs to be.

In the meantime you can check out Vivien Kondor @ www.vivienkondor.com