Bloggers Fave! – Christmas, Eid, Birthdays, Wedding Favors…. basically any Celebration Shortbread! (nom)πŸ˜‹

πŸŽ„πŸ˜„ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!πŸŽ„πŸ˜€ Yaay it’s officially the festive holidays and what better way to start it off than baking some homemade treats!!πŸ˜‹

In this post I will show you how to make these show stopping, yummy, easy shortbread, that anyone will be pleased to recieve. Shortbread? What is shortbread? I hear you say! Shortbread (or cookie for our Amercian friendsπŸ˜€) is a type of lovely, soft, crumbly biscuit that is typically made out of butter and sugar! Like the sound of that? Then grab your pinny and let’s get baking!πŸͺ


You will need

πŸͺ 1lb (500g) butter

πŸͺ1 1/2 cup caster sugar

πŸͺ2 cups cornflour

πŸͺ2 eggs

πŸͺ2 teaspoons baking powder

πŸͺPlain flour (around 1 bag of 1.5kg)

πŸͺUse choice of chocolate for drizzling over the shortbread!


1. Pre heat oven to Gas mark 4/180c.

2. Cream butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl. 

3. Then add cornflour and baking powder, mix well.

4. Beat the eggs separately in another bowl and add a little at a time to the mixture.

5. Now at this stage the mixture may be pretty sloppy! Add the plain flour a little at a time until the mixture forms a dough! *warning it may take half a bag of flour to get to the ‘dough stage’ so do not panic, trust meπŸ˜‰ Also when you do get half way to the dough stage, use your hands to knead the mixture into a fully formed biscuit dough (ditch the spoon guys!😁) 

6. Ok by now you will have a lot of dough! (Yes a lotπŸ˜‚) but they are celebratory biscuits so you will need a lot!πŸ˜€ (I usually do small giftboxesπŸ‘πŸ½) 

7. Roll out the dough to a roughly 1cm-1 1/2 cm thickness and cut out using any of your fave cookie cutter shapes. Place the shapes on greased baking trays and pop into the oven for about 15mins until pale golden (not really brown because as they cool they harden and will go crisp) 

8. Place the shortbread onto cooling wire racks. Once cool, Melt chocolate in a microwaveable bowl (don’t burn the chocolateπŸ˜‚) Drizzle the melted chocolate onto the shortbread! I usually place a greaseproof paper under the wire racks so it’s less messy!

9. Then let the drizzled shortbread cool (until chocolate hardens) and voila! Your celebratory shortbread is now ready😊

Trust me one bite of these and you will be addicted! In fact you will be pleased that you made so many!!! 

I have said ‘cups’ in this recipe that means use any cup/mug you prefer but make sure it is the same one you use throughout the whole recipe! That will enable to give you equal measurements for the recipe. 

If you do decide to try the recipe please do  tag me in any of my social media platforms! I would love to see! (Go to my ‘other ways to follow me’ page in the drop down menu on my blog!) If you do get stuck on any aspects of the recipe please do shout me☺️

What festive treats will you be making in this holiday season? Do let me know, as I love trying out new recipesπŸ™‚

(Images not my own)

Here are some ideas on how you can give your celebration treats!

Happy Baking❀️

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