Clothes Show Haul!! (And a very empty bank balance😂)

As you can guess by the title on my post, I defo had a good time and now I am feeling very poor (booo lol) But hey ho I am so happy with my purchases and I can’t wait to show you! So let’s get cracking…..Hold on if your not sure what The Clothes Show is please check back to my previous posting about ‘The Birmingham Clothes Show 2015’🔁

Obviously as a beauty and fashion lover those are the main things I bought. First up is the Rimmel London UK goody bag! Now Rimmel is a very well loved British brand! With their hot (supermodel) Kate Moss lippies and fab drugstore foundations, so a surprise goody for £10! Is a bargain right? Especially when each items retails for about £8-10! What did I get in there? Let me show you guys😀

In my goody bag I got a quad eyeshadow, shimmer tan, Kate Moss lipstick, super curler mascara, glitter nail polish, a foundation and primer sample and a BB cream! 😁

These goody bags were exclusive to The Clothes Show event! There were many to choose from such as Barry M, Models Own and Helen E. But because they are goody bags you were not allowed to choose the products as they were pre packaged. 

So far I love all of the products in the goody bag except the BB cream and foundation as they are too light for my skin 😒 Also I don’t use tanning products (as I don’t need to! Yaay lol) so will probably give it away to a friend.
My second makeup haul was bound to be the NYX one! (Was super excited to be able to grab some products as I don’t have a local Nyx 😞)

After an extremely long queue this is all I was able to nab! 😩 and surprise, surprise most of the lip creams were out of stock! I am not surprised though as their lip creams are gorge and the colours are very pigmented. So far out of the Nyx haul my fave is the HD ‘banana’ finishing powder. It sets my highlight to a beautiful ‘lit’ finish! And show prices were not too bad either. Next time if I go to the Clothes Show, I will defo visit the Nyx stand first lol.

There were two makeup brush companies that I seriously wanted to get hold of at the Clothes Show and they were Nanshy brushes and Spectrum brushes! I do believe both are British brands? Please correct me if I am wrong. 

My goodness both brush companies are unique in their own way and have the most beautiful brushes! (Check out and However both had very similar ethos in their brush line. Both are vegan and cruelty free! The brushes are quality synthetic and are beautifully crafted. So which one did I choose? Well I could have had both butttt I already own so many and I specifically did want an eye brush set. So with that in mind, I went for the Nanshy eye brush set as it was affordable and exactly what I wanted in my eye kit! (Seven brushes for £24! Bargain!)😀


Here is an eye look I created with my brush set! Beautiful! Right? Trust me they are a dream to use, so soft and has good blendability factor and for that price I was defo ‘wowed!’ 

I didn’t pick up any shoes as I have tons! But I did pick up two pieces of clothing (as I have a wardrobe full already lol) I went for this gorge longline creamy beige waistcoat (originally from

(Image not my own)

I love anything with pockets! I think it looks so classy and I can store my tissues for my ever drippy nose lol 😂 This gorge waistcoat came in at only £10!

I also picked up a orangey, cowl necked swing top. It has a lovely light chiffon material with gold buttons on the back. This top was even more of a bargain as it was only £5!!! (Not sure where the top is originally from! Sowiee😒)

I am hoping to wear this top on a girlie night out (in about a weeks time) so will show you the full outfit then😉

The overall experience of the Clothes Show was amazing! I will defo do a Vlog post of it! Also keep your eyes peeled for a full review of the beauty products and some OOTD with the clothes purchased😁
If you do ever get a chance to go to the Clothes Show in Birmingham UK please, please you must go! As it’s value for money (bargains galore!) and you will defo enjoy the fab special effects ramp walk😄

Happy Reading X 


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