☃ALERT, ALERT! – Special Xmas guest posting on my blog!☃

That’s right guys my blog has been hijacked by none other than……. BHAVIKA from Manukui, WordPress. 😁

When Bhavika asked me if I wanted to do a special Xmas collab, I said yes! Right away (who doesn’t like getting festive?😄) So when I suggested an acrostic  poem this is what the beautiful Bhavika came up with! Enjoy👇🏽

Hello! It’s Bhavika from  www.manukui.wordpress.com ! Sabina and I are collaborating today for a very creative and festive post. I loved working with her since she suggests such great ideas and has amazing work. Check out her post on my blog later. I’m sure you guys will love it!
Her post is going to also be an acrostic poem like mine is going to be. We both did it on the word ‘CHRISTMAS’ and I hope you like it! Here’s mine:

🎄Candles burning on the fireplace
🎄Help me get all the décor from the case!
🎄Rolos, smarties and cadburys for taste
🎄Is there red lipstick all over my face?
🎄So many people there isn’t much space
🎄There’s plenty of flowers to put in the    vase 
🎄Mistletoes are for kisses and not chase
🎄And have you remembered to get that card from paper chase?
🎄So, in Christmas time we should all embrace!

Hope you guys liked it! I really struggled to rhyme everything with ‘fireplace’ after I had began haha but I honestly had so much fun doing that. Have a merry Christmas and stay safe! 

Hope you enjoyed Bhavika’s poem as much as I did! And thank you for such kind words😍

Be sure to check her out her Pinterest and her fab blog as she will be uploading more blogmas postings! Ho! Ho! Ho! 😂 



Happy Reading ❤️🎄❤️

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