I’ve healthy-fied a PIZZA! πŸ˜¬

I am still on a health roll as I’m determined to get into my Xmas party outfit! (Comeee on!!! πŸ’ͺ🏽lol) but so desperately craving pizza! Nom nom.

In this Saturday lifestyle post I show you how I made the nation’s fave treat with less calories! So get ready and put your pinnies on but I promise you, this won’t even take long! πŸ‘πŸ½

You will need

1. A gluten free base such as pitta bread, tortilla wrap or even a gluten free pizza base (can be bought from any supermarket) or a wholemeal pitta or wrap (no white pls)

2. Tomato purΓ©e (any brand)

3. Low fat cheese slice (1)


4. Toppings of your choice! Chicken, turkey, any veg! I used mushrooms and olives and my own blend of cooked tandoori chicken.

5. A sprinkle of this amazing Garlic Italian dried herb blend πŸ˜‹


6. 2/3 bursts of this fry light 


1. Pre-heat grill (mine is electric so I usually whack it up to 300c)

2. Spread the tomato purΓ©e on your chosen base (half teaspoon roughly or one teaspoon depending on size of your base really)

3. Prep your toppings you can put as much or less as you want! But don’t super pile high, as you want it evenly cooked through

4. Tear up your one slice of cheese and place it evenly around your base

5. Sprinkle your dried herb (about two pinches is sufficient) 

6. Finally 2/3 bursts of the fry light, spritzed over the top of your pizza and voila your done! (Spraying the fry light makes it moist and golden) 

7. Stick it under the grill until the cheese has melted. Don’t let it turn brown or golden if your base is gluten free pitta or wrap because as it cools it hardens and loses flavour. Otherwise on other bases lightly golden cheese is fine πŸ˜„And enjoy! 

I love eating mine with a fresh salad and trust me it’s super yummy and light! 

I sometimes choose the gluten free options as it makes me feel less bloated and heavy. Coeliac sufferes you will love this recipe. By using low fat cheese and a lighter base, you can eat this pizza guilt free! 

Do you guys have any healthy snack recipes that you think I would like? Please let me know down below! (Starting to get bored with my usual ones 😴 lol) 

If you do try this recipe please tag me on Insta Glitterglosglo or on my blog! 

Happy Reading X

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