🎉🍰It’s My Birthday and I’ll dance if I want to! 🍰😄

Come and join me and wish all Scorpios (and me! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) a very Happy Birthday. In today’s special birthday blog post, I will share some Scorpio personality traits and any of my birthday plans! Including a surprise announcement for Sunday!

Happy birthday my fellow Scorps! Or Happy belated one if you’ve already had yours and Happy advance wishes if yours is yet to come! it’s our time to shine this month 😎 Stingers at the ready!


Now I’m not a massive horoscope fan but I may read them now and then. Though to be honest I can never decipher mine, as it reads as jargon to me haha but what I do love to do is, is read about my sign traits. So I thought I’d share a little bit about a scorpio as I thought our fellow family and friends would like an insight on how we might feel or be ๐Ÿ˜‰ as some of the traits ring quite true!

And if you fellow scorpions feel it too, then comment down below as I would love to know! โ˜บ Also remember this is a little fun post, so please don’t take it personally as some of the traits may not be you at all! (Which is absolutelyย  fine you know, no biggie ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So whilst browsing through the net the most common Scorpio traits I found were…..

Determination, fearlessness, sensuality, poise, loyalty, ambition, intuitiveness, straightforwardness, a jealous and controlling nature, secretive, resentfulness, ruthlessness and a tendecy towards mystery! Lots of self confidence, courage, ambition but also very emotional.

Wow! That makes me sound like a glamourpuss who can’t decide whether she’s happy or sad! 😂 Some of it I get you know, they are me lol. I do love to be challenging all the time! (Not in a mean way! Noooo) My friends always say to me that I work best whilst under pressure, they are sooo right! (Some good marks at uni cos of that haha). I’m not sure if I like mystery, I’m not a person who’s big on surprises I’d rather just….know 😑 I am defo loyal to the tee! If we click, trust me I will be a doting friend for life! But be disloyal and talk behind my back and I’ll walk away, without you even knowing lol. I hope I am not controlling! But my hubby says otherwise 😅. My emotions are very strong but sometimes you will never notice if I am sad (I am so good at not showing) All you will see is a very happy and bubbly person and that’s how I also see the world around me 💖 (be warned my perceptions might change as I get older lol)

Mmmm I wonder if any of my friends agree with my traits? Let me know guys as I don’t like mystery remember haha (might get my stinger out you know 😝 )

Any birthday plans GlitterGlosGlo? I’m not sure yet you know mmmmm. May go out for a meal but I am defo getting my hair coloured today as a treat, so will keep you posted on how my RED hair colour goes! (Yes! RED haha. Will try and Snapchat it too! Username 👉 sabina_7 )


Here’s another fun bit about star signs, finding out which celebrity is a scorpio! (I love doing that lol) Here’s a little list. Who do you share a birthday with?

23 Oct Cat Deeley
24ย  Mallika sherawat
25ย  Katy Perry
26 Hillary Clinton
27 Kelly Osbourne
28 Bill Gates
29 Randy Jackson
30 Ivanka Trump
31 Willow Smith
1 Nov …..
2 Shahrukh Khan
3 Kendall Jenner
4 Matthew Mcconaughty
5 Alexa Chung
6 …….
7 Kamal Hassan
8 Brett Lee
9 …….
10 ……..
11 Leonardo DiCaprio
12 Ryan Gosling
13 Juhi Chawla
14 Prince Charles
15 Sania Mirza
16 Aditya Roy Kapoor
17 Danny DeVito
18 Kim Wilde
19 Zeenat Aman
20 Robert.F.Kennedy
21 Helen

Now you will see some blanks in some dates, as I really did try hard to fill them! But there were so many with the same dates and many that were unrecognisable to me (sowiee) However by all means pls help me fill in the blanks!

I have tried to put in a good multicultural mix of Hollywood, sports, bollywood and other famous people.

* Special Announcement *

Pls keep your eyes peeled for the Sunday blog post @11am (British time) as I will be doing my very firstย  GIVEAWAY as a birthday treat from me, for showing me your love and support in these 3 months! Pssttt the clue is…..VEGAS NAY!ย  can you guess what it is?


Happy Birthday and Happy Reading X


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