Lighten up your shades – with Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops! 👌

Have a foundation one shade too dark? Or even maybe a highlighter or a concealor? Then sit back because I think I may have found the solution for you! 😉

Ooo boy I am so excited to be bringing you this review today! 👏 I never thought I would be able to pick up a product like this in my local High St! Meet The Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops!


Let me first give you a brief overview of The Body Shop. The owner Anita Roddick first started The Body Shop in 1976, in Brighton, England. She first started selling 25 products with the ethos strongly built on recycling, no animal testing and harmonising natural products with other ingredients. Well you know what happened from there don’t you? She now has 2,500 stores worldwide and obviously sells more than 25 products! ☺

However in 2006 Roddick sold the company to L’oreal! But it was a controversial move as both companies ethos are very different from each other (such as L’oreals animal testing) But Roddick was adamant that this move to L’oreal would show how Body Shop’s ethos could make L’oreal bigger and better, which in turn would lead to other large beauty companies following suit. But unfortunately Roddick’s death in 2007 meant that, we may not know what influence she may or could have had 😕

Right back to the shade adjusting drops! Now if your like me, an NC42 with lots of yellow undertones, it can be difficult to find the perfect shade of foundation and highlighters. I have bought many that are either too light or too dark! (Too dark, majorly 👎)

I don’t know of many shade adjusting products (I know Illamasqua does one but I don’t have a local counter near me 😕 ) So when I saw a pic of this online, I had to run to my local store and get it!

When I went into store guess what I found? Shade adjusting drops in Darkening as well! But I decided to purchase the Lightening drops because I have plenty of foundations which needed lightening a shade up.

I decided to try the lightening shade adjusting drops with my Diorskin foundation in the shade ‘040’ as I find it just a tad dark for my skintone.


The shade adjusting drops come in a small, glass, dropper style bottle (very convenient as you can measure the drops as you use the product) I added just one drop into two pumps of my Diorskin and mixed it, on the back of my hand. I applied the mixed product with a damp beauty blender and wow the colour matched perfectly!


I have also tried the the shade adjusting drops with my Mac ‘global forecast’ highlighter pen (as it blends into my skintone, slightly and I wanted a more ‘highlighted’ factor) Again applied with my damp beauty blender and it worked beautifully!

Right let’s do the pros and cons now, as we all want value for money right? The pros – it is a lovely product no doubt. I love the packaging and the dropper is perfect! You don’t have to squeeze hard to get the product out. For £10 (yes! £10) you get a decent size amount of product  (15ml). The consistency is fab and is easily blendable. The bottle states it has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin (yaah for me). The lady in the store also said it is suitable for all skin types! Annddd I have had no breakouts from this product, also no irritation as well 👍👍

The Cons – although the dropper is fab, be careful! As the squeezer thing at the top does not allow you lots of control (product sometimes continues to ‘ooze’ out). The bottle is made out of glass, so for travelling this may be inconvenient for some. Now pls don’t go crazy, in adding lots of drops to lighten your products, as I found it is best for going one shade or half a shade up and no more (starts to look ashy). There is no instructions on how to use the product! Not anywhere on the bottle! But the writing is sooooo teeny that I struggled to read! even with my glasses on 😂 So if anyone finds any instructions let me know lol. It is also very hard to read the ingredients listing as well!

However overall I really enjoyed this product and is defo a keeper 🙂 I may also pick up the Darkening shade drops to see if I could use it for contour! (As seen on my fave makeup guru Kaushal M do just that on Youtube lol) It’s great value for money and fab on your skin!

So if your struggling to colour match your products, try it! And if you do please let me know your thoughts ☺.

For more info on this product pls go to

I should also add that, this is NOT a paid review nor was the product sent to me. It is an honest opinion and purchased with my own money 👍

Happy Reading X

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