Bloggers Fave – Statement Pieces ☺

It is officially the 1st of November! Wow, time sure does fly and that means Christmas parties, events and nights out galore!

Today I’m going to share with you my fave statement pieces that will make any party outfit really rock out!

Bloggers fave – Egyptian Jewels

This necklace may look like a mash of 2 – 3 necklaces but it is actually one gorge piece! I love gold plated pieces as I find they compliment my NC42 skin really well. They almost bring out a glow to my skin!

The faux crystals are clear in this piece and give a glistening reflection when they catch the light. The piece looks heavy but I can assure you it is not! I love the way it kinda resembles Cleopatras necklace ☺

This show stopper will look best with a minimalistic outfit as it will speak more volumes than the outfit itself.


Neo – Geometric Jewelled studs

I love bright colours and these earrings give me just that! They have a slight mid – length drop to them as well. This is fab for my ears, as I have a really minut bend in my earlobe (when I wear small studs, my ear lobes seem to invert in. Does that make sense? Sorry lol) This is why I don’t tend to wear small studs.


A minimal make up look and hair pulled up will work fab with these earrings!

Gold Cuff = arm candy!

How about rocking out with a gold faux plated cuff? (This is what I think I’m going for at my Xmas do! 😆 )


Try and choose a pretty decent size cuff, so that it has some recognition ability and one that will flatter your wrist! I have small skinny wrists, so you would think this would drown it but it doesn’t it actually looks quite elegant. See the curvature in the cuff? That is what makes it elegant. The cuff also has a clasp type opening so it is easier to put on and take off!

When I have worn this cuff, I have worn it with my Indian outfit (bright orange lol let me say!) and large bronze earrings. This shows the flexibility of a plain coloured cuff! Amp it up! Or down.


Finger Bling!

Now I am not a massive fan of rings 😕 I think this is because I have small hands and short, skinny fingers haha (trust me they are a nightmare for ring fittings!) So I have to buy either elasticated ones, adjustable ones or make sure they are a snug fit! 😂 and this ring just so!


I love this ring! It is so pretty and elegant. It has a mixture of plastic, metal and diamonds. The design of this ring is so classic and pretty that I’m sure it will look good with any outfit. Again this ring is gold plated which I believe is universally flattering.

This ring screams nude makeup! (Peachy, pinky lips) or pearly shadows with soft curls or a beehive!

Glam up your Hair!

We’ve glammed up everything! So why not our hair? 😉 Try a jewelled hair clip. You can go small or as big as you want!


I’ve chosen this beautiful floral one that I picked up from the Jhonny loves Rosie range (agggesss ago). It has large and small encrusted diamonds. The finish is that of a pewter. It has a small clasp at the back so won’t grab onto lots of hair that’s why I would go for a classic hairstyle such as half up and down or a french twist that will look uber sexy with this clip!

And that wraps up my blogger faves post! Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my fave statement pieces 😍 Do you have any faves, that you will be rocking out this Christmas? #GlitterGlosGlo on insta or comment down below ☺

Also I should add that the purpose of my post was to show you what pieces I love, so many of them have been purchased a while back from different High St stores  (hence no links) But have a shop around because I am pretty sure they are similar pieces still out there! As jewellery tends to revert back into fashion again and again 😘

Happy Reading X


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