Graze like a grazer, with a snack box! 🍪

Have you ever thought about trying a graze box? Well in this post, I share my opinions on this very popular snack box. So come on,  what are you waiting for? Let’s graze! Nom nom nom 🍪


How did this quirky company start up? Well it started with 7 friends, who quit their jobs and were fed up with the lack of ‘good’ and nutritional snacks.

As I researched about the company on the net, I realised that Graze catered for quite a large audience! You had boxes that were coeliac and dairy free. Treat boxes, a light box range, variety box, a breakfast variety box, graze goody box and a protein box! (which is what I chose :mrgreen: )

I have been thinking about the Graze box for a long time but was not entirely sure about how much calorific value and goodness it contained.

I saw a free voucher for a box in my local magazine (I love freebies lol) so I thought why not?!

In my next step, I chose my box and chose what snacks I would like to be sent (and in future boxes). I chose the protein one as thats what I always try and incorporate into my diet whilst training (and protein can help you feel fuller for longer).

I also chose to have the box delivered every fortnight, so that I could judge the calorific content and did not want to be bored.

So there I was set with my delivery and waited and I waited and I waited! 😕 At this point I sent them an email  (a week later) saying my box had not arrived! But customer service was incredibly helpful and said, it was scheduled for the right date and are surprised it had not arrived! They also checked to see if I had any non – perishables items in my box because if they did they would have sent me a fresh one. Then finally it arrived, the next day! Yaay ☺


And boy as soon as the box arrived I was super excited! The packaging is gorge! And I loved the presentation of snacks and the info. So let’s see what I got 😆


I loved the punnet sized snacks as I am a small person (4ft10inches 😂) this was perfect for my appetite.

In the box I recieved the Brooklyn bites which were poppy seed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were yummy! I am a major fan of nuts! And this combo was spot on for me, in the taste department. Next one was a Thai Tom Yum Soup, a hot and sour soup with kaffir lime leaves and aromatic lemongrass which I have to be honest I’ve not tried yet, as I’ve never had soup before as a snack!. My third item was 2 portion of a protein flapjack (8g protein!) These were scrumptious too! Not overly sweet (like caked in golden syrup or honey) and last of all was my fave! The Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookies, oh my god! I was in heaven 😍 This snack hits the right spot when you need a sweet and savoury hit. The fudge was in super mini size, so not too much of a sweet treat and cookies were not a sugary fest either! So overall snacks are defo a 👍👍👍 up from me!

The calorific value were good on these snacks, most of them rounding off to less than 160 calories each. However I like to watch the fat content in foods too (I only choose foods under 5g of fat) and most of these were quite high! 16g of fat in the poppy seed snacks mmmm. Protein value was obviously great in the snacks as well.

Now I’m not a nutritionist but I like to read and follow up on research. I understand that I did choose the protein box, so obviously protein will be higher on the list. As I read the combined ingredient listing some items had sugar and glucose syrup as the third and fourth item on the list. This consumed on a daily basis with an unhealthy diet could be quite calorific.

The snacks are yummy that’s for sure but space them out! And don’t consume all punnets in one go! Remember they are not meal replacements, they are snacks. Combine the snacks with fresh fruits and veg to reap a healthier benefit. Maybe eat them every other day or work them into your calorie needs (like I do) so they are well managed.

Each punnet does end up costing £1! Which to me can be quite expensive as I could pick up a bag of 500g of nuts in £2! So if your on a budget, you can shorten the delivery times.

I reckon this snack box would be a huge hit with office workers or peeps who are on tight schedule (busy mums etc) as it is all prepared and delivered to your chosen address.

Graze has also started off in the USA but check online which states they deliver. And if you really want to try out the graze boxes they always have fab offers and freebies online check out

After the freebie offer, the box will be sent at the price of £3.99 each. Spaced out over a fortnight, I don’t mind but will need to continue to work it into my daily intake.

Sometimes with food some us can have such an unhealthy relationship! If you can account for it and fit it into a healthy lifestyle, go for Graze! Be realistic, happy and enjoy 🙂 (try the fitness pal app!)

I would really really love to know if anyone else has tried the Graze box, as I feel very 50/50 about it. Also let me know what you think of their health value? Oh and I must add that the boxes are NOT organic! Has anyone been a grazer for a longer period?

Pls share your thoughts. Have an awesome weekend my beauties 😘

Here’s two £5 voucher codes if anyone would like to submit one online!


(If the code is unclear pls comment down below)

Happy Reading X


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