🏆Beauty Blogger Award!🏆

This was my very first follower. beautybyelyse I had only been blogging for less than 4 weeks and I recieved this nomination! She made my day! (Go check out her fab beauty blog!)

But first the RULES!

* Thank the nominee and tag them
* Answer the questions you were given
* Nominate 10 people who’s blog is about beauty or fashion
* Make 10 questions
* Inform the nominees

Questions by Beauty By Elyse

1. What inspired you to start blogging? 

My Instagram Account! (glitterglosglo) I know that sounds so clichéd but it really did! If I had not seen the love, support and encouragement from my followers, I would have never got to the stage that I am now! So thankyou my fellow glitterglosglo followers 🙂

2.  Where would you like to see your blog go in the next year?

I would so so love it if my followers continued to stick around and showed me the same support! I am also in the process of creating a separate page for my blog on Facebook as I can’t seem to keep up with the traffic on my personal page. It would also be an amazing opportunity if I was asked to write a small article or column in a magazine or newspaper 😍

3. What is your go-to-oufit style?

A pair of denim skinnies and plain black heels! I swear you can not go wrong with these two! Every one should own a pair of skinnies and heels!

4. What is your fave thing to do at the weekend?

First go to my Body combat class then just chill with the kids and telly annnddd eat! Lol 🙂

5. If you could relive one day, which would you pick?

GRADUATION DAY! Without a doubt! I had an opportunity to study whilst in my 30’s and whilst being married and with kids, it was tricky. You have to be super organised and mentally strong. It was hard work but oh so worth it! Me and my family were so proud of me ☺ best day of my life!


6. What’s the best vacation you been on?

Paris! It was sooo magical! All the sights and the people, loved it! X

7. What is your fave foundation?

Mac Studio Fix Fluid! Without a doubt or hesitation  (lookout for a review on this) Sooo many shades and I love a medium – full coverage foundation!

8. What is the last book you read?

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom Never thought I would enjoy this read, as the blurb was hit and miss. But I loved it! It was different and a very interesting read.

9. Do you have a blogging routine?

Yes! Without it I would be lost! I need to feel and be organised since I have two kids, a hubby, work and a house to run lol.

I try and plan all my blog posts in my notebook. I usually do Tues – Beauty
                                       Sat – Lifestyle
                                       Sun – OOTD

I also try and take all my pictures in advance so I can save them in my gallery and edit them for my posts. Throughout the week I also do mini research and make notes.

10. What’s your signature accessory piece?

My sports watch! I love it, it goes with so many of my outfits but I’m dying to get my hands on the Rose Gold, Marc Jacobs one 😉

Hope you enjoyed that guys!

My 10 nominees are

1. http://iridescentdays.wordpress.com Rachel W

2. http://onlinebeautyfinds.wordpress.com

3. http://rabiaqureshi.com Rabia Qureshi

4. http://dashofdaisies.wordpress.com

5. http://pearliepumpkin.wordpress.com

6. http://sophandglory.wordpress.com

7. http://perfectlypolished.wordpress.com

8. http://getmakeupforfree.wordpress.com

9. http://sabahhassan.wordpress.com

10. http://manikui.wordpress.com Bhavika

My 10 questions are….

1. What made you start blogging?
2. Do you have any ‘new blogger’ tips?
3. What is your fave piece of makeup?
4. What is your fave fashion accessory?
5. Do you have a beauty hack you would like to share?
6. Favorite scent?
7. Heels or flats?
8. What do you do for a living?
9. Do you have any siblings?
10. Fave fashion designer?

Have fun guys! And pls let me know if the links don’t work, as I’m not fab at technology lol.

Happy Reading X


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