⚡ Encouraging Thunder Award ⚡


I love askdeniza She has been so kind to me, that she nominated me for two awards! (She is a med student so all the info she gives on health and well being is throughly researched! Check out her blog)

This is the Encouraging Thunder Award! As she said my blog was fab 🙂 thank you Deniza.


* Thank the person that nominated you
* Post the encouraging Thunder logo
* Mention your purposes in blogging
* Nominate others for the award

My Purpose of Blogging

In the back of my mind, I have always thought about blogging. I love writing, writing from my own free will, where I am able to express my self how I choose to ☺

It all started with my Instagram  (go follow @glitterglosgo for more visual madness 😝 ) I love posting fashion posts, makeup selfies and a little of my personality. I did not think people would love my craziness and my sense of style lol. But every pic I posted I tried to cram lots of writing on! So I thought, I’ve gotta blog as I could fit more writing on then lol. So I called for my grumpy daughter  (bless her, she did a fab job! Check my ‘about’ page and ‘Hello World’ post) and ‘What GlitterGlosGlo Says’ was born! :mrgreen:

The other reason why I blog, is to reach out to women of colour! (Yes all you NC40 and above) as I struggle to find the right makeup shades so why not share my finds 😉

I am also quite petite, 4ft10 🙊 and I know how hard it is to find fashion that fits! But I love clothes, so I will source them out for us shorties and will help you rule the fashion runaway 😂

It’s hard work blogging I’m not gonna lie but it’s all so worth it when you recieve fab awards, follows, likes and comments! However the main thing I truly love about blogging is, self expression! I love how I can be me!

So if you love fashion, beauty and lifestyle and want to see how I express it, then pls go show some love on my blog. And if you think it’s all pants! Then tell me that too haha 😜 and and and if you wana see me on Snapchat my username is Sabina_7 😆😆 (luurrveee Snapchat lol)

Here are my 5 nominess….

1. The girl in the little black dress http://lovelyblog.com

2. Small fry in stilettos

3. Life: Hellish disasters to divine temptation  http://cookingupatreat.com

4. Bargain Beautie http://bargainbeautie.wordpress.com

5. Torrisherri http://torisherri.wordpress.com

Enjoy your Encouraging Thunder nominations guys xxx

Happy Reading X


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