HEALTHY Tandoori Chicken and pomegranate salad 🍴

Tandoori Chicken, pomegranate, feta cheese, cous cous, black spicy olives and fresh salad! Need I go on? I mean what more can you ask for in a salad?! So Grab your pinnies and let’s make this beauty! ☺


This recipe was given to me by my personal trainer Mark (I actually nagged him until he did 😂 ) 👉 (fb MarkPT) He’s fab! Such a nice guy, full of ideas, tips and he’s a chef! (Bonus! 😉 ) Butt I have slightly tweaked some bits to my preferences. Also before we get cracking with the salad I just want to share with you the benefits and origins of the pomegranate! As this is the star ingredient of our salad☺


This beautiful, jewelled, ruby red fruit originates from Iran to the Himalayas in Northern India. They were cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region, since ancient times. It is widely cultivated throughout India.The fruit is beared on a deciduous tree or a large shrub.

Pomegranate is known as a superfood as they contain powerful antioxidants. Regular consumption may help reduce joint pains, cancer and heart disease.

Pomegranates contain Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12 and it is moderate in calories with no cholesterol or saturated fats! (Ooo yummy!)

Now that you know about the benefits of this ruby red fruit let’s reap the benefits in this gorgeous, delicious salad.

You will need  (serves 2)

1 large chicken breast, skinned and any excess fat trimmed off
1 tbs any low fat plain yoghurt
2 tbs of any ready made tandoori masala or tandoori paste (I love the Laziza one, pic below)
1 tsp of sunflower oil
A squeeze of half a lemon or lime
Half a packet of lemon, coriander and mint cous cous (I use the Ainsley Harriet one, pic below!)
80g of pre packaged pomegranate  (mine is from asda)
A few cubes of crumbled low fat feta cheese
Pre packaged spicy black olives (you can use any you like, I added about 10 to my salad)
A sprinkling of a Turkish spice called Somaq
120 g bagged pea shoots and baby salad leaves  (I used half the bag approx)


1. Wash the chicken breast and make small slits in the breast. Leave to drain.
2. In a separate bowl add the yoghurt, tandoori masala, oil and the lemon or lime and mix the paste using the spoon. Add the washed chicken and cover bowl in clingfilm, then leave overnight in the fridge. (This allows the flavour to develop and makes the chicken or meat tender, which in effect reduces cooking time)
3. Switch your top grill on (mine is electric) and place your marinated chicken on a foil lined grill pan. Cook chicken under the grill. Make sure you keep checking and turning the chicken breast, until cooked. If you don’t have a top grill oven, use a grill pan on a hob or cook the chicken in an oven. Once the chicken is cooked, allow to cool and then cut the breasts into medium sized cubes or strips.
4. Whilst the chicken is cooking, boil a kettle. Empty the cous cous in a microwaveable container and level top the cous cous with the boiling water and close tightly with a lid. Leave for 5 mins (make sure you take the lid off halfway, stir and pop the lid back on for the remaining time)
5. Grab a plate and arrange your salad leaves, add the cooked chicken. Top with your crumbled feta, add olives, sprinkle over your cous cous and scatter those delicious pomegranate seeds! Lastly add the somaq spice and voila your tandoori chicken and pomegranate salad is ready!

As you can see this salad is super easy to make and the ingredients are readily available in your local supermarket, online or the cash and carry.

I did not add any dressing to this salad as I personally don’t think it needs it (it’s delicious without! Trust me) but if you really would like a dressing, a balsamic vinegar one will taste amazing.
Below I have put up some pics of the tandoori masala and turkish spice I used as an easy reference.


(My fave tandoori masala! Works on meat and chicken)


A sprinkling of this Turkish spice is delicious in any salad! (It’s fab as a meat rub too!)


If you would like more help or get stuck pls ask me! Do you have a fave salad? Do you like pomegranates as much as I do? Let me know if you enjoy this as much as I do! Enjoy your Saturday my fellow readers 💖💖

Facebook – MarkPT

Happy Reading X


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