📦 October Birchbox! 📦

Are you ready for the October Birchbox? Let me reveal what goodies I got this month! Ready, steady, Bircchh! 😀

In this month’s Birchbox you had a choice between a Stylist box and a Basic box.


Regular subscribers had until the 29th September to make their decision! Before you made your decision, the email also revealed what both boxes contained.

Obviously I am a massive fan of the weekly ‘Stylist’ magazine (I always grab a copy at my local gym!) and was swayed by the look of the box annndd I really really wanted to try the Bioderma micellar water! 🙊 All the products in the Stylist box were chosen by Stylist Associate Editor (beauty) Joanna McGarry.

Let’s have a look at the products in my chosen Stylist box 😎


100% Pure £19

A birchbox exclusive! If you’ve followed my other posts, you will know what a Birchbox exclusive is. If not, don’t worry I will put up Birchbox’s link below so you can find out all the deets (cos I’m nice like that 😉 )

A 2005 Californian based beauty brand, who’s ethos is strongly based on organic, cruelty free, colour free, fragrance free, chemical preservative free anndd toxin free!!! 100% Pure, healthy beauty products have been created by Susie Wang and they also offer free shipping! Wow I never thought a beauty brand could offer so much! I was impressed 👍

The product I received was a FULL SIZE (yes, full size) Lip Glaze in the colour Peach Bellini  . This fruit pigmented Lip Glaze was quite pleasing to use. It wasn’t a lipstick or a stain. More of a cross between a balm, lipstick and a stain. It is quite moisturising and tasted fruity but not in a horrible way.

The packaging to this product is absolutely beautiful 😍 The cardboard sleeve it is stored in, is sooo pretty! And the bullet itself, is a lovely handbag size.

Now on Birchbox’s listing it says it is a matte, pigmented formula  but I disagree. It goes on quite like a sheer balm, not matte at all for me and the colour is not pigmented enough for my skintone.

As much as I liked this product  (as the ingredient listing is 😍 ) I would not re purchase because I’d rather pay more for a lipstick that will actually give me colour on my skintone and I prefer matte finishes.


Bioderma Sensibio H20 £10.20

It’s a French brand! Need I say more? The French Pharmacy is renowned for bringing us fab products! And this one is no exception. Trusted by Makeup artists all over the world, the original micellar water (before all the others came along!)

Bioderma’s philosophy has been pioneered since the 1970’s. They have used their unique expertise in placing their knowledge about biology into beauty products.

I feel so awful fellow readers as I was really looking forward to trying out this product but my skin has a suffered an allergic reaction (a week before my box arrived 😥 ) So I thought I’d let my skin recover before I applied any new skin products!

How ever let me just say the packaging is cute and the clear liquid has no smell, unlike the Garnier micellar water as my skin hates that one! (Spots, itchy and flaky skin galore!) Buttt I am disappointed at the sample size recieved! It’s teeny guys 👎 I don’t think I’ll get to give a genuine opinion on such a small size! Mmm we shall see.


Parlor by Jeff Chastain £17

Jeff Chastain is a renowed celebrity hairstylist based in New York. He is the owner of Parlor Salon in Chelsea. He recently opened BLOWN by Jeff Chastain, a blow out bar in the East Village.

His products combine multitasking haircare and styling products, that combine professional quality with everyday ease.


I love salt sprays! Effortless, chic, messy hair is sooo my thing 😆


And this product works a treat! (Birchbox exclusive guys!) I had previously blow dried my hair the night before and curled it lightly the next day. I spritzed this spray a few times through my ends, massgaged it in and voila beach style waves all ready to go!

Many salt sprays can leave your hair crisp and dry but this one won’t! Your hair will still have movement and the formula is sulfates and parabens free! (Bonus) would I repurchase? Yes! When I’ve finished with my other salt sprays 😉

When – Sheet mask £25 for a pack of 4

A company based in Korea, established by their current CEO Jin Han Lee. The company’s main business includes marketing, retail and distribution and import/export trade of lifestyle products.

The When company has developed four masks. Each with a different needs for the skin. In my Birchbox, I recieved a travelmate moisturising mask. Very good for long haul flights, sun bathing, wind, sun and dry air.


I have been very interested to try out some Korean products for ages!! As I have heard fab things about them (thank you Birchbox!) But yet again my happiness is short lived as my skin was suffering from an allergic reaction 😕 However when I do try it out, I will let you know! 

English Laundry No.7 Signature for her £60

Christopher Wicks designer of all things English Laundry! Born and bred in Manchester, England. In his pre teens Christopher loved to sketch shirts, shoes and guitars! Which then developed into a career for women/mens apparel and home interiors. Wicks is obssessed with fashion and his home town Manchester! This all reflects in all his signature style be it clothing, music or fragrance.

I love my scents but specific ones. As really strong ones make me sneeze and if I am spending silly amounts of money, it’s gotta be worth it right? (Just like my fave Viktor Rolf flowerbomb 😝 )

Obviously this is a sample, so we can’t really judge the packaging. It looks clean and sleek, the branding is cool too. I have been wearing it but not sure if I like it, as some of it is quite strong.  It’s pretty, I’d wear it if someone gave it to me but I would not purchase.


In Birchbox’s listing it says imagine a laundry line of fresh linen, combined with rose geranium. Mmm I don’t think my washing smells like that! 😂 (I wish it would!) and I couldn’t smell roses, just a strong musky smell but unique not smelt something like this before.

Rituals – Yogi flow foaming shower gel £8.50

I won’t go into much detail about the Rituals brand deets as that was covered in my last post! (What? you haven’t seen it?? Where have you been? Lol) Don’t worry will put up a link of all the products mentioned today.

I am not a massive fan of shower gels because of my super sensitive skin (that’s why I always use Sanex shower gel) so I am always a little apprehensive to try new ones. However the packaging is cute on this product and it’s smells divine! There is also a little magic in this shower gel ☺ You pump out a golf ball sized amount of clear, rose scented, runny gel and when it comes into contact with water, it turns all foamy! The product is super light and airy with no allergic reaction whatsoever :mrgreen:


Would I repurchase? For the price of £8.50? Maybe not, as to me it’s a shower gel and I quite like my Sanex one (not one for fancy shower gels)

And that reaches the end of my October Birchbox! I know this will sound silly but I will say it anyways. Yes I did choose my box and I knew the contents I was receiving but I haven’t said yes to many repurchases. However remember I have suffered a previous allergic reaction so have been unable to try the Bioderma and When mask (will put a review up for them, when skin heals)

Some products I have said no to it’s  because I already own similar stuff and this is the second time I’ve recieved shower gel and it’s not something I would go and purchase on a whim. Let me show you the items in both boxes that you were able to choose from.


The first list on your left is the basic box and the second is the Stylist one. So I can see why I chose the Stylist one as I did not want toothpaste or more hair products! I do feel as if the choices could have been a little more exclusive and more personal to Joanna. Something also perhaps that could have been suited for medium to dark skintones. But this is my third Birchbox so let’s see how things go because if they keep sending more hair products and shower gel, I may have to cancel my subscription 😥

Anyways hope you enjoyed my reviews and if you want anymore info pls contact me via
email- skhalifas@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram- glitterglosglo
Twitter- glitterglosglo @sabs0711
Alternatively I will add all the links down below so you can read more in depth if you like.

Has anyone else recieved their Birchbox? What did you think? Let me know if anyone chose the Basic Birchbox would love to know your thoughts guys.

Till Saturday my loves
Happy Reading X










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