The Nudes – Minimalistic Shoes


So this week I bought another pair of shoes! (Ooopsie 🙊) but you know when you have one those moments, you look at something and think ‘oooo they are really nice’  but you’ll nab them later? And then you forget? Then you get home and just keep thinking about it, coupled with a minor panic attack at the same time 😂 it was truly one of those moments lol.

I have a thing about patent shoes at the mo. They look so quirky and definitely trend with any outfits! When I saw these almond patents I fell in love 😍 but when I tried them on, I wasn’t sure (hence my above Snapchat 😂) However  I kept them because they were not my norm and boy am I glad I did! because I now love them!

I have been wearing my almond patents all week, when I’ve been at work and when I haven’t. I’ve paired my patents with jeans, leggings and my fave slouchy harem style pants.

They are also super comfy to wear (not had any ‘new’ shoes blisters! Yaay) and being a teeny size 3 they fit like a dream! And pssst they were cheap as chips 👍


Do you like the shiny patent shoe trend? If yes tag me in your posts on insta, pinterest, snapchat or twitter! Would love to see how you wore yours xxx

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