Graze like a grazer, with a snack box! 🍪

Have you ever thought about trying a graze box? Well in this post, I share my opinions on this very popular snack box. So come on,  what are you waiting for? Let’s graze! Nom nom nom 🍪


How did this quirky company start up? Well it started with 7 friends, who quit their jobs and were fed up with the lack of ‘good’ and nutritional snacks.

As I researched about the company on the net, I realised that Graze catered for quite a large audience! You had boxes that were coeliac and dairy free. Treat boxes, a light box range, variety box, a breakfast variety box, graze goody box and a protein box! (which is what I chose :mrgreen: )

I have been thinking about the Graze box for a long time but was not entirely sure about how much calorific value and goodness it contained.

I saw a free voucher for a box in my local magazine (I love freebies lol) so I thought why not?!

In my next step, I chose my box and chose what snacks I would like to be sent (and in future boxes). I chose the protein one as thats what I always try and incorporate into my diet whilst training (and protein can help you feel fuller for longer).

I also chose to have the box delivered every fortnight, so that I could judge the calorific content and did not want to be bored.

So there I was set with my delivery and waited and I waited and I waited! 😕 At this point I sent them an email  (a week later) saying my box had not arrived! But customer service was incredibly helpful and said, it was scheduled for the right date and are surprised it had not arrived! They also checked to see if I had any non – perishables items in my box because if they did they would have sent me a fresh one. Then finally it arrived, the next day! Yaay ☺


And boy as soon as the box arrived I was super excited! The packaging is gorge! And I loved the presentation of snacks and the info. So let’s see what I got 😆


I loved the punnet sized snacks as I am a small person (4ft10inches 😂) this was perfect for my appetite.

In the box I recieved the Brooklyn bites which were poppy seed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were yummy! I am a major fan of nuts! And this combo was spot on for me, in the taste department. Next one was a Thai Tom Yum Soup, a hot and sour soup with kaffir lime leaves and aromatic lemongrass which I have to be honest I’ve not tried yet, as I’ve never had soup before as a snack!. My third item was 2 portion of a protein flapjack (8g protein!) These were scrumptious too! Not overly sweet (like caked in golden syrup or honey) and last of all was my fave! The Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookies, oh my god! I was in heaven 😍 This snack hits the right spot when you need a sweet and savoury hit. The fudge was in super mini size, so not too much of a sweet treat and cookies were not a sugary fest either! So overall snacks are defo a 👍👍👍 up from me!

The calorific value were good on these snacks, most of them rounding off to less than 160 calories each. However I like to watch the fat content in foods too (I only choose foods under 5g of fat) and most of these were quite high! 16g of fat in the poppy seed snacks mmmm. Protein value was obviously great in the snacks as well.

Now I’m not a nutritionist but I like to read and follow up on research. I understand that I did choose the protein box, so obviously protein will be higher on the list. As I read the combined ingredient listing some items had sugar and glucose syrup as the third and fourth item on the list. This consumed on a daily basis with an unhealthy diet could be quite calorific.

The snacks are yummy that’s for sure but space them out! And don’t consume all punnets in one go! Remember they are not meal replacements, they are snacks. Combine the snacks with fresh fruits and veg to reap a healthier benefit. Maybe eat them every other day or work them into your calorie needs (like I do) so they are well managed.

Each punnet does end up costing £1! Which to me can be quite expensive as I could pick up a bag of 500g of nuts in £2! So if your on a budget, you can shorten the delivery times.

I reckon this snack box would be a huge hit with office workers or peeps who are on tight schedule (busy mums etc) as it is all prepared and delivered to your chosen address.

Graze has also started off in the USA but check online which states they deliver. And if you really want to try out the graze boxes they always have fab offers and freebies online check out

After the freebie offer, the box will be sent at the price of £3.99 each. Spaced out over a fortnight, I don’t mind but will need to continue to work it into my daily intake.

Sometimes with food some us can have such an unhealthy relationship! If you can account for it and fit it into a healthy lifestyle, go for Graze! Be realistic, happy and enjoy 🙂 (try the fitness pal app!)

I would really really love to know if anyone else has tried the Graze box, as I feel very 50/50 about it. Also let me know what you think of their health value? Oh and I must add that the boxes are NOT organic! Has anyone been a grazer for a longer period?

Pls share your thoughts. Have an awesome weekend my beauties 😘

Here’s two £5 voucher codes if anyone would like to submit one online!


(If the code is unclear pls comment down below)

Happy Reading X


💋 Dark lips (with a splash of red!) 💋


There’s something about a dark lip, in the Autumn/Winter season. The cold, windy and dark nights make it perfect for these shades. In this post I will show you, how you can own these shades in A/W 2015 (without feeling like it’s Halloween everyday 😂 ) So what are you waiting for? pucker up buttercup! 👄

Before I start I must apologise for the camera quality. As we approach Winter in the United Kingdom, there is less and less daylight. So many of my pics have been taken with a flash, with an exception of one or two (sowiee). I have also tried very hard to use no filters in my pics, so you can gauge a true colour.

I never ever pair my lippie without a lipliner! For me it is staple in my makeup routine. For a dark lip, I feel that it is important to line them as that will stop the colour from bleeding and really amp the colour of your lipstick! So let me show you a few of my fave Dark Lips ☺

Look 1


I have used no filter in this pic but have just adjusted the sharpness so you can see clearly.

I love this lipstick by Rimmel! A British manufactured brand that is now owned by Coty Inc (owners of Calvin Klein, Philosophy and many more!)

The hue of this lipstick looks slightly pinky in this pic but I assure you it is not! It is actually a deep maroon. It is from one of their supermodel Kate Moss’ s collection. The lipstick shade is ‘107’ and paired with the above lipliner from Topshop (shade-deception), it is beautiful!

Both the consistency of the liner and lippie is creamy with a matte finish. Both are budget friendly and are long lasting!


Rimmel is available in over 40 countries worldwide but I am pretty sure both brands ship internationally.

Rimmel by Kate Moss (shade -107) £5.49
Topshop LipLiner (shade -Deception) £5.00

Look 2

Now I know my next one is not really a dark lip colour but it is worth a mention as no season is complete without it! You must own this one, if not I would be very surprised.

This Mac red colour is a very blue – based red (which means your teeth will look pearly white, promise) can you guess which red it is? Yes! The very popular Ruby woo!

I never use to wear red but this one changed my life! I love it! It’s the most perfect red for me (NC42, actually scratch that! any skin tone will love this!) As you can tell by my tube, I’m due a restock on this colour!


I pair this with my Mac Lip liner in ‘Brick’ and I have to admit, it looks fab all year round! The formula is super matte, so pls prep lips before applying!

If your looking to go into reds, this is the one guys!

Mac Retro Matte (shade -ruby woo) £15.50
Mac LipLiner  (shade- brick) £12.50

Look 3


Defo one of Mac’s ‘dark’ lip colours. The lippie is not far off from the Rimmel one but It has a more deeper, burgundy base.

Another matte formula but not as drying than the ruby woo! Have you ever tried the Barry M lipliners? They are sooo affordable and I have them in many colours. The quality of them is pretty fab too!

I have paired the Barry M with Mac ‘darkside’ as it brings out the depths of the burgundy even more! A hot smokey eye or a classic wing, looks uber sexy with this lip combo!


Mac (shade -darkside) £15.50
Barry M Lipliner (shade -number 7 £2.99)

Look 4

Ever thought about wearing a dark brown? It looks very unique and suprisingly quite flattering actually.

For this look, I paired Mac ‘cork’ with Bourjois ‘beau brun’ lip creams. (full review of the lip creams, on my blog!)


This colour looks fantastic especially against the Autumnal leaves. Be sure to fill out the whole of the lips lightly with the ‘cork’ lipliner and then finish with the lip cream.


Mac lipliner (shade -cork) £12.50
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Cream  (shade -beau brun)  £8.99

And for you all you glossy babes out there why not try out these lip glosses, for a more vibrant and slicker finish?


Mac Cremesheen Lip Glass (shade- unknown! Oops) sorry do not know the price as it came in a Limited Edition Christmas box! (but a good dupe would be Makeup Revolution’s lip lacquers. Check them out at your local drugstores Prices vary between £3.99-£4.99)


Sainsbury Boutique Lip Gloss (shade -Don’t gloss me around ) £6.00

Sainsbury is very similar to Walmart and the quality of this lip gloss is amazing. It is Sainsbury’s own brand, so if you live in the UK you won’t have a problem locating this.

The lip gloss is very pigmented and will look fab with the ‘ruby woo’. Again if this is not available near you, try a vibrant red lip gloss that suits you.

Obviously all the lip combos chosen are my faves but that does not mean you can’t have a go! Try it and if you want to mix things up, go for it! Remember in makeup there are no rules, experiment and have fun! I love mixing up more than two colours sometimes and I’m always surprised at the outcome 🙂


* please note all the products mentioned are my own and have been purchased with my hard earned cash 👍 *

Hope you enjoyed my Dark lips, blog post! If you have any fave dark lips, lip colours I would love to know! Even better, tag me in your insta pics using #GlitterGlosGlo 😘 !

For full ingredients listing and info check out 👇

Happy Reading X

Are you all Tarted up? 💟

9 inch stilettos, massive over drawn lips and three tier stacked lashes 😆 No no no! Not that form of tarted up! 😮 Tut tut tut lol. I mean TARTAN TARTED UP 😉 let me show you my version of tartans as this trend is not going anywhere! 👍




As you can tell by my pics I have 2 woolly tartan scarves and one tartan blanket scarf! But it doesn’t stop there, I have tartan shirts and dresses! I am obssessed 😂

There was a time where I would not go for any vertical or horizontal lines, due to me thinking it made me look shorter and wider. But after investing in a few pieces, I was swayed.

Tartans go with everything and can be complemented all year round. You just need to find a colour combo that will flatter you and I promise you, you will be hooked just like me.

Start off with a scarf as it’s the easiest fool proof piece. The blanket scarves can be adpated into a cape or a shawl, as they are quite large and thinner than the woolly ones.

Try it and let me know how you get on. I’m hoping my next tartan piece will be a skirt!If you do own a piece of tartan, show me how you TART it up!

Enjoy your Sunday my loves 💓💓💓

Happy Reading x

Shop the Fash

All three scarves have been purchased at a cute little boutique called CHINABOX CLOTHING she is on INSTAGRAM and on FACEBOOK annd is extremely responsive to messages! (Best way to get hold of her trust me 😉 )

All three scarves cost me no more than £7.00! (Bargain 🙂 ) check it out!

⚡ Encouraging Thunder Award ⚡


I love askdeniza She has been so kind to me, that she nominated me for two awards! (She is a med student so all the info she gives on health and well being is throughly researched! Check out her blog)

This is the Encouraging Thunder Award! As she said my blog was fab 🙂 thank you Deniza.


* Thank the person that nominated you
* Post the encouraging Thunder logo
* Mention your purposes in blogging
* Nominate others for the award

My Purpose of Blogging

In the back of my mind, I have always thought about blogging. I love writing, writing from my own free will, where I am able to express my self how I choose to ☺

It all started with my Instagram  (go follow @glitterglosgo for more visual madness 😝 ) I love posting fashion posts, makeup selfies and a little of my personality. I did not think people would love my craziness and my sense of style lol. But every pic I posted I tried to cram lots of writing on! So I thought, I’ve gotta blog as I could fit more writing on then lol. So I called for my grumpy daughter  (bless her, she did a fab job! Check my ‘about’ page and ‘Hello World’ post) and ‘What GlitterGlosGlo Says’ was born! :mrgreen:

The other reason why I blog, is to reach out to women of colour! (Yes all you NC40 and above) as I struggle to find the right makeup shades so why not share my finds 😉

I am also quite petite, 4ft10 🙊 and I know how hard it is to find fashion that fits! But I love clothes, so I will source them out for us shorties and will help you rule the fashion runaway 😂

It’s hard work blogging I’m not gonna lie but it’s all so worth it when you recieve fab awards, follows, likes and comments! However the main thing I truly love about blogging is, self expression! I love how I can be me!

So if you love fashion, beauty and lifestyle and want to see how I express it, then pls go show some love on my blog. And if you think it’s all pants! Then tell me that too haha 😜 and and and if you wana see me on Snapchat my username is Sabina_7 😆😆 (luurrveee Snapchat lol)

Here are my 5 nominess….

1. The girl in the little black dress

2. Small fry in stilettos

3. Life: Hellish disasters to divine temptation

4. Bargain Beautie

5. Torrisherri

Enjoy your Encouraging Thunder nominations guys xxx

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🏆Beauty Blogger Award!🏆

This was my very first follower. beautybyelyse I had only been blogging for less than 4 weeks and I recieved this nomination! She made my day! (Go check out her fab beauty blog!)

But first the RULES!

* Thank the nominee and tag them
* Answer the questions you were given
* Nominate 10 people who’s blog is about beauty or fashion
* Make 10 questions
* Inform the nominees

Questions by Beauty By Elyse

1. What inspired you to start blogging? 

My Instagram Account! (glitterglosglo) I know that sounds so clichéd but it really did! If I had not seen the love, support and encouragement from my followers, I would have never got to the stage that I am now! So thankyou my fellow glitterglosglo followers 🙂

2.  Where would you like to see your blog go in the next year?

I would so so love it if my followers continued to stick around and showed me the same support! I am also in the process of creating a separate page for my blog on Facebook as I can’t seem to keep up with the traffic on my personal page. It would also be an amazing opportunity if I was asked to write a small article or column in a magazine or newspaper 😍

3. What is your go-to-oufit style?

A pair of denim skinnies and plain black heels! I swear you can not go wrong with these two! Every one should own a pair of skinnies and heels!

4. What is your fave thing to do at the weekend?

First go to my Body combat class then just chill with the kids and telly annnddd eat! Lol 🙂

5. If you could relive one day, which would you pick?

GRADUATION DAY! Without a doubt! I had an opportunity to study whilst in my 30’s and whilst being married and with kids, it was tricky. You have to be super organised and mentally strong. It was hard work but oh so worth it! Me and my family were so proud of me ☺ best day of my life!


6. What’s the best vacation you been on?

Paris! It was sooo magical! All the sights and the people, loved it! X

7. What is your fave foundation?

Mac Studio Fix Fluid! Without a doubt or hesitation  (lookout for a review on this) Sooo many shades and I love a medium – full coverage foundation!

8. What is the last book you read?

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom Never thought I would enjoy this read, as the blurb was hit and miss. But I loved it! It was different and a very interesting read.

9. Do you have a blogging routine?

Yes! Without it I would be lost! I need to feel and be organised since I have two kids, a hubby, work and a house to run lol.

I try and plan all my blog posts in my notebook. I usually do Tues – Beauty
                                       Sat – Lifestyle
                                       Sun – OOTD

I also try and take all my pictures in advance so I can save them in my gallery and edit them for my posts. Throughout the week I also do mini research and make notes.

10. What’s your signature accessory piece?

My sports watch! I love it, it goes with so many of my outfits but I’m dying to get my hands on the Rose Gold, Marc Jacobs one 😉

Hope you enjoyed that guys!

My 10 nominees are

1. Rachel W


3. Rabia Qureshi







10. Bhavika

My 10 questions are….

1. What made you start blogging?
2. Do you have any ‘new blogger’ tips?
3. What is your fave piece of makeup?
4. What is your fave fashion accessory?
5. Do you have a beauty hack you would like to share?
6. Favorite scent?
7. Heels or flats?
8. What do you do for a living?
9. Do you have any siblings?
10. Fave fashion designer?

Have fun guys! And pls let me know if the links don’t work, as I’m not fab at technology lol.

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Yes I know I’m on my vacay but what is it about a Friday? They make me happy, smile and feel blessed! Do you love Fridays as much as I do?

Anyways GlitterGlosGlo will be back in action (yaay!) with my OOTD post on Sunday 👌 and I am hoping that my awards post will be up by tomorrow, but I am struggling to tag other bloggers in my post on wordpress! So if anyone has any tips please let me know.

Happy Fridays, Jumma Mubarak  (that’s what I say in my culture 😉 ) anndddd

Happy Reading X



Yaay 🎉 to all in Education, it’s half term Vacay here in England! Hope you all enjoy your well deserved break and 🍻☕ to next term 😁

As I said in my previous post, my posting will be a little different this week as I’m away (sowieee) But my first priority will be the Awards posts! (I must get them done!)

💖 Enjoy half term my beautiful people. Thank you for all the love and support everyone has shown me so far! Love GlitterGlosGlo  💖

If you want to see how I spend my vacay  then follow me on Snapchat 👉👉👉  sabina_7
Or my Instagram glitterglosglo
Go… go… go…go (yes I’m a little excited and crazy lol)

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