💖Eid Mubarak!💖

Oh no I am so so sorry guys I got carried away with the festivities so this post is up super late! If you celebrated Eid Yesterday hope you had a fab one! And if yours was today, Eid Mubarak my loves. Enjoy my last Eid blog post, will be back to normal from Tuesdays beauty day, Saturday’s lifestyle day and Sundays OOTD! 😘

Yaay it’s finally Eid day! In this post I will share with you how I spend my Eid day with my loved ones and that outfit of mine! 😉

Eid Mubarak you beautiful people! (Eid Mubarak means Happy Eid!) Yes the day is finally here! It’s a bit like Christmas really. You buy presents, arrange dinner dates with loved ones, visit them, dress up and then fall asleep in front of the telly 😂

On Eid many muslims rise early so they can shower, cook an Eid meal, get dressed and not forgetting to pray to Allah for this blessed day and remembering those loved ones we have lost. Also prayers are sent to those in need and suffering.

I usually rise quite early and get cleaned up, then do my early morning prayers called Fajr.

After that it’s on to the Eid food. Even when I use to live with my mum, we would marinate the chicken breasts in Tandoori masala,  marinate the minced lamb in spices, so that it developed flavour and was tender to cook in the morning.


I prefer to grill the chicken under a grill and turn the minced lamb into meatballs ready to be cooked  into a dry meatball curry. Then chappatis are made (flat, round indian bread) and a special milk called ‘Kheer’ which is very similar to a rice pudding!


Once that is done it’s time to get your glad rags on! 😆 (check my Eid inspo post on where my outfit is from!)


(If you would like more detailed deets on this hair and makeup, let me know in the comments box guys)

After that we pop over to visit my mum, dad and sisters anndddd lots of relatives! Hehe

The sacrificed meat is cooked into a lovely meal called Biryani  (rice and meat) or a meat curry with bread. At the end we then bless our lord for the food we have recieved.


Honestly the amount of eating we do on Eid day is terrible haha (I am still feeling the after effects today! Lol)

But the best thing I love about Eid is FAMILY! It’s so lovely having your loved ones in one place and relaxing with them. I am truly blessed as I have a humongous family! And we always have lots of fun.









Damn I love these guys! They seriously make my day! I am so grateful to Allah that I am truly blessed and that I have many more Eids to share with these guys!

So that’s it really, that sums up my Eid week and hope you guys enjoyed it! Hope you all had/have a fab day with your loved ones and don’t forget to be grateful as there are many who are less fortunate than us.

Tell me what you did or do for Eid guys! Did you have as much fun as me? Did you stuff yourself silly too? Haha. And for those who don’t celebrate Eid I hope that my blog post week gave you a fab insight of this lovely day! So the next time your fellow friends are celebrating Eid, wish them Eid Mubarak they will love it!

Happy Reading X


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