Henna…Mehndi…Temporary Tattoo! Whatever you wanna call it! 😝

Sorry this post is late guys! Busy with Eid preps. Enjoy my loves xxx

Come and look at how I adorn my hands with this gorgeous temporary stain called Mehndi (well thats how I know it😜😝) done by my beautiful sister MEHNDIBYYAZ

First let me explain what Mehndi is (pronounced Meh-en-dee). The art of Henna (or most commonly known as Mehndi) starts with the Henna plant. Its leaves are picked, dried and crushed into a powder. To this powder lemon juice, tea or water is added to make it into a paste. The paste is then piped through an ‘icing’ type cone (usually made of plastic) After the paste has been applied, it then dries and cracks off, leaving behind a beautiful orangey-red stain. The depth of the stain depends on which areas of the body the Mehndi has been applied and how long for (palms of the hands and feet usually stain darkest and longest)


              Image of mehndi cones

Mehndi has been used since ancient, pre biblical times as a way of adorning ones body as a hair mask or hair dye! The traditions today continue in many Middle East countries. In many Eastern cultures Mehndi is applied to a brides hands and feet as beautiful decoration. Mehndi is also used on festivals such as Eid, Diwali or other significant functions. The applied Mehndi can roughly last about 1-4 weeks before it fades away. This natural product is usually harmless but the ingredients that are added may be the culprit for some people, who develop or have  sensitivity to the ingredients.

Every Eid me, my sisters, nieces, aunties and first cousins! (Literally all the females in my family 😂) get ready to have our Mehndi done (not very common for a man to do Mehndi)

I am incredibly lucky to have a very talented sister who willingly does my Mehndi whenever I want her too! (She’s  a good’un ;))

I am usually fussy about what design I would like on my hands or feet. This consists of trawling through the net, instagram or pinterest 😂 (all credits are always given when the mehndi artist is known! Honest) I tend to push my sisters skills even further by choosing unique and trendy designs (even though she moans at me! Haha)

Whenever I have my Mehndi done for Eid, I make sure I choose an evening slot. So by that time dinner has been eaten, faces are washed and I put my Pj’s on. This then means that, after my sister has done my Mehndi, I allow it to dry and then go straight to bed as I like the stain to develop overnight!

Let me show you some Mehndi designs that my sister has done for previous Eids.









           This is a pic of the stain! 😍

Amazing right? I love Mehndi as when you get tired and bored from it, it just fades away and then you can start with a fresh spanking new design!

If you feel inspired or would like more info follow my sister MEHNDIBYYAZ on fb or insta. If you would like to use any of her designs please credit the image to her as she would love it ☺ (PS she has even more pretty pics on her pages! Go follow!)

Have you ever had Henna/Mehndi done? If yes, how was your experience? Is anybody else getting their hands adorned for Eid? Let me know in the comments box!

My last Eid post will be up on Eid day which is Thursday! in that post I will share with you how me and my family celebrate our Eid day! Post should be up around 3pm (GMT)

Instagram- Mehndibyyaz

Happy Reading x


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