OOTS- Outfit Of The Season!

Are you Autumn/Fall Season ready?


I love Autumn/Fall! One of my fave season next to Summer of course! I love it when the leaves change colours and when you step on them, it’s like a colourful, crunchy path 😍

Layering up and burgundy shades just scream ‘Autumn/Fall’ to me! As it’s not too hot or too cold. My leather jacket, snoods and burgundies will all be my staples for now. Not forgetting my booties and a few fedora hats thrown in here and there! 😉

What’s your Autumn/Fall staple? Do you like this season just as much as me? Tag me in your OOTS! Till next time my loves 💖💖💖💖

Happy Reading X


One thought on “OOTS- Outfit Of The Season!

  1. You are so gorgeous! Here in Miami we don’t really get fall type of weather until it is winter in most other places. We do get the chance to whip out our scarves and boots occasionally, though;)


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