Come and join me as I unveil Birchbox’s birthday box! (Woah that was a mouthful 😂)

HAPPY BIRCHDAY Birchbox! Birchbox is now 5 years old! Well done ladies x

Since it was birchbox’s birthday, this month’s box was a special edition ☺ You were able to choose from two beautiful birthday themed prints, to personalise your box!

I chose this pretty watercolour birthday balloons theme (as I love a party-ish theme!) by a 35 year old, welsh, fashion illustrator called Laura Hickman.


In this post I’m not going to put background info on companies that I have mentioned in my previous Birchbox post. As I feel, it would be repetitive and boorriinnggg! 😪

This Birchbox was special, as you know it’s their birthday but also the girls themed the items around their hometown which is Good Ol’ America! (Exciting :mrgreen: ) So let’s get cracking 👍

Laura Mercier Face Polish £26

The first item hails from the Big Apple, yes! NEW YORK CITY! by Laura Mercier. As you know Laura is renowned for creating, amazing makeup and skincare. This Face Polish is no exception!


I actually prefer this over the Huygens one in the first birchbox. It feels less ‘grainy’ (almost like soft sand) whereas the Huygens one feels as if the exfoliating grains are slightly bigger.

I have tried this product and was impressed how clean and glowing my skin felt. My sensitive, acne prone skin, did not feel dry or irritated. However out of all the exfoliators I’ve tried, I still love my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant A LOT! On a weekly basis though I may alternate this with huygens or maybe when I have a ‘face mask’ week. So when my sample finishes, I would defo like to repurchase!

Benefit the POREfressional: License to blot £15.50

Hailing from San Francisco, this product is in conjunction with the other POREfressional range by Benefit. Mmm I’m kinda in two minds about this product as I don’t really like the POREfressional primer 👎 and intially did not like this product in the beginning.

I love Benefits packaging and the quirky names! It’s modern and looks cute. But this ‘blotter’ is in a stick form and I am not keen on stick because I worry about transferring bacteria from one area to another. The product is like a creamy, waxy stick with no detectable smell.


I did not apply this product before I applied my makeup but used it as a touch-up for when I got oily (which is usually once in the day say late afternoon)

Below is a pic (no filter) showing you my oily forehead 😷 soz gotta be done! Haha. Trust me it looks a lot oilier in reality, like you can fry an egg on it! 😂😂


On the instructions it says to do short swipes but I tried that and I didn’t like it! As it moved my makeup and looked patchy. So I followed birchbox’s recommendations, as it said dab it on, on oily areas. Yes it worked but it did not look that different. So I used my beauty blender and dabbed over the areas where I had applied the stick and trust me, that was soooo much better! Oily areas gone! And my makeup looked rejuvenated.

The product did not irritate me or cause further breakouts.

Would I repurchase? No because I just don’t like stick products (except lippies or contour sticks of course! 😉 ) and it wasn’t an amazing product. Sorry Benefit 😕

John Masters Organics – Citrus Neroli Detangler £16

A brand that deeply roots it’s beliefs in caring about yourself and the environment. John Masters have been making organic based products for over 20 years! (This guy knows his kershizzle!) The products range from hair to skin.

Another product from the NYC! I have been meaning to try John Masters for a while but haven’t got round to it and the thought of shopping online bugs me grrr.


The product does smell amazing! Very florally and clean but your going to be a little disappointed with me 👿 my fellow readers as I have not had time to try it out. Oopss sowiee, but if anyone has please leave a comment down below as I would love to know!

Laqa & Co £17

Co founders Nicole and Gina based in Brooklyn. The girls started off their brand with a funky pen, containing high gloss nail polish which meant perfect manis on the go! Their second product a jumbo lip pencil boasting a variety of colours and a fab twist up facility (no sharpening! Yaayy) The other element of their brand is quite unique (well to me it is!) They commission artists located around the world to design their packaging. From this the artists also recieve valuable exposure, support and a percentage of the profits from the end sale! (Wowzers! Liking it girlies)

Now I am a lipstick junkie so was super excited to recieve a lip product!
The shade I recieved was called Cray-Cray (bit like me really 😂 ) It is a gorge peach, corally shade (love colours like these) they look fab on a NC 42 skin tone.


The packaging of the lip pencil is cute and pigmentation is beautiful! It applies creamy and stays creamy. It is a matte colour but not drying at all. It has a nice chunky bullet and very easy to apply on the go! Please note in my pic I have applied this Laqa & Co with a Mac Whirl lip liner (addicted to it! Sorry) as I have to have lined lips! Can’t live without lining them!

I am defo going to check out Laqa & Co’s website to see what other shades they do in these. Fab stuff!

Beauty Protector £8


Strangely enough I could not find much background info around this brand??? (If anyone knows more than me, pls let me know down in the comments section, Thanks) The basic gist I got was, that this is a exclusive birchbox product which means it can only be purchased via birchbox.co.uk The creator of this brand is a savvy New York hairstylist who wanted to help women with heat damaged, troubled hair. This lead on to sumptuous shampoos and conditioners, with a venture going into body products.

A little of this product goes a long way and smells divine! I did search on the net for other reviews and many commented on how nice it smelt and felt on their skin afterwards. Which is absolutely true. But I’m not going to lie, at the end of the day it is a shower gel! and I’m happy with my Sanex one haha.

Would I repurchase? Most likely no as it’s not something that really makes me think about spending 8 quid on! But if it’s your kinda thing, go for it!

The Birchbrush £5.99

Another birchbox exclusive! This hairbrush is very similar to the tangle teezer (almost identical!) It claims to work out knots and tames tresses and it defo does do that!


I use to have a similar hairbrush, I think from Avon. But everytime I brushed my hair with it, I felt as if it was ripping out my hair! However this one feels amazing through my hair and does not hurt! It also stored really neatly into my handbag (bonus!)

A repurchase? No because for me one will defo be enough ☺

And that concludes my Sept Birchday Birchbox! I hope you enjoy the reviews just as much as I do! If not pls let me know. Has anyone else recieved their Sept birchbox? Did you like it? Let’s have a chin wag about it in the comments box down below! 😍


Please note all items can be purchased at full price via the birchbox website but I have put links up as well, if you would like more deets on the products mentioned above.

Happy Reading X

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