💋 Bourjois lip creams 💋

If you like creamy, vibrant, matte colours then this post is defo for you!

Bourjois is known as the brand of ‘power’! In 1863 born on the great boulevards of Paris, Bourjois was born! The actor Joseph-Albert was the company’s first creator. He prepared makeup for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. He then entrusted his entire creativity to Alexandre- Napoleon Bourjois! The company blossomed in his hands and became well known internationally, as we now know it today as, BOURJOIS.

I am ashamed to say I don’t own many bourjois products 😕 but anytime I have purchased one I have not been disappointed in its quality or packaging. This high street brand always rocks with many different affordable products and their lip creams are no exception!

I bought my first Bourjois velvet edition lip cream on a ‘buy one and get another half price’ at my local drugstore. I was instantly drawn (yes you’ve guessed it, to the packaging! Haha) These cubic style tubes and the colours just spoke out to me ☺

These lip creams are ahhmaazinng! 😍 They glide on so velvety smooth and creamy, then dries to a matte finish.

The first one I bought was this gorge light pinky colour 👇


It’s not a dark or a very bright pink. It’s one of those you could wear on a daily basis or if like me you like to mix your own colours up, then this colour is the one!


Here I have outlined my lips in Barry M (number 6) lip liner, filled in with the ‘So Hap Pink’ lip cream, then applied Mac Whirl lip liner and a hint of a light coral lippie. As you follow my makeup posts more, you will notice that I mix up my lip colours A LOT!

Since I loved my first purchase of the Bourjois lip cream so much, I went and bought three more!

I love my reds and burgundies! So it’s obvious that I would choose the next shade.


This a lovely crimsony, deep red. Almost ( dare I say the word CHRISTMAS ready 🙊 ) It looks quite bright as you pull it out of the tube but once it dries on your lips, it’s quite deep could also pass for a dark burgundy!


I have outlined my lips with Mac Brick lip liner and filled it in with the ‘Grand Cru’ lip cream and voila perfect deep red lips 😍 Believe me I will even rock red lips for the day time if I feel like it. They look very glamorous guys, try it!

My next choice was inspired by Makeup by Evon (famous Kurdish youtuber Girl crush 😍 ) she did a tutorial using this taupey, brown lip colour and it looked sooo amazing! So obviously I had to go find one that would suit my NC42 skin tone and voila I think I found it!


I first lined my lips with the Barry M Number 6, then went and filled my lips with the gorgeous Autumnal brown! When it sets it looks stunning! It’s not a dark chocolate, it’s almost like a  terracotta, brick colour.


My next purchase was a nudey colour. Now on a NC 42 skin I find that many pinky nudes looked washed out, so I always end up with a browney nude. But this pinky nude is gorgeous! However I have to admit, I did combine it with the Barry M Number 6 first, then filled in with the below lip cream and finished off with Mac Whirl lip liner.


This nude is so versatile that you would be able to amp it up or down with anything you like! I love wearing this colour especially with a smokey eye makeup.


Some of my posts, maybe all 😂 you may notice that I mixed a lot of the colours. Only because I choose to do so! I love playing with lip colours, the results are always surprising (in a good way) and it also shows how versatile these fab lip creams can be.

When I was purchasing my lip creams, I noticed that they were some new metallic shades which I may try in the near future.

If you would like to know more about Bourjois and where to purchase the products. Please click this link      
👉  Bourjois.co.uk  👈

Overall I think these lip creams will suit all skin colours and also I should add that I always prep my lips before applying any forms of lipsticks as I find that improves the application and longevity of the lip colours! The colour pay off is good and can be reapplied if you feel the need to. 👄

Not seen many reviews on these lip creams so if you have tried them please leave me a link below in the comments box ☺

At the time of purchase these lip creams were 3 for £10 which are not bad in terms of value for money. But please see your local drugstores or source online for prices near you, as all drugstore and online prices vary.

Happy Reading X


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