Unboxing my first Birchbox!

Join me in this blog post as I reveal my box of goodies 😍

Hey my lovelies!

As you can tell by my blog post on Sunday, I was super excited to recieve my box!

Let me tell you it was no Pandora’s box as this box was full of goodies and I DEFINITELY wanted to open it! (Woohoo!)

‘Birchbox?’ I hear you say, ‘what is birchbox?’ Well let me tell you a little story about the founders of this cute company.

In Sept 2010 two Harvard grads called Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna were tired of shopping online for beauty products which they could neither touch, smell or swatch 👎So these two beauties  saw a gap in the market and bam! Birchbox was born! The company started off in America at $10 a box, with exclusive samples and then an opportunity to purchase a full sized product if you liked it. Since the girlies success the box is now available in France, Spain, Canada and the UK! (Feeling blessed! Thank you girlies ha 😅)

Before your birchbox is sent out to you, you fill out a beauty profile where it asks you, your skin type and other small preferences. This then enables the birchbox team to select samples that may suit your preferences. For more info contact birchbox.co.uk or check out their Instagram page BIRCHBOXUK

Right shall we now crack on with the box of goodies? Let’s go! Ooo hold on wherever possible I will try and give you a mini intro into the company of where the products originate from. As you know I like doing a little research before I give you my thoughts 😉

1. BENEFIT- High Beam £19.50

A very ‘fun in your face’ company founded by twins called Jean and Jane Ford, renowned make up artists and models. They started their brand in a little boutique in their home town of San Francisco and here they are many moon years later with a global cult following!

I luurrvee the names and packaging of the Benefit products. They are very tongue and cheek!

The High Beam is described as a luminescent complexion enhancer and it certainly is that! I already own the Sun Beam which is has a more golden finish, where as the High Beam has a silvery, pearly finish.


To be honest I don’t really go for silvery, pearly finish highlighters as I find that sometimes it can make my NC42 skin tone look a little washed out.

I did the usual base for my makeup and dotted the High Beam to the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. I blended it out with my ring finger and let it set with the rest of my makeup. Initially I was not impressed but holy moly, half an hr later it had melded into my skin and looked so sheer and glowy! It gave me this fresh, woken up look and as the day went on, I loved it!


Would I purchase the full size? Yes I would! Loved it!

2. RITUALS- Ayurveda body scrub £10.00

Rituals- a company founded by Raymond Cloosterman in 2000. The ethos of the company relies solely on making daily routines into meaningful moments. Such as taking a shower or having a facial but not just doing these things for the sake of it but actually paying attention to detail of the products and activating all of your senses.

I am not going to lie this scrub smells aaammazzinngg! 😍 it smells kinda like menthol and earthy but not overly powerful.

I applied this product in place of my shower gel. I dampened my skin and massaged in light circular motions and let it set like a body mask for 5 mins.


The results? Smooth, clean and invigorated skin! But as I have a sensitive back I don’t go crazy with exfoliating body products. I do also prefer all natural, organic ingredients and the first list of ingredients in the products put me off slightly (made me think of itchy things 😣 lol)

Would I repurchase? Sadly no but I’m pretty sure this full sized tube will last me quite a while!

3. LAURA MERCIER – Kohl eye pencil in Black Violet  £17.50

A renowed businesswoman and a French  pro makeup artist. Laura started her company in 1996. Laura wanted to make products that were tailored to her clients needs rather than seasonal trends.

Her award winning products are available throughout various websites such as Space NK, Selfridges and John Lewis. Shame we don’t have a Laura Mercier counter in Leicester 😕 which is a bummer for me as I love to touch, smell and swatch 😂. But behold my lovely birchbox what do they throw me in? A beautiful eye pencil by Laura Mercier! (Thank you! :D)

The packaging of the pencil is beautiful but I was not overly impressed with the product and I sooo wanted to love it! 😐


I found the pencil a little dry? So that meant I had to drag it across my lashline but in my waterline it was not so bad. I kinda of went for a smokey purpley look (as suggested by birchbox). I did not find the pencil creamy or pigmented 😥 I actually intensified the colour in my waterline using a little black kohl liner. I think if your NC42 or above you may not like it, as the colour is not really pigmented. But anything below may like it, try it and let me know your thoughts.

I know it looks beautiful on and yes it is called Black Violet but just needed a little more pigmentation for me (sowieee)


( no filter has been used in this pic guys 👍)

Would I repurchase? It’s gonna have to be a no 😥

4.HUYGENS – Exfoliating cream £17.90

Award winning brand by Parisian, Physician and astronomer Christian Huygens. Using Huygen’s philosophy, which is mainly based on science and nature, the brand has entwined his philosophy into their custom made natural cosmetics.

If you have been following me you will know that I am a massive devotee of Dermalogica products, so that makes me a little wary of trying something different on my face! But lord behold! I did! Annddd I don’t regret it! This stuff is awesome! It’s organic 👍 natural 👍 and kinda fragrance free 👍 (hallelujah!)


It has a whipped soufflé like texture and does not feel harsh at all on your skin! My skin did not feel irritated and no new breakouts :mrgreen: It also has a fresh, light, lemony smell but not so ‘in your face’. You defo could use this everyday and my skin felt so soft! Loved it!

Would I purchase a full size? Oh yessss! Loads of thumbs up from me!

5. ILLAMASQUA – Hydra veil £32

A cult British brand that was established in 2008, which has now become the most sought after brand! Why? I hear you say, it is because the brand firmly believes in their British roots and creativity. Illmasqua encourages you to be inspired and aspire to become, what your heart truly believes.

I love this brand! (And not because I’m biased about being British 😝) Their products are always top notch and you really pay for what you get.

It’s pricey I’m not going to deny but I was super pleased to receive a sample of this beauty in my birchbox.


Now I already own the matte veil (let me know if you would like a review of it 👇 below!) And I remember uhmming and aahing on which one to get. Since I do have combo skin, I was confused. In the end I chose the Matte veil and it has been my saviour in the warmer weather. However I have always been intrigued to know how my skin would be with the Hydra veil and boy I am not disappointed!


It’s not exactly winter is it? So I thought this would turn me into a greaseball! But I was so surprised, I actually like it better than the matte veil! The texture is more gel like unlike the matte veil which is more creamy.

I first prepped my oily areas with my Smashbox light primer, let it set for a min then went in with the hydra veil and voila flawless application and it lasted a good 8 hrs! Result! 👍👍👍(ps no filter in the above pic)

Would I buy a full size? Yes when my Smashbox hydrating primer finishes! (Uh shock horror! Can’t believe I said that! 🙈🙊)


Now in every birchbox they always throw in an exclusive product and for me it was the beauty blender with the solid cleanser!

This beautiful pink egg is the prodigy of Rea Ann Silva who is a pro makeup artist.


Tired of using beauty tools with sharp, straight edges she went on to create a contoured, form fitting makeup sponge. But not just any sponge, a sponge that has a 360 degrees of usable space! This beauty is suitable for any skin type and the result is an incredibly flawless application. If you would like a full review of this product pls let me know in the comments box, as I purchased my first one 6 months ago but without the cleanser.

I love this pink egg! Just as I love my Real Techniques complexion sponge! I use both with any of my foundations, powders or cream products. Which means that they can get very dirty! In the past, I have cleaned my blenders with baby shampoo but could not get rid of the stains completely.


So I was glad when the beauty blender came with a solid cleanser. The solid cleanser looked very similar to a bar of soap!


First wet the sponges under a running tap and squeeze out the water. Wet the cleanser with a few drops of water and rub the blenders along the solid cleanser. Rinse the blenders under the tap, then keep  squeezing until blenders run clean! And ta – da! Not bad for a solid cleanser that looks like a soap! My blenders looked clean and stain free :mrgreen:


Since I already have two pink beauty blenders and one complexion sponge, I would not repurchase. However The Beauty Blender company has brought out a Pro beauty blender and the micro ones. These I would defo buy, to see if they are just as good as the original ones.

And that’s a wrap guys! Sorry it is a lengthy post but I wanted to share some background as it’s nice to know how these fab products were developed.
My final thoughts on the birchbox? I like it but since I have acne prone and sensitive skin I am afraid of trying new skincare products. However, I loved the Huygens exfoliating cream! So I will perserve, as it’s fun to recieve a box of goodies. It’s like your birthday every month! 😂😂 The other thing that I like soo much about the birchbox is that, birchbox is emoji obssessed just like me! Haha (*highfive* guys!). So if your thinking about a monthly subscription go for it! As you can cancel the subscription whenever you want bonus!

Here are the web addresses  guys if you would like more individual info on the products.


Alternatively if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the full sized products mentioned above, visit birchbox’s website as they have it all under one roof! ;)☺

Happy Reading X


20 thoughts on “Unboxing my first Birchbox!

    • Oooo beautiful Canada! 😍 Hello! I’ve had a few followers from America (I know not the same as Canada) their Birchboxes have been slightly similar but just one or two different items. It is birchboxes birthday this month and I’ve already received my box! Trust me, this months box is aammazzinng!! I won’t spoil the surprise for you 😉 thanks for the follow xxx


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