Size 3 (feet) and under

The musings of a shoe-a-holic with small feet!

Hello peeps, and welcome back to Fash Fridays!

How many of you have heard the saying ‘the best things come in small packages’? Well, how can I deny that the saying is true?! (Vain? Me? Neevverrr!) 😆

I have always been a petite girl and if you have been following my blog, you will know exactly how tall I am! Being petite comes with lots of pros and cons as I am sure all you petite girls out there will agree.

But there is one con that totally bugs me about being small. My small, size 3 feet! (Sometimes a size 2 as well😣) I have struggled to find shoes that fit me perfectly. By perfectly I mean not falling off my feet whilst I’m walking or finding that perfect size 3 and thinking that obviously the elves and the shoe maker vary from shop to shop as the size 3 in this shop doesn’t fit me! Ugghh.


However, when you’re a shortie you learn a few tips and tricks (this applies to clothes and shoes) cos we shorties are nifty like that (high five!).

Here are a few of my fave tips to make sure your shoesies don’t fall off your feet and land in a puddle! (Personally tried and tested by me😆 -LOL if that’s even any consolation). (No trust me they’re good).

Fash Tip 1: Laces/Straps/Zips

Whenever I buy shoes I will always try and buy ones that have laces or straps. Laces and straps are the easiest way to make sure your feet stay inside your shoes and you don’t become Cinderella!


I always find that even when the shoes are a tiny bit too big the straps or the laces will always hold my feet in. You can have any straps you fancy, velcro or buckled.


Zips are good too especially on boots. You can pop your socks on, zip up and you’re good to go.

Fash Tip 2: Heel Grips

Try putting in some heel grips at the back of your shoes. There are many different ones available on the market such as stick-on ones or gel padded ones. These can help in making the shoe fit better and avoid the heel slipping off. Heel grips are inexpensive and are available in any shoe shops, department stores or even clothes stores (check out Primark, New Look or even H&M)


Fash Tip 3: Insoles

Now these are my lifesavers! They are my true babies in making sure my shoes fit perfectly! They are cheap and just like the heel grips, are available in most stores/shops.


I bought these from my local Primark and they were about £1.50. You can pick up some really cool designs and colours!

As you can see, at the back of the insoles there are various sizes. (Male and female ones, see pic below!) I usually cut along the female size 4 to ensure that if I do make a mistake I can then always cut back down to a size 3.


Depending on the fit of the shoe, I either lay the insole flat or fold in half to make the fit of the shoe better and voila that’s how I rock my size 3 feet and under, without becoming Cinderella!


Do you have any quirky tips to make your shoes fit better? If yes, share them down below so we can all have a ‘good shoe day!’

Fash deets!

Heel grips
Insoles @Primark
Various shoes

Happy Reading! X

Sports Luxe Fashion – To make a run for it? Or not?

Hellloooo people! Welcome to FashFriday! (Fashion on a Friday- get it 🙂 )

I have been rocking the Sports Luxe trend in SS 2015! I know, I know, I am little late to show you this trend as we will soon be heading into AW 2015/16! But I lurvvve this trend so much! Not just because I am a gym freak (come on guys give me some credit :p )


Check out Rhianna! (wolf whistle) 

However, done badly and it can look as if you’re the Duracell gym bunny!  😂


Cute, but come on, please NO!

Wait, what  did you say? What is a sport luxe style? Well let me tell you then ☺ Its a combo of sporty stuff with a twist of luxury. Think a nice cropped baseball top with harem style pants or a maxi tee, paired with your fave wedges. Think fine jersey knits, foiled finishes, easy denim, androgynous fits, drop crotch trousers (good old MC Hammer ;)) and leather jackets!

Can I wear my gym gear? Errmm yes you can but as long as its not your fave, faded, holey, thick trackie bottoms!

Still thinking what she on about? Let me show you my friends on how I rocked my sports luxe look without looking like the Duracell gym bunny!

Fash Post 1


Here I have teamed up my black slouchy pants (they have a slight harem finish) with my turtle neck, black marl midi tee dress. These black pants are soo comfy and the fabric is so lightweight as well. (I usually lounge around in them at home) They have pockets as well, and I adore anything with pockets! At the mo, I am loving androgynous fits as well and this tee dress fits the bill! It’s airy and not form fitting. On my feet I am wearing my fave suede, black mid-heeled pumps. I kept my makeup quite neutral with a light smokey eye and pushed all my hair up into a bun.
If you’re a shortie like me (4ft10inches 🙈) please don’t be afraid of androgynous styles. Play around with them and see what suits your body shape and personality (need more inspo on androgynous styles? check out Dina Tokia on insta or youtube, she does them so well!)

Fash Post 2


For look number 2, I pulled on a grey crew neck sweat top and my fave loose fit skinnies and rolled them up (seriously I wear these jeans almost all the time!) And yes it’s those suede pumps again🙊 (love them too!) With my hair and makeup, I kept it quite neutral again with a bold nude lip and a generous dose of my fave Mac blush. Finally I put my hair in a middle parted ponytail :).

There are sooo many variations on these looks! You don’t have to wear heels (I know some of my sisters loathe them, yes some! I have a few haha) put on some flats! I would also rock this look with my converses, white sneakers or my animal print loafers. I know my makeup has been quite neutral in both looks but you can amp it up with a bold lip colour if you like (like my fave Mac Ruby Woo!)

For more check out Nike and Adidas on how they sported the Sports Luxe look!
Soooo what da ya think? easy peasy lemon squeezy right?

Do you like  the sports luxe look? Would you make a run for it? If yes, drop me comments down below and let me know how! And if not, I’d love to know why not 🙂


Black slouchy pants @New Look Fashion
Black marl midi tee dress @Primark
Loose fit skinnies @Primark
Black suede pumps @Select Fashion
Grey crew neck sweat top @Zara

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Hello world!

Okay, so I am terribly excited. Ever since my posts became more popular on Instagram I’ve had this idea at the back of my head that I needed to BLOG. But where to start? Mmmhm cue the grumpy daughter and ta-da! And here we are, my first blog page. Thanks grumpy daughter 🙂 x

Right so, where do I start? Ah yes, my name ‘glitterglosglo’ (which even my family and followers are completely bemused by).(Now cue the Once Upon Time bit hehe)- ahem. Way before Instagram became super popular (remember when the explore page only showed peeps with the most followers?) is when I created my Instagram account. Now everyone wants a cool, trendy name (yes! you know you do 😉 ) and ‘glitterglosglo’ was born! Now you’re probably thinking my insta is all pinky, girly and all things sweet but it’s far from it! Yes, I do like sparkly things but in different formats- I am definitely obsessed with lipsticks and you will most certainly see a glo-wing personality on my page (see what I did there ha.). I never once thought posting my inspo looks on insta would give me so much self confidence and motivation to play around with clothes and makeup.

Ok so what else will you see on my blog? Ooo yes makeup! Lots of makeup! But in no way am I a makeup pro. I am self taught and buy my own products which is why you will always see honest reviews of products on my blog. Being a skin tone of NC 42 (above in the summer months) it can be hard to find products that work for me (believe me I am still on the hunt for THE bronzer, if you have any suggestions please drop them below 😦 ) I dont have the best of skin either, it is sensitive and acne prone (yes I have it all!)

In my spare time I love shopping and surfing the net for new fashion inspiration and creating my own twist on things, which is why I am a massive fan of Pinterest too! To me clothes are not just about ‘wearing’ they reflect who you are and how you feel. That does not mean they have to be expensive designerwear, I love to mix and match mine a lot as you will see on my insta, pinterest and in this blog too!

And the last thing you will see in my blog are posts on lifestyle. Believe it or not in my early days I was obese with serious health complications. But by changing what I ate (detest calling it DIET) and exercising more (now my family say I’m a gym freak! you can’t win hey? :P) I was able to lose 2 stones which is roughly 10kg?  (sorry you will soon realise my maths is soo rubbish!) and having two children I know how hard that is to maintain. In my blog I will share my recipes, workout ideas that worked for me and what daily lifestyle mantras keep me going 🙂

Sooo yep I think that just about sums up my first post 🙂 and I hope my blog inspires and motivates you to feel beautiful in your own skin! PS as I am new to this if anyone has any tips for me re: any ways I can make this blog better for you to be able to use please do not hesitate to give a comment and tag me in it @glitterglosgo 🙂

Happy reading X